The last month of spring is perhaps the best time of the year to visit Crete. The island is immersed in flowers and greenery, it is hot like in the summer, the prices for holidays are low, and the resort towns are not yet crowded with tourists.

What's the weather like in Crete in May

The doubts of those who consider Crete for a trip in May are usually related to weather conditions: is it raining at this time, is it possible to freeze in the evening and are there sudden temperature changes? At the beginning of the month, short-term precipitation and thunderstorms are still possible, but by the middle of the month, rains in Crete are the exception rather than the rule. On average, no more than 2 rainy days are recorded, and the humidity remains low (about 60%).

The average daily temperature in Crete is +28 °C, but in some years record highs were recorded - up to +35 °C. In May, the island is moderately hot, so the month is recommended for the elderly and tourists with children.

The night temperature in Crete in May ranges from +16 °C at the beginning of the month to +20 °C in the second half. It is advisable to take a long-sleeved sweater with you for evening walks.

Is it possible to swim in Crete in May

Many vacationers swim in Crete at the end of April. But a full-fledged swimming season begins with the advent of May. At the beginning of the month, the water warms up to +19 °C and is more comfortable by noon. Starting from mid-May, conditions become even better: the sea warms up to +22 °C.

Beyond the beach: things to do in Crete in May

A May holiday in Crete opens up dozens of possibilities. This is the best time for hiking in the gorge, including the famous Samaria - in July and August, due to the heat, not everyone can withstand the long route. In addition, in May, during the flowering period, the Cretan gorges with their rich flora are especially beautiful. The lack of heat and crowds are ideal conditions for a trip to the Palace of Knossos. Long walks in the most picturesque cities of Crete - Chania and Rethymno, which have preserved the Turkish and Venetian heritage, are also easily tolerated. In Chania, it is worth exploring the Old Center, where historical monuments are literally at every step. And in Rethymno to ascend the fortress of Fortezza.

Lovers of everything mysterious and inexplicable travel to Crete in May with a specific goal: they want to see the mysterious phenomenon of drosulites. They say it can only be seen at the end of the month near the fortress of Frangokastello on the south coast of the island. Drosulites appears in the early morning when the humidity is high. They believe in Crete: these are the souls of the defenders of Crete, who died at the hands of Turkish troops.