The best places for families with children at sea

The best places for families with children at sea

Features of Greek beaches: how to choose your own?

Several seas wash Greece, as a result, dozens of islands and hundreds of beaches with a variety of features await guests. Golden, white, even black and red sand, sand and pebbles - beaches for "every taste and color." Almost all coasts for recreation in Greece are municipal, that is, free. You will have to pay only for amenities - sun loungers, umbrellas, drinks from the bar, etc.

Most of the beaches are environmentally friendly and safe. When choosing a place to relax with a child, you should pay attention to:

  • convenient gentle descent into the water, shallow water near the shore;
  • proximity to the hotel / villa where you live, cafes / shops and transport;
  • beach type. Sand or pebbles - which do you like better?


Halkidiki is one of the main resorts that offers quality holidays for children. The beaches there are marked with the "blue flag" - a sign of cleanliness, safety and exceptional water quality. The infrastructure is well developed, the sea has small waves and rarely storms, and the entrance to the water is mostly gentle.


On the first peninsula of Halkidiki - Kassandra - the infrastructure is more developed, that is, there are more villages. The peninsula itself is quite diverse in terms of beaches. On the eastern side, starting from the village of Kallithea and below, the beaches are the most comfortable, there are rarely waves and the water warms up well. There are also sand and pebbles, so if you want to rent a house and are looking for detailed information, contact the Aktis.Villas specialist. On the west side, look out for the beaches in the Sani area and a little lower. By the way, this is a very green region, with paths for walking in the forest.

Sithonia is known for its unique scenic spots. There are more secluded options for villas and houses for rent . Although there are villages, for example Nikiti - an excellent beach, a long promenade, all the infrastructure. The nature in Sithonia is amazing, be sure to visit the unique beaches of Vourvourou and Kavourotripes, or look for secluded coves.


A wonderful holiday by the sea can be enjoyed on the beach of Agios Gordios for those who are planning a holiday in Corfu. It is located in the western part of the island in the village of the same name. The coast is strewn with sand mixed with pebbles. The waters are calm and the entrance to the sea is shallow. Nearby are shops, restaurants, souvenir shops. You can get to the beach on foot from the village or by bus from Corfu. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, you should settle near the beach or rent a car.



On the island of Crete, Elafonisi beach is known for its clear turquoise waters and pink sands on the shore. The water in the sea here always warms up better due to the shallow water. Outwardly, the beach resembles a small island with a narrow isthmus, where children especially like to splash. You can come to the beach by car or by boat from the town of Paleochora.


Balos Lagoon will pamper you with the unsurpassed beauty of nature. The bay is hidden from the wind, so you can sunbathe and swim on the beach in almost any weather. Thanks to the purest water, children will be able to watch the movement of small fish, crabs and other representatives of fauna and flora. Most vacationers come here by ferry from Kissamos. Some come by car at the coordinates 35.583763, 23.595143. By choosing one of the comfortable villas according to your needs, you can live close to this wonderful beach.



Soft sands await on the island of Paros. Here, all the beaches have a large number of entertainments, including sailing schools, water parks, tennis. Children especially like the beach of Monastiri, which flaunts mountainous surfaces on all sides. The water is shallow, the area is quiet, the entrance is gentle - the island has everything you need to relax with kids. You can come to the beach on foot or sail on a yacht that leaves every morning from Naoussa.


Where to go in Greece with children for recreation?

So that the rest does not become boring for kids and their parents, we recommend visiting several excursions. For example, ancient Athens is full of sights with ancient buildings and statues. The capital of ancient Hellas, the first Olympic Games and mythical gods will easily captivate little fidgets, and informative events alternate pleasantly and usefully with active entertainment. Children will definitely like the amusement park and children's museums.

It is better to organize a comfortable beach holiday for children in June - September, as it can be too hot at the peak of the season.

It is important not to forget about comfortable accommodation for recreation. Aktis Villas is ready to work hard so that your impressions of Greece remain only positive. Specialists will offer a large number of villas for rent near the best beaches. Just describe your wishes and choose from the most optimal option that will be selected for you.