What to cook on vacation: help for independent travelers

What to cook on vacation: help for independent travelers

Tourism is changing every year. Many have already forgotten what package tours, hotel rooms and hotels with the All Inclusive food system are. Solo travel is becoming more and more popular. But the question of food on vacation in a new country always remains open. After all, not all familiar products for local residents will be just as popular among visitors.

We advise you not to choose a hotel with a specific meal plan and a limited set of ready-made meals, but to rent a cottage or villa somewhere on the seashore with your own kitchen.

Why renting self-catering villas is best?

Renting a villa in Greece is the best solution for those who travel with their families and love comfort in all its manifestations.

  1. You are not limited to a small number, but you get the whole house at your disposal;
  2. There is no need to obey the hotel rules and daily routine, including the opening hours of restaurants for breakfast/lunch/dinner;
  3. The villa can accommodate the whole family at once in separate rooms, but at the same time have a common room for spending time together without strangers around;
  4. Almost every villa in Greece has its own terrace, and sometimes more than one. Spending time outdoors in the company of loved ones is not a vacation?
  5. The choice of villas with direct access to the sea is quite extensive. So, a secluded vacation on the beach, in the case of renting a house, is also very attractive;
  6. The complete absence of strangers in the villa is almost always a plus for the tenant. But, even in a situation with regular cleaning, there are rarely inconveniences. Often, when booking a villa, you can separately order the service for a specific day.
  7. Own kitchen in the villa is the main advantage. Especially if you are relaxing with children and are used to feeding them certain foods and ready meals. Home cooking is an almost impossible task for a hotel, but quite doable if you rent a villa.

What dishes to cook in Greece in the villa?

If you start a trip to Greece, it will certainly be delicious! Let's figure out what to cook in the villa when you have your own kitchen, but do not know what products to buy.

  • Find out about local markets. In Greece there is such a thing as "likes agora". These are markets that move around the villages or different parts of the city every day. Find out on which day the market will be near your place of residence, and try to buy fresh vegetables and fruits there. All products will be as fresh and homemade as possible. It's much tastier than supermarket produce!
  • As in any country, Greece has its own seasonal products. When it comes to goods such as cheese, meat, milk, olives, butter, etc., then there is no need to worry about the time of year. Fruit is a slightly different story. Strawberries are best bought from the end of March to the end of May. After all, the berry is still seasonal, which means it should bring vitamins to its customers, and not just a beautiful shell. After the strawberries, it's time for the cherries. Somewhere in late July and she ends the season. Further watermelons, melons, peaches and, of course, figs. By the way, figs in Greece are especially tasty. It is grown in almost every area. And the rays of the summer sun enrich it not only with vitamins, but also with a rich taste. And, of course, do not forget about September - the time of delicious ripe pomegranates.
  • Consider stocking up on sweets. If you prefer a healthy diet, then you will definitely like honey from different parts of Greece. Mountain and flower honey is especially popular. They also make jam from almost everything that comes to hand. In a good way, of course. For example, have you ever tried orange jam? Or chestnut syrup with grape seeds and sprigs of cinnamon? Trust me, you've never eaten anything better.
  • Fish and seafood are an integral part of the diet on vacation in Greece. Do not be surprised that a couple of times a week, early in the morning, a megaphone will wake you up with a cry of “houndmaster's fresco”. This means that a local fisherman has arrived, who sells his catch to everyone. Do not be afraid to buy fish from him, because there is a 100% guarantee that he has just returned from the sea, and offers you all the freshest. Also find out where the nearest port is. If there is a port in the village, it means that there are also fishermen there who sell their current catch.
  • Bread and other flour products. The most popular breakfast options in Greece are bougatsa and tiropita. Bougatsa is a puff pastry with cream or cheese, while tiropita is a cheese puff. They differ in taste. Also, the bakeries have very tasty bread, do not forget to buy it in advance, in the morning.

We decided on the products at the villa. It remains to figure out what to cook. It's just not a problem at all. Fresh salads from vegetables, herbs and homemade cheese - why not the diet of a vacationer on vacation? Lunches and dinners can be cooked right on the grill, because almost all villas have their own terrace and barbecue. Greeks love simple dishes: fish and meat on the fire, fruit for dessert and delicious homemade Greek wine. And for children, you will find an abundance of children's products in the local supermarket. Even if you've never seen a particular brand of baby cereal, don't be afraid to try it. All products in the European Union are certified and are safe to consume. With the composition you will always be helped by sellers in the store. In the resort areas, almost all the staff speaks English, and many speak Russian. So, enjoy your meal and have a delicious vacation in sunny Greece in a dream villa.

Aktis Villas service specialists will help you choose the right house in Greece for your summer vacation. A dream villa can become a reality. It remains only to wish!