One of the latest trends in the world community of travelers is a vacation in the unhackneyed resorts where you can fully feel like a local resident. There are a lot of such places on the Instagram “map” of Greece. While Santorini and Mykonos are crowded with the guests from various countries, small traditional villages give everyone a wonderful chance to feel the unhurried pace of life under favour of Zeus. Every guest from afar will feel a truly warm welcome here.

Greece. Halkidiki. Afitos — the location of calmness and happiness

Afitos, which is on the peninsula of Kassandra, is a typical example of everything mentioned above. It is located on the steep slope and now it is a really unique place, a kind of an observation deck with a sweeping view of the Toroneos gulf. For this reason, the Greeks gave Afitos the name of a “stone balcony” of the peninsula. 

To feel this beauty for sure, it is enough to find an open observation deck. It is located not far from the central square. 

The two- and three-storeyed small houses made of yellow facing stone, blue lanterns, cozy family taverns, the abundance of flowers and vases with orange trees, which are often grown here as house plants, and smart street system allow the guests to enjoy the unity of a human and nature.      

How to get

The first stop on our way is the airport Macedonia in Thessaloniki, which is situated 70 kilometers from the Afutos. Britishairways, Lufthansa and Airberlin fly there all year round. The low cost airlines are presented by Ryanair, Transavia, Easyjet and Vueling. 

There are several ways to travel from the airport:

  • A transfer. It is a very fast and simple way to get to the necessary place. And if you book it in advance, you can save 10-15% comparing to relular taxi's prices;
  • A bus. This way is the cheapest but it needs much more time, too. First, you need to leave the airport, to take a bus No.79 and to reach the IKEA bus stop. There you should take the bus No.36Z, No.36B or No.36 of OASTH company and reach the K.T.E.L. Halkidiki bus station. There you need to take the regular bus to Afitos. The price of one ticket is about €10-15.
  • Car rental. It is convenient because you can plan any route yourself and visit interesting places that are located far away. Since there are few sandy beaches in Afitos, it will be convenient for you to explore the beach areas of Kassandra by car.

What to see?

There are three public beaches in Afitos:

  • A central beach that is not very popular. It is rocky and there are sharp rocky paving stones in the water. You can swim there but only in special shoes.
  • To the right of Afitos there is “Liosi” beach called the same as a bar, which is situated there. It is a long and narrow beach where there are not many people. Here you will find bars with sun loungers and beach umbrellas. Some parts of the beach are sandy.
  • To the left of Afitos there is “Varkes” beach. It got such a name because the sea is very calm in this part of the peninsula and the fishermen “park” their boats here (“βάρκα” in Greek language). It is sandy overall not only on the land but under water as well. And that is why you may not fear to hurt your legs on the sharp rocks. The beach may be conditionally divided into two zones: a paid zone and a free one. If you see sun loungers with cute beach umbrellas a step away from you — you need to know that you have to pay for this.  

After a day on the beach, when the heat slackens, it is a right time for walking around Afitos and exploring its beautiful places. First of all, you can visit a unique domed basilica — the church of Saint Demetrios. It is quite easy to be found: the church is located on the central square of the village. Once entered it, you feel as if you moved several centuries back. The church was built in the middle of the XIX century on the spot of a destroyed older temple. Here ancient icons are placed side by side with the masterpieces of Parali and Pavlis. Unlike many other Orthodox churches, here there is a strict division of the building into male and female parts. 

After a kind of spiritual immersion, it is a good time to continue the acquaintance with the past of this place and to visit the Folklore museum, which is situated opposite the church in a traditional mansion, dating back to 1889. It works only in summer, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. The entrance is free but it is highly recommended to leave tips. There are two floors in the museum: various items for agriculture are presented on the first floor, and the living rooms of the Greeks of those times are situated on the second floor. You can buy small souvenirs in the museum. 

What to do?

First of all, we recommend you just to walk along the rocky streets, swim enough and drink some wine on the beach. You must agree that it lacks such a leisureliness in the sunrays during everyday life in a huge megapolis. 

Active rest

If you prefer more active entertainment, then Afitos offers the following:

  • Diving. For it, you should go to the Moudounou beach, which is situated to the right of the central one.
  • Fishing. For this purpose, you can visit Varkes beach, as there are good reasons why the boats are moored there.
  • The cruises around the peninsula by yacht.
  • A walk to the neighbouring villages. For example, in Kalithea (40 minutes of active cardio training from Afitos) the ruins of the Zeus temple and the sanctuary of Dionysus are preserved to nowadays.  


If a “holiday” equals “shopping” for you, then Afitos is a wonderful place for such pastime. There are lots of stores and local craftsmen’ shops, where you can buy small souvenirs for your relatives and friends as well as interesting decor items. The most popular among them are:

  • Xenia Gaia — a small shop with traditional goods. Here you can find toy magnets in the shape of sailboats, cups and saucers of local potters, cozy carpets and lap-robes with Greek symbols, wooden decorative items, cold-pressed olive oil and other products;
  • Mandalena Handmade Accessories — here you can choose an accessoire of any color for your own taste, from the simplest trinkets with shells to complex bracelets with fancy weaving.  

Recreation with children

When young travelers are tired of swimming about in the sea and sunbathing, it is a good idea to go to the children’s playground with slot machines. They are scattered around all the village. Besides, together with the children you can go to the “Ice Cream Shop”. The bee and the grasshopper at the entrance seem to invite everyone to taste a unique ice cream based on olive oil. The flavor palette has 26 variations — from a strawberry to pistachio one, so that little picky eaters will be satisfied.

