Do you know that Halkidiki extends beyond the area of three peninsulas (Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount Athos)? It also includes several small islands. The most beautiful (and the only inhabited one) is Ammouliani Island. It is a sun-soaked paradise near the “big lands.” There is no wonder: only a few residents of Northern Greece know about the existence of the island that is considered to be a sandy paradise due to a vast amount of picturesque beaches.

Ammouliani Island is a perfect destination for fans of natural beauty, mild climate, relaxed holidays, exotic beaches, excellent cuisine, diving, and married couples with children.

How to get

There are several ways how to get to Ammouliani Island. The island sits within the area of the Singitic Gulf, between Sithonia and Mount Athos. To access the island, you will need to get to Mount Athos first. The nearest international airport stands in Thessaloniki. It services the charter and scheduled flights from European countries and Greek cities.

After you leave the airport terminal, you will need to wait for the bus №79, running to the IKEA bus stop. Here, you will need to make a change for the bus №36. It will deliver you to the bus station KTEL Halkidikis, where you will have to buy a bus ticket to Tripiti, on Mount Athos. The busses run daily with an interval of 2-3.5 hours.

Another way is to book an individual transfer or rent a car. It will save you a lot of time and will allow you to get without switching and waiting for buses. If you plan to spend the whole vacation on the island without going to the mainland, it is better to take a transfer to the port. On the island itself you won't need a car, because it's small: staying in a hotel, you can go on foot to the nearest beach. If you plan to explore Halkidiki, rent a car at the airport in Thessaloniki. You can take a ferry with your car to the island.

After you get to Tripiti, you should have a look at the schedule of ferries to Ammouliani. It changes every season. There are at least 5 ferries, running to Ammouliani daily. The travel time is only 15-20 minutes. 

How to move?

The main seaport of the island, sitting in the only city, acts as the guide for travelers who come to Ammouliani. On weekends, the buses depart from the port to the beaches of Alikes, Megali Ammos, and Karagatsi. They run from 10:00 to 19:00. The fare is about 2.5 EURO. The rest of the time, you will have to use taxi services or rent bicycles.

As for the car rental, you should hire a vehicle in Thessaloniki or in the nearest large villages as Nikiti for example, and then use the facilities of the car ferry hovercraft from Tripiti. Experienced travelers recommend that you hire a bike instead of the car: it will be more convenient for getting to the beaches along country roads.

What to see?

There are a few historical attractions on Ammouliani Island. Among the landmarks, which deserve attention are the Central Church of St. Nicholas, built in the middle of the XIX century, and Ammouliani Cultural Center with its ethnographic exhibition. In most cases, people arrive at Ammouliani to visit its beaches: Alikes, Karagatsi, and Megali Ammos. All of them are covered with sands, washed by calm and shallow sea waters, and surrounded by green hills. The beaches are partially equipped with sun loungers. Moreover, some of them also have bars. If you want to fully relax, you can stay in one of the nearby hotels.

What to do?

Ammouliani is a great destination not only for recreation on the beach. You should stay here for long to experience all its advantages.

Outdoor activities

The fans of various activities will not get bored at Ammouliani. There are water activities, diving equipment rental, and boat hire facilities on the coast. Ammouliani Island is a great place for fishing: you can rent a boat on your own or as a group and spend a wonderful day.

The island is famous for its pristine nature. Travelers are offered to go trekking or climb one of the hills, providing fantastic panoramas of Mount Athos and Sithonia. The walks about Ammouliani provide a great opportunity to learn more about the island, its traditional architecture, and the way of life of its residents.


There are a lot of sovenir shops for all tastes and budgets on Ammouliani. You can buy a lot of things here: hand-painted ceramics, jewelry designed in the traditional Greek style, and articles made of olive trees. Local supermarkets offer a rich choice of Greek wine, olive oil, and honey.

Entertainment for children

Children will find it quite exciting to take a sea trip on a boat, having a glass bottom, relax at the cleanest beaches, and learn the ropes of snorkeling. A quiet and shallow sea allows young visitors to explore the sea bottom in safely and excitingly.


Ammouliani Island cannot boast having a vibrant nightlife. At the same time, it has some venues, where you can perfectly unwind after the sunset. The only city on the island invites visitors to relax at its bars. You can also have a good time at the tavern, enjoying traditional Greek dishes and live music.


Ammouliani primarily offers boat trips. The port of the island provides travelers with a possibility to go on a cruise to Athos and take a mini-trip along the shores of Ammouliani or just visit the neighboring island of Drenia, a corner of paradise with the clear sea and sandy beaches. You can get to Drenia using a rented boat (special license is not needed) or a pleasure craft. There is a tavern on the beach, inviting travelers to have some meals. Near Drenia, there is an island of Pena. That is where you can admire truly heavenly landscapes are: long sandy beaches, clear sea, and no vacationers at all.

Where to stay?

The choice of hotels in Ammouliani depends on the purpose of a trip. If you want to be in the center of the life of the resort, you should better choose accommodation near the port. If you appreciate relaxing beach holidays, you should choose a hotel, standing on one of the main beaches of the island. Ammouliani provides a diverse choice of accommodation facilities: small guest houses, luxury apartments, and private villas. Most of Ammouliani hotels have either a category of 3 stars or “no stars.” Almost all of them stand on the 1st-2nd line.

What to taste?

Although Ammouliani is a small island, it provides a rich choice of dining venues for all tastes. There are Greek fast food cafes, pizzerias, traditional taverns, and Psarotavernas, specializing in fish and seafood dishes. The venues of Ammouliani have it all Northern Greece is proud of pastries, salads made of fresh vegetables, cheese, and, of course, meat dishes with fragrant herbs that were gathered at the hills of Ammouliani. In general, Ammouliani cuisine, as well as the cuisine of mainland Greece, is simple and brings a maximum of use for health.

Useful info

  • The period from June to early September is the best time for a journey to Ammouliani Island. This quiet location gets more tranquil, which makes it an ideal destination for seclusion;
  • Ammouliani is a terrific place to learn more about camping grounds. A specially developed camping site functions at Alikes Beach.