Greece in April is not a beach destination. But the sun is getting brighter every day, there are few tourists, and sights can also be visited without queues, although there is very little left before the start of the season. Where to go in Greece in April and what to do at this time?


Corfu needs no introduction: this Ionian island is known for its unique architecture and nature. In April, it's time to take a walk around the capital of Corfu - Kerkyra, where every corner breathes history, or rent a car and go inland to relax in nature.
Corfu is known for its rich Easter traditions. Unique customs of celebration are kept here, which people from all over the world come to see. On the eve of Easter, processions, food fairs, and concerts are held in Corfu. And on Holy Saturday in the Old Town of Kerkyra, pots filled with water fly from the balconies: this is how, according to the local custom, which was borrowed from the Venetians, the people of Corfu say goodbye to everything bad and hope for the best. This spectacle must be seen with your own eyes.

Weather in Corfu in April: +21 °C during the day, +15 °C at night

Corfu in spring
Easter in Corfu
Kerkyra, Corfu
Corfu in April


Chios blooms in spring. If you are lucky enough to be in the village of Kambohora, you can see the flowering of wild tulips. There are four varieties grown here. According to local legend, a Dutch botanist visited Cambohor in the 17th century. He was so impressed by the tulips of Chios that he took the seeds back to his homeland. The flowering period lasts only 7-10 days.
But this is not the only reason to choose Chios for a holiday in April. The island is considered an ideal destination for ecotourism: it is quiet and calm here, and picturesque villages attract lovers of a measured rest. April is the perfect time for hiking in Chios, an island with amazingly beautiful architecture. The route can include Hora, Pirgi, Mesta, Kambos.
Like Corfu, Chios has its own Easter traditions. In April, the village of Vrontados becomes the center of attraction. On Good Saturday, a “rocket war” is organized here between mock opponents. The battle, which dates back to the Turkish occupation, is prepared months in advance.

Weather in Chios in April: +19 °C during the day, +14 °C at night


April is the best month to travel to Santorini. At this time, without crowds and queues, you can have time to see everything that the "Greek Atlantis" is famous for:

  • Admire the famous sunsets of Santorini;
  • Go for a walk along the Fira-Oia trail (via Imerovigli). The 10 km route includes a breathtaking cliff top walk overlooking the Aegean Sea;
  • Visit the ruins of ancient Akrotiri;
  • Visit wineries to taste the best Santorini wines;
  • Go on a mini-cruise around Santorini with a stop at one of the volcanic beaches of the island - it's too early to swim, but it's quite possible to sunbathe.

Weather in Santorini in April: +19 °C during the day, +16 °C at night

View of Thira, Santorini
Open air cinema in Santorini
Streets of Santorini
Santorini Hotels
Port of Santorini
Views of Santorini

Mainland Greece

On the mainland in April, the approach of the summer season is also increasingly felt. At this time, the Peloponnese is especially beautiful with its flowering fields. Here, the weather allows you to comfortably view the famous historical monuments: Olympia, Messina, the ghost town of Mistra, Tiryns.
April is ideal for exploring Athens and its ancient monuments in the open air. And in between visiting the Acropolis and Plaka, you can choose a restaurant with a panoramic view of the city and enjoy a meal in the open air. An alternative to Athens is Thessaloniki, where walks along the promenade, breathtaking views from the heights of the Upper City (Ano Poli) and restaurants for all tastes await. After all, as you know, the northern capital of Greece is also the gastronomic center of the country.

Weather in mainland Greece in April: +18 °C during the day, +12 °C at night

Arch in Athens
Botanical Garden in Athens
Streets of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki seafront
Cafe Thessaloniki
April is a great month for city walks

There are dozens of destinations in Greece where you can go. After all, there is also Crete, Rhodes , Kos - islands where lovers of history, delicious dishes and the sun are waiting.