Recreation for adults

The nightlife in Afitos is not as bright and stormy as in other resorts. In this place, there are no large nightclubs where the DJs with world-known names perform. But this doesn't mean that you have to go to bed too early. In Afitos there are many small bars where the locals prefer to gather in the evening after work. In these places musicians often perform, various competitions and dancing parties are held. What can be better than a chance to enjoy a glass of mojito in a pleasant atmosphere, make new friends and learn how to give toasts in Greek! We recommend you to visit:

  • Notos all day Cafe bar. The cafe is located on the cliff and that is why it is a perfect place to drink a goblet of pina-colada (rumored to be the best all over Greece here) and enjoy a wonderful scenery;
  • Orizontas — it is a cozy place in the heart of the “stone balcony”. Here they make amazing mojito and very delicious spicy French fries;
  • Kentron — this is an excellent establishment on the central square. It offers a good cocktail list and a large selection of snacks;
  • Koutsomilos is a quiet and cozy bar not far from the center. It is situated in an old mansion that gives it a special sharm.    

Where to stay?

In Afytos there are different options for accommodation, from economy apartments, which can be found on popular sites, to cozy hotels and comfortable modern villas.

There are some good hotels of average price category in Afitos, which offer a decent range of services:

  • Lagaria Hotel. It is a three-star hotel with flexible living conditions, which has rooms for people with disabilities. There is a large beautiful terrace by the swimming pool, which may perfectly suit for wedding ceremonies;
  • Aegean Blue Studios is an apartotel 500 meters from the central square. We recommend the travelers with children to pay attention to it: there is a swimming pool only for small children on the territory. And for adults there is a cozy terrace with soft poufs and hammocks. 
  • Rigas Boutique Hotel. It is a three-star boutique hotel not far from “Varkes” beach. An average cost of a double room starts from 50 euros;
  • Afitis Boutique Hotel. This hotel consists of 50 deluxe rooms. On its territory, there are two large swimming pools and two restaurants serving Greek cuisine. This is the only hotel in the village, located by the beach.

You can also rent spacious villas in the village for small groups of guests (this variant is perfect for family couples with children). All of them are on a hill and therefore many of them have a sea view. There are several villa complexes within walking distance, such as Porto Thea with beautiful traditional style houses, lots of greenery and swimming pools. 

What to taste?


Unlike the neighboring villages, Afitos does not have many places where you can have breakfast. However, close to the center you can find Lemonis, a popular bakery chain of Kassandra Peninsula. 

If you prefer a traditional breakfast with tiropita or bougatza, go to Crescendo. There you can enjoy a classic Greek breakfast with iced fredo espresso coffee. They also make crepes - pancakes with a filling. Come in the morning, because by lunchtime the tastiest bougatsas are already taken.


During the day you can have lunch by the sea at Ta glarakia, a pleasant tavern. Tables are located right by the sea, a light breeze blows, and you can see the best beach of Afitos and picturesque cliffs covered with greenery. The menu is simple, but the dishes are delicious: different kinds of seafood - mussels in sauce, fried calamari, grilled octopus. The combination of sea and simple products is the charm of this traditional-style tavern.

If you want to dine with the scenery from the stone balcony, visit one of the taverns overhead. For example, Thea Thalassa. Here everything is created for enjoying each moment. The restaurant is located on a bluff, therefore spacious terraces offer sweeping view of the Toroneos gulf. Complex delicacies are absent in the menu. Instead of them, simple seafood dishes are cooked for each guest personally. A crispy grilled squid, surmullet, shellfish and mussels with lemon juice. All of this is served with no less appetizing side dish — cheese with tapas, grilled vegetables, zucchini and a goblet of wine. An average bill for two people is about €50.


For an evening tryst, it is better to go to Strouboulis. It is a small tavern where the traditional Greek dishes are served in author’s presentation. Huge serves, delicious salads, fresh fish and mussels. This place is popular not only for its cuisine but for attentive staff as well. Here you will get a complimentary serve of ice cream or they will take a“half”-order, if you are afraid not to cope with a flavorous fish, which is fried from all sides in olive oil with spices and carefully packed into foil. 

Remember, that at the end of the day there are many locals and tourists here. Try to book a table in advance.      

If you would like to choose a second course between the squid and well-roasted steak, then you should visit the Bakalarakia tou perati tavern. This place is popular for its well-arranged to details interior design. When you are inside, you do not feel like you're in a public establishment. It seems that you come for a visit to a local in order to share the evening meal with him and his friends. This effect is achieved due to a convenient location of the tavern in a small yard near a house. You can take a seat at the table downstairs as well as on the balconies. Both fish and meat dishes are widely presented in menu.

Another place for seafood lovers is To Palio Rementzo. It is located in a quiet place, but connoisseurs of delicious food know where to find this tavern. Dishes we particularly recommend: mussels ahnista, mussels in sauce and shrimp microlimano (small shrimp in sauce). Also zucchini in batter and delicious homemade white wine. By the way, the prices here are a little lower than in the other taverns listed.

Useful info

  • You can go to Afitos even during low season; the sea will still be warm and tranquil.
  • Don’t take a lot of clothes. There are enough local craftsmen’ shops where you can purchase all you need in case of necessity. National tunics made of light flax is a must-have for holidays in Greece.
  • Some beach bars have a bonus system. When order a drink you can safely enjoy it on the sunbed free of charge. We advise you to clarify this with the waiter in advance.
  • The village is located on a hill, which means that the path to the beach will be difficult for travelers with small children. It’s better to rent a car to make your holiday more comfortable. Although for holidays with children may be better suited to other settlements. Afitos is perfect for a relaxing vacation for a couple.
  • If you are looking for a European-quality and Greek authentic holiday, Afitos is the perfect option. It is beautiful, cozy, expensive, has tasty cuisine and hospitable locals.