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The coronavirus has forced both tourists and the Greek tourism industry to seriously change plans. At the moment, all resorts and hotels are officially closed in the country. What will happen next and how is the situation with coronavirus in Greece in April 2020?

Borders closed

Like most countries in the world, Greece took all the necessary measures in time to protect its citizens from the spread of the virus. Back in mid-March, borders, hotels and resorts were closed. And local residents are still in self-isolation at home, going out only in extreme cases.
Visa Application Centers of Greece in Russia and other countries have temporarily closed, stopping issuing visas and accepting documents for registration. An additional notice will be given about the resumption of work.

April is a turning point

In the last days of March, Greek Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias gave an interview to local media. The politician said that the results of the measures taken could be assessed in mid-April. While the coronavirus is spreading in Greece, many municipalities have even imposed a curfew. But, as Kikilias said, Greek doctors and the healthcare system have shown the ability to quickly respond to the new reality.
Now in Greece the situation is better than in neighboring Spain and Italy. From 50 to 100 new cases of infection are registered per day (against 800 cases per day in Italy). But Vasilis Kikilias urges citizens not to relax and continue to maintain social distance - all for the common good.

Tourist season: when?

Now Greek hotels remain closed until April 30. Some airlines are still setting May 1 as the start date for flights, while other carriers are counting on May 31. And there is hope that the tourist season in Greece will still begin in May, air traffic will be restored - at least now the country has managed to prevent the spread of coronavirus exponentially.
Already now in Greece they are thinking about how the beginning of the new tourist season will look like. In order to restore the industry as soon as possible, it is planned to extend the opening hours of grocery stores, increase the distance between tables in restaurants and carefully monitor compliance with sanitary standards.

Judging by the statistics and the fact that the Greek authorities promise support to the tourist industry, the 2020 tourist season in Greece will still take place. And everyone who planned a trip to sunny Hellas will be able to enjoy a long-awaited vacation.