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Treasures of Evia

The second largest island in Greece is called Evia or Euboea. Olive groves, luxurious vineyards and pine forests cover almost the entire island, and this has affected the tourist infrastructure - only a small part of it is a resort. Nevertheless, there are enough sights on Euboea in Greece, there is something to see and something to be surprised at.


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One day trip not far from Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is one of the largest cities in Greece, which has enough entertainment for every taste. But it also has a very convenient location: health centers, resort areas, historical monuments and monasteries are very close to each other. Find out where you can spend an interesting day not far from Thessaloniki.

Chrissi Island (Crete): how to get there by yourself

Chrissi is the island of white dunes the turquoise sea. Modern clubs and hotels do not disturb its silence: the island does not have a developed infrastructure. However, there is always a constant flow of visitors coming to spend a few days away from hustle and bustle of contemporary life

Athens - Kalamata: how to get there

Kalamata is the best urban tourism destination in the Peloponnese. Here you can visit archaeological sites and nearby beaches, and at night plunge into the rhythm of the city with its restaurants, bars and noisy parties. Find out how you can get from Athens to Kalamata to get to know her better.

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