If you are one of those universal travelers who adore to soak up the sun and swim in the sea in the morning, visit museums and try local specialties in the afternoon, unwind in the neon flashing of lively parties in the evening, then Kallithea with its convenient location, calm sea, and loyal prices is a good choice for your next vacation.

How to get

The route to Kallithea starts in Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia.” The settlement is located 80 kilometers from the airport. There are several ways to reach it:

  • the cheapest way is by bus. Firstly, you need to get to the Ktel Halkidikis Bus Station. It is possible by taxi or by bus, though a bus runs only in summer, so check the availability depending on your dates. At the Ktel station, you will need to take a scheduled bus, the fare of which is 8-9 €. Two hours on the way – and you are at the required location;
  • a regular taxi catched in the airport costs about 100 €;
  • the best option in terms of time and cost is a transfer. If you reserve it beforehand, you can save up to 15% per trip comparing to a taxi.

How to move?

The main part of the village is on the hill. There are only a couple of hotels by the beach, and most accommodations are higher up. The road downhill is not difficult, but if you have children or just don't like going up and downhill, you should think about renting a car or choosing another village. If this doesn't bother you, Kallithea has everything you need for a comfortable holiday without having to drive out: beautiful beaches, plenty of tavernas, fast food and bars, supermarkets and entertainment for children.

What to see?

The first attraction you can visit upon arrival in Kallithea is a viewing area near the Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church. This place provides a possibility to take terrific panoramic pictures of Kallithea (the name of the settlement in translation from Greek means “beautiful view.”)

The next stop on the Kallithea sightseeing route is the ruins of the Temple of Ammon Zeus. At present, you can see only the remains of the luxurious palace. Based on the results of the investigation, the foundation was established in the IV century BC. A bit later, the Dorian style building was constructed. It was surrounded by columns with ornaments from four sides. Its eastern area had two rows of statues, creating the impression of a specific hallway. This type of architecture was inherent to the times of ancient Egypt. 

During the times of the Roman Empire, the building expanded its area with an altar and amphitheater. In 1968, the workers damaged the archaeological findings during the construction of the Ammon Zeus hotel. To save the cultural heritage of the city, the local government decided to protect this place with a fence.

The entry is free. The nameplates with a detailed description of the excavations and a brief history are given in Greek and English. You can also ask for a free brochure in English there. Though this archaeological area is often closed and you could see it only from the outside in this case.

What to do?

Kallithea is a lively village, where you can hear the major cords of the guitar coming out of local bars, where travelers dance with locals, and numerous cafes and pizzerias work till late night. A holiday in Kallithea is multifaceted and interesting. Every visitor can find entertainment for his taste here.

Outdoor activities

Since Kallithea beach is regarded as one of the best ones in Greece, you can find a lot of water-based entertainments – water motorcycles, catamarans, bananas, water slides, etc. In Kallithea, you can also rent a boat for the entire day and experience a pleasurable sea trip along the coastline. 

Thanks to its central location, the village is convenient for travelling around the area or taking excursions to famous places in Northern Greece.


There are a lot of shops in Kallithea. If you need to update your wardrobe with summer clothes, you'll definitely find something interesting in local shops.

Want to buy some souvenirs? You'll find metal figurines, leather sandals, icons, ancient Greek coins, olive oil-based soaps, green cosmetics and much more.

Family recreation

There are many gaming machines in the city center. If you spend a bit more time on a search, you will find virtual reality entertainment (VR-games).

Not far from Kallithea, in a place called Solina, there is a ranch providing horseback riding facilities. You just need to arrange an appointment in advance.

During family holidays, do not forget to visit Pinokio luna park. This venue is open on Fridays and Tuesdays from 17.30 to 1.00. The smallest guests can have fun on a merry-go-round, children who are a bit older will certainly appreciate various trampolines, and school children can use gaming machines or visit a 5D cinema. At the time when their kids have fun, parents can relax in a small café, proving the view of the entire park, or join their kids and have fun.

In the high season, there are aquatic attractions on the main beach. A load of fun is assured!

Recreation for adults

A lot of venues in Kallithea work till late at night. There are many atmospheric bars, where you can test the skills of local bartenders in the preparation of classic drinks. Among them are:

  • Briki. The gem of this bar is its terrace overlooking the sea. A double Greek coffee and some mango ice cream will create a remarkable atmosphere. Greece has its unique coffee-tasting tradition. People drink coffee during the day. A Greek coffee is serving in a small cup with a glass of cold water. The presence of a foam shows that the coffee has been brewed correctly. It should have a lot of small bubbles.
  • Koktelo is a bar where you can enjoy Mochito at an open terrace. On weekends, local musicians come here to arrange