The coastal township of Chaniotis is located on the eastern coast of Kassandra peninsula, Halkidiki. It got its name due to the Cretan city of Chania — it was there where the founder of the settlement was born. According to the other version, the name of the village comes from the Greek word  χάνι (chani) that means a tavern, as in due course time this place served as a transit point for travelers. Anyway, the name struck roots and survived to these days. Nowadays it is a popular resort with nothing to do in in winter and really active life in summer.

How to get

The township of Chaniotis is located 100 kilometers from Thessaloniki and 85 kilometers from the “Macedonia” international airport. It is not difficult to get to it — by the way, it is a very important advantage of the whole peninsula over the island Greece. It is possible to get here by car, by taxi or by public transport. As a matter of fact, there are only regular buses from the last mentioned, and there is no direct route from the airport to Halkidiki. You can reach the peninsula only from the Halkidiki bus station. That is why, for sure, the most convenient ways are a car rent or a transfer.

The total cost of the travel by bus is about 15€ per person. An individual one-way transfer costs about 100€ if you book it in advance. The taxi drivers in the airport will name much higher price, especially in high tourist season. Usually the difference is about 10-15%. 

What to see?

There is much to see in Chaniotis surroundings. Just four kilometers away there is one more resort area — Pefkohori. It is possible to walk there on foot as the villages are connected by a paved road. And if you rented a car, you can drive to Afitos, which is located 20 kilometers from here. The way is not close as for Kassandra standards but the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee on the “stone balcony” of Halkidiki is worth the effort.  

Do you like picturesque landscapes? Drive up the ridge that runs through the center of Kassandra to the church of St. Athanasius. The way there is easy (although be prepared for a little sloping road) and starts from the gas station on the main road. By the way this road leads to the opposite shore where town of Nea Skioni is located. It is also worth to visit the church of St. John Chrysostom in Chanioti.

What to do?

A clean sea, a long coastline and a wide sand beach of Chaniotis attract not only Greeks but foreign tourists as well. That is why the village has a well-developed tourist infrastructure and various activities are available. 

Where to swim

What is necessary for a beach vacation? No intrigue is possible — the answer is obvious: it is a beach. In Chaniotis there is not just a beach, but a wonderful one! The whole coastline of the village is a mere sandy beach, where numerous beach bars are working. Some of them offer guests free sun loungers (you just need to make any order). Others take a charge for sun loungers separately. The price range in beach bars is approximately the same. The day on the beach will cost from 7 euros per person, including the cost of the sun lounger and the drink. 

One of the most significant places is “Achinos” (which means “a Sea Urchin”). Despite the self-telling name, there are no sea urchins at all — the sea entrance is clean and gentle. During the summertime, almost every weekend, various beach parties are held here and popular Greek singers are often invited. 

Next to Achinos there is “White Beach”. Unlike its rather expensive neighbour, the prices in the bar are rather affordable. In addition, you do not need to pay for the sun lounger — it is enough to order a drink. 

One more establishment, “the Villas Beach Bar”, is located out of the village. The prices here are higher, therefore after a rest on the beach you can have a tasty meal and even smoke a hookah. The atmosphere here is quiet and conducive to a relaxing vacation.

Quite a small waterfront is among the disadvantages of the beach infrastructure. However, there is a place to walk: the village has a nice central square, from which the streets with stores and taverns diverge in different directions.

Active rest

For lovers of water sports a rent of motor boats, water scooters and jet skis are available on the beach. There are no diving centers in the village because the sea bottom is sandy everywhere and it is nothing to see under the water. The land transport is presented by bicycles and quad bikes, which you can rent on the waterfront. 


The fans of shopping will find some proper shops on the central square and trade streets, which radiate from it like sunrays. However, it is hard to talk about serious shopping — for this, it would be better to visit either Thessaloniki or shopping center “Mediterranean Cosmos”. The way to these places is long enough that is why it would be better to rent a car or book a transfer. However, in Hanioti you can buy beachwear, natural fabric clothing, shoes, Greek cosmetics and of course souvenirs.

For children

The small travelers, in addition to a beach entertainment, will enjoy a park with inflatable trampolines not far from the Masoutis supermarket. In the center of the village there are play machines. Another small amusement park is located to the right of Dionyssos Hotel.

Life at night

And finally, a few words about the nightlife of the village. In the center of Chaniotis there are several rather worthy bars, for example Beyond cocktail bar, Afros cocktail bar and Kelfos.

There aren’t any nightclubs in Chaniotis, the nearest are in Kalithea and Paliouri. In the latter there are beach bars Lefki Ammos and Cabana beach bar, where during summertime excellent beach parties are held. 

Where to stay?

A clean sea, a long coastline and a wide sand beach of Chaniotis attract not only Greeks but foreign tourists as well. That is why the village has a well-developed tourist infrastructure and various activities are available.

There are a lot of 3-4 stars hotels and apartments for rent here. If you like to live close to all infrastructure, you can find townhouses 2 minutes walk from the center, but on a quiet street, for example a stylish villa Kristina. Another option is cottages on an elevated site overlooking the Hanioti and the beautiful sea. And of course there are many villas on the first or second line with direct access to the beach. They are located on the edges of the village.

There is only one five-star hotel in Chaniotis — it is Elinotel Apolamare. However, there are some very high quality four-star hotels that we recommend: the Grekotel Pella Beach, the boutique Ostria Sea Side, the spa hotel Renaissance, the new one Neikos Mediterraneo.

Quality and more budget hotels are Naias, Dionyssos, Hanioti Village, Minthi Boutique Apartments.

What to taste?


It is a holy cause to have a tasty dinner while on holiday. It is quite easy to do in Chaniotis — here you should make a serious effort to find a tavern with bad cuisine. But for all that, there are some must-visit establishments, which should be given a special prominence. One of them is Colibri located opposite the central park of Chaniotis, right behind which the surf washes. In summertime the tables are put outside, that is why you get a wonderful view as another profit to the delicious dinner. 

One more tavern with Greek zest and a bright name Faros (i.e. the lighthouse) is located not far from the central district of the village. It is not easy to be found but it is worth the effort. The tavern hid itself in one of the small streets, one block away from the central square. The huge portions of really tasty food are waiting for you: grilled or sauteed shrimp, ahnista mussels, fried calamari, crispy zucchini, and more. It is important to estimate your effort here because the portions are very large and after lunch you are likely to get a complimentary delicious dessert.        

Talking about the desserts… The dessert lovers should definitely explore a sweetshop Dramis Bakery, where they cook a very tasty bougatsa pie. And there is a large variety of cakes, tarts and other pastries. This is a family business — you can often see the owner himself at the counter, so the service is of a high quality. 


Everything is well with everyday goods, too. There are two supermarkets for making various purchases — Masoutis and AB Vasilopoulos. And if you need any necessary everyday things, you can buy them in small local shops that are scattered all over the village. If you want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, go to the supermarket Mpampinis.

Useful info

  • Do you like beach vacation? Do noisy streets and lively bars attract you? Feel free to choose Chaniotis for summer holidays — you won’t go wrong.
  • It is only fair to mention that the village is not always so crowded. In Kassandra the tourist season begins in May and lasts till the end of September. There are less people here in June and during the off-peak season and it is perhaps the most comfortable time for vacation in Chaniotis. 
  • There is a trampoline park for children in the village, as well as various water sports and of course a gorgeous beach. 
  • Hanioti has a great selection of hotels and holiday homes for rent. You are sure to find an option Hanioti has a great selection of hotels and holiday homes for rent. You are sure to find an option that suits your needs.