Chrissi is the island of white dunes and turquoise sea. Modern clubs and hotels do not disturb its silence: the island does not have a developed infrastructure. However, there is always a constant flow of visitors coming to spend a few days away from hustle and bustle of contemporary life

The idyllic Paradise is 1 kilometer wide and 5 kilometers long. This small area is of great importance for Greece. Chrissi is a protected reserve that preserves unique flora species: the endemic plants, the juniper, and the cedars of Lebanon. The average age of each tree is nearly 200 years. Because of the continued winds, the tree trunks have taken bizarre forms.

Any type of construction or establishing a campsite area is prohibited on Chrissi. On the other hand, you can freely relax on the two major beaches of the island: Belegrina beach with a bar and umbrellas and Kataprosopo beach, which is less crowded and has a tavern and a shower.

Interesting fact: it is believed that Chrissi is the extensive lava fields, which had turned into the island since the volcanic eruption many millions of years ago.

How to get to Chrissi Island

Guided tours to Chrissi regularly depart from Crete. However, you can get there without the help of tour operators. The island is situated opposite the south coast of Crete. You will first have to reach Ierapetra:

  • by Heraklion Ierapetra bus. The travel time is 2.5 hours, including the stops. The buses depart from the Cretan capital several times a day, starting from 6:30. The one-way bus ticket will cost you about €10;

  • by Heraklion rental cars through the central part of Crete or down the freeway along the sea. The trip will take you a little more than 1.5 hours. You can always park in the seaport area of Ierapetra.

You can buy the Tickets to Chrissi Island in the ticket offices of the port of Ierapetra. Small ships operate between the islands from May to October. The first vessel usually departs at 9:30. The schedule changes every season. That is why you can find out the exact timetable only upon arrival to the port.

Travel time to Chrissi – from 50 minutes until 1.5 hours (depending on the type of vessel). The ships and boats are moored by the small pier, set on the south part of the island. The last vessel departs from Chrissi to Crete at 17:30.

Useful tips

It would be quite helpful to remember a few important issues before the visit to Chrissi:

  • If you want, you can take a bottle of water and some snacks on the island. On the island, you can also find a bar and a tavern for dining. In a pinch, you can order some meals on a ship;

  • You must necessarily take the sunscreen and sun hats: there is quite a little shade on Chrissi. Moreover, there are not many chaise loungers with umbrellas to place all visitors;

  • An umbrella and chaise lounge rental fee on Chrissi is €15. If you wish to save, you can buy a beach umbrella beforehand on Crete.