March in Greece is considered the low season: the weather is still unstable, the sea is cold. But the approach of warm days more and more reminds of itself with the gentle sun and flowering. And even though the beach season is far away, you will not be bored. What do the Greek regions offer and where can you go in March?

Weather in Greece in March

The average daily temperature in all regions of Greece is almost the same and ranges from +16 °C to +20 °C. The coolest is in the northern regions (Macedonia, Thessaly, Epirus), as well as in the Ionian Islands. More sun awaits on the islands of the Dodecanese archipelago, Crete and the Cyclades. You won’t be able to swim in Greece in March: the sea barely warms up to +15 °C. It is worth taking with you shoes suitable for spring, an umbrella and warm clothes. At night, the air temperature reaches +6 °C, and in many regions, as well as in Athens, it rains. On average, there are 10 rainy days per month.


There is no bad season for sightseeing tourism in Greece. In March, it's time to get acquainted with the centuries-old heritage of Athens. There is no heat that interferes with comfortable walks, as well as queues of tourists who want to get to the Acropolis. By the way, it is the Acropolis that will become an obligatory point of the route: its Parthenon makes you bow before the talent of ancient architects. There are several more ways to have fun in Athens in March:

  • Go to the Monastiraki flea market and buy unusual souvenirs;
  • Walk along the picturesque Plaka - the oldest district of the city. Here is Adrian Street, which existed in the days of Ancient Greece;
  • Ascend the Lycabettus Hill, which offers a view of the Acropolis and all of Athens;
  • Visit the Roman Agora to be transported to the center of life in ancient Athens;
  • See the Panathinaikos Stadium, where the first revived Olympic Games were held;
  • Get acquainted with the collection of one of the best museums in the country - Benaki. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, fascinating temporary exhibitions are held here.

If the trip to Athens falls on March 25, you can witness large - scale celebrations on the occasion of Independence Day. In honor of the holiday, parades and celebrations are held in the capital.

Plaka, Athens
House in Plaka, Athens
Cats of Athens
Plaka in Athens
Greek souvenirs
Streets of Athens


One of the warmest regions in March is Crete. The southernmost of the Greek islands bears little resemblance to what it can be seen in the summer season. It is worth strolling through the streets of the old cities of Rethymnon and Chania without fuss and haste, visiting cozy mountain villages where nothing reminds of tourism, visiting the southern coast to see the “other” Crete, leisurely exploring Heraklion and enjoying Cretan cuisine. March is a good time to visit the Palace of Knossos, where it will be incredibly crowded in summer, the ancient Aptera and the Minoan palace of Malia. There will be no problems with finding hotels in March. Although they are closed in the resort towns, a large selection of options awaits in Chania, Heraklion, Rethymnon.
Lovers of long walks in nature will get special pleasure from visiting spring Crete. In March, wild orchids and many other endemic plants bloom here. The month is suitable for bird watching. This type of tourism has become increasingly popular in recent years.


The Dodecanese islands are as warm as Crete. March is the time to celebrate spring in Rhodes, which is rich in entertainment for every taste. The weather allows you to enjoy walks in Medieval Rhodes, the port of Mandraki and the Palace of the Grand Masters, a trip to the city with a 3000-year history of Lindos and ancient Kamiros.
We should not forget about the traditional villages, where guests are welcome at any time of the year. It is worth a trip to Embona to taste the famous local wines and follow the trails to the observation deck, which offers views of the neighboring islands. In the village of Archangelos you can buy colorful pottery, and in Afandou you can buy textiles. A nice bonus in March will be low prices for accommodation. It will be possible to find a hotel in Rhodes at this time with a 40% savings. It is also profitable to rent a car in Rhodes: you will get unlimited freedom of movement at the best price. See real photos of cars, read honest reviews and book to start exploring the beauty of the island!


Nafplion is often referred to as the most underrated city in Greece. In terms of popularity, it really concedes to Thessaloniki and Athens. And March is the best time to correct the situation. In Nafplio, you can literally make a journey through the eras, from the Middle Ages to the times of Turkish rule. It is a city of unique architecture, neoclassical mansions, cobbled streets. You can see Nafplion in all its glory from the height of the fortresses of Palamidi and Bourtzi. In March, the city hosts one of the main sporting events in Greece - the marathon. It is accompanied by side events. Also, Nafplion will be a good starting point for traveling to Loutraki (the main year-round spa resort in Greece), located 60 km away, Corinth (58 km) and Sparta (109 km).

Helpful Hints

  • It is recommended to carefully check the ferry schedule: due to weather surprises, it may change;
  • Many islands and cities have airports - flying will be an alternative if there is a problem with ferries;
  • In winter, the opening hours of attractions also change. Some close early, some close completely before the new summer season, others operate as usual. The same goes for restaurants;
  • The place of swimsuits in a suitcase in March is occupied by warm clothes, an umbrella, a hat and a scarf, as well as waterproof shoes in case of rainy weather.