Winter Greece: where to go in January?

Winter Greece: where to go in January?

Winter Greece is becoming more and more popular with tourists who want to actively spend their holidays or children's holidays. The Mediterranean climate, Greek hospitality and profitable tours will allow you to comfortably combine tourist trips and relaxation, sightseeing of iconic places and picturesque landscapes with the opportunity to have fun.

What to expect when traveling to Greece in January?

The weather in January is conducive to sightseeing without the unbearable heat and noisy crowds of tourists. The air temperature rises to 10-15 degrees during the day, about the same temperature of the water in the sea. The mountain climate is more severe - the air temperature is about 0C, cold wind and high humidity, it also often rains and fogs.

Greek prices are pleasant all year round, but in January they are especially low. The cost of renting housing and good food, renting a car and other services is much lower than during the summer season. Lovers of fun and holidays will find plenty of opportunities to have fun in Greece. Starting from January 1 and until the end of the month, there are celebrations and celebrations, a winter festival and a carnival, which is especially honorable to get to.

Carnival takes place in Patras and is very similar to Italian processions. The costume party is the most famous and largest, its history goes back over 180 years. The Grand Parade is one of the highlights of the carnival, in addition to it, the Children's Carnival, street exhibitions and theater performances, and other events are also held. Tens of thousands of citizens and guests participate in entertainment accompanied by songs, dances and fireworks.

Popular destinations in Greece in winter

Even in the winter months, Greece beckons with its grandeur and the opportunity to have a good rest. At this time, most of the attractions are open, but there are no crowds of tourists. This allows you to freely visit the desired places and in detail, slowly examine all the objects up close.

Capital travel

One of the most visited cities in the world all year round is Athens . Resting in the winter in the Greek capital, be sure to visit:

  • Acropolis . This building serves as the visiting card of the capital and consists of the most famous spiritual buildings. The main temple of the Parthenon, which is included in it, is the most recognizable object. Of no less interest are the six statues of beautiful girls in the Erechtheon. Nowadays, it will not be possible to see exactly how these buildings looked before, because some of them were destroyed. However, what remains is simply fascinating. Visitors can come to the Acropolis for a tour in the morning until 15:00. The cost of visiting is about 20 euros.
  • Temple of Zeus . Located in the heart of Athens, near the Acropolis. Today, these are just a few columns from a powerful building of ancient times. It was here that one of the seven wonders of the world was located - the statue of Zeus. In January, you can see the remains of the temple daily from 8:30 to 15:00. The ticket price for adults is 14 euros. There are 50% discounts for children.

  • Athenian Agora . This is a large open-air museum complex. Previously, it was used as a marketplace, a venue for important events and was considered the center of Athens. The most significant buildings for politics, economy and cultural life of the population were built here. Therefore, the Agora was equal in importance to the Acropolis. Today, only ruins remain here, stretching over an area of 50 hectares. Visitors can see the Temple of Hephaestus, the two-story portico of the Stoa of Attalus, the Church of the Holy Apostles of Solaki and visit the archaeological museum, which displays valuable artifacts found during excavations in this area. In January, you can come here for an excursion on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00, except for the 1st. The ticket price is 9 euros. On the first Sunday of the month, free tours are held for everyone.

The boat trip around the islands of the Saronic Gulf remains popular - this is a one-day tour that takes place as usual, despite the holidays. For shoppers, Athens is attractive in the second half of the month with huge discounts in boutiques, and those who want to have fun will find discos and clubs that do not stop in the winter season.

Rest in the mountains of the Centaurs

The patriarchal villages of Central Greece are one of the unknown pages. The mix of sea and mountain recreation is represented by the Pelion Peninsula. A mythical trace in the history of Pelion connects him with the centaur Chiron and Asclepius, who allegedly collected medicinal herbs in these forests here. Locals like to tell tourists that it was here that the gods from Olympus rested.

In Pelion, you can enjoy the color of past centuries and be alone with nature. Most tourists come here to get enough of skiing and hiking in the mountains. For the purpose of sightseeing walks, you can walk around the different villages located on the slopes. Each of them has something special to offer. For example:

  • Portaria will enchant with small waterfalls gushing out from under the rocks, suspension bridges along the river;
  • Makrinitsa will reveal the beauty of the Pagasian Gulf from a bird's eye view, and here you can also buy a wide variety of souvenirs and herbs from hundreds of ailments;
  • Kysos will surprise you with a spiritual institution - the Church of St. Marina, where children with disabilities create beauty with their own hands. The interior of the church is worth visiting.

Winter on the islands

The islands of Corfu, Crete will also take guests to visit interesting places, monasteries and mosques, natural attractions. The resorts have all the necessary infrastructure, if you wish, you can enjoy local dishes and get to know the traditions and customs of the locals better.

In Corfu in winter you can visit:

  • Old fortress on Corfu. It is located on a separate island, which separates the Contra Fossa channel from the main land. Previously, it was very difficult to get there, but after the loss of military significance, tourists can easily get there. The building is open to visitors daily from 8:00 to 20:00. Entrance for everyone is free.

  • New fortress. It is located on the hill of St. Mark. Consists of two levels: the first existed to protect the port, and the second - to defend the city. Two massive gates and two bastions rise above the area. The underground passages that lead to the Old Fortress have survived to this day. However, they are closed to tourists. After restoration, exhibitions and cultural events are often held here. The building is open to visitors on weekdays from 9:00 to 15:30. There is no entry fee.

Even a simple walk through the streets will bring a lot of pleasure. Every vacationer will find here what to see and where to have fun both in summer and winter.

Crete is also rich in unique places. Many tourists are ready to devote their entire vacation to sightseeing of the island:

  • Knossos palace. Also known as the palace of King Minos or the labyrinth of the Minotaur. An interesting building that reunites architecture and ancient myths. There is a mysterious building with an intricate system of rooms near Heraklion. In January, tours are held from 9:00 to 15:00. For a tour without a guide, the price is 6 euros, with a guide in a small group - 10 euros. Children are admitted free.

  • Archaeological Museum. It is located in Heraklion and is considered one of the most powerful in Greece. Artifacts of different time periods are placed here, which together takes about 5500 years. Some copies of the exhibits are on sale in the stall at the museum. Open to visitors from 8:00 to 15:00, and on Mondays from 11:00 to 17:00. The entrance fee is 10 euros, for preferential categories 5 euros.

There are many other attractions in Crete that you can visit in winter. The main thing is to focus on your interests and enjoy the trip.

Entertainment in winter Greece

Extreme entertainment will help you discover unfamiliar Greece in January. The climate and landscapes of the country have a beneficial effect on the development of jeep tours, horseback riding, paragliding, mountaineering, and rafting. Greek ski resorts are well developed and have everything you need for winter sports.

Ski slopes are equipped with many lifts, equipment and equipment rental, ski schools. Many centers offer recreation and entertainment: in addition to a huge number of tracks of varying difficulty, there are also nightclubs, cafes, taverns.

Skiing in the mountains of Greece is the perfect complement to taking a bath in the hot healing springs of Loutraki. Water is saturated with mineral components - it helps to improve your health and get enough of useful substances. There are sources by GPS coordinates: 37.980442, 22.974593. You can enjoy hot baths from 11:00 to 19:00.

Winter time is a time of discounts and sales. Arriving in Greece, you can profitably buy and stock up on a beautiful fur coat made of natural fur.

Where to find accommodation in Greece?

Having chosen the direction where you want to go, it is important to take care of the place of residence. Whether you are traveling alone or as a couple, many hotels in Athens in the winter offer very good prices. If you are traveling with a family, a house or villa for rent will suit you. They are like their home, where they have everything. Aktis Villas provides the opportunity to live in luxury villas from the owners. Prices in January are quite low, and the level of comfort does not decrease. Come to Greece in January - break the stereotypes that this is a country of beach resorts, rediscover it for yourself.