Pefkohori is one of the favorite resorts among the guests of the Halkidiki peninsula. It is appreciated for its magnificent beaches, green landscapes, convenient location and an excellent selection of hotels and cottages for rent . The main starting point for a trip to Pefkochori is Thessaloniki. All tourists who choose Halkidiki for recreation arrive at the airport of this city. How to get from Thessaloniki to Pefkohori?

How to get from Thessaloniki Airport to Pefkohori

The resort is located in the southeast of the Kassandra peninsula, 105 km from Thessaloniki and 96 km from Macedonia International Airport. There are several ways to get to Pefkohori:

  • By bus number 78 from the airport to the Halkidiki bus station. Travel time - 1 hour. At the bus station, you need to transfer to a bus to Pefkohori. Buses to the resort run about 10 times a day, starting from 7 am to 20:00. The interval of movement is from 40 minutes. Traveling by bus is not the most convenient option for tourists with bulky luggage, as it involves transfers. But on the other hand, the most budgetary, besides, the buses in Greece are comfortable and equipped with air conditioning;
  • By car. You can rent it at the airport "Macedonia". It is better to book a car in advance, especially if you arrive in July-August. The demand for cars is high, as a rule, only expensive or uncomfortable cars remain unbooked.
  • Taxi or transfer. A convenient option for those who do not want to wait for the bus and do not plan to drive. The price of the trip is from 100 euros, and by minivan is from 130 euros. For a taxi, the price is usually higher than for a transfer, and it is not known for sure in advance.

If you get to Pefkohori not from the airport, but from Thessaloniki, you first need to take bus number 45, which departs from Thessaloniki bus station to Halkidiki station. Then transfer to a direct bus to Pefkohori.

Please note that you can find a taxi or transfer to Pefkohori right outside the airport terminal. But it is better to take care of organizing the transfer in advance - it will be more profitable, besides, you will be able to avoid pitfalls and unnecessary worries

How to get from Pefkohori to Thessaloniki

Resting in Pefkohori, you can at any time get to Thessaloniki to shop or look at the historical heritage of the city. You will have to travel with a transfer. Buses depart from Pefkohori to Halkidiki bus station KTEL Halkidikis several times a day, starting at 8 am. The last flight is at 20:00. The ticket price is 13 euros. At the bus station, you can transfer to bus number 36, get off at the terminal and again transfer to bus number 31 to the center of Thessaloniki. Or you can get there directly by bus number 45.