Kalamata is the administrative center of Messinia, one of the largest cities in the Peloponnese and the starting point for traveling throughout the peninsula. Its history goes back to the time of Homer, and the olives grown here are recognized as the best in the world. Kalamata has well-established transport links with many cities in Greece, including the capital. How to get from Athens to Kalamata, and which way is more convenient?

Airplane from Athens to Kalamata

Kalamata has an international airport located 7 km from the city. This is the nearest airport to the resorts of Peloponnese. At the moment there are no direct flights from Athens to Kalamata, but in some years they are launched in the summer season, so you need to check the current schedule.

Bus from Athens to Kalamata

Bus service between the two cities is provided by the carrier KTEL Messinias. Flights depart from the Athens bus station (Terminal A) 7-8 times a day, starting at 7:30. This terminal serves the Peloponnese direction. You can get to it from Omonia by bus number 051, which leaves twice an hour, from early morning until late evening. You can also get to the bus station from Athens Airport by bus X93.

The last bus from Terminal 1 of the Athens Bus Station leaves for Kalamata after 21:00. The journey to Kalamata by bus, taking into account a 15-minute stop at the Arcadia-Tripoli station, takes 3 hours. There are no stops on express bus routes. The ticket price is about 25 euros. You can buy it at the ticket office of the bus station.

By car from Athens to Kalamata

The Athenians themselves prefer to get to the city by car. This way of traveling is a real pleasure, because in Greece there are good roads, and the landscapes are pleasing to the eye. Distance from Athens to Kalamata is 238 km, travel time is 2 hours 40 minutes. Kalamata and Athens are connected by the E65. You can drive like a local with your Athens car rental . In this case, it is even better to plan an overnight stay in Kalamata or along the way. After all, you can make stops in Corinth and Tripolis, as well as turn off the main road to Ancient Corinth and Nemea. Also near the route is Nafplio, a very cozy town that enchants everyone. Which car aggregator to choose? In our opinion, it is very convenient to book here for 3 reasons: you can read honest reviews about each company, see real photos of each car, and of course the best prices for a high level of service.

Please note: there is a toll on motorways in Greece, so you should calculate your budget based on the additional costs.

Which method of the two to choose depends on the purpose of the trip to Kalamata. If you want to get there quickly, it is better to buy a bus ticket from Athens. And for those who want to see as many interesting places in Greece as possible, the best option would be to rent a car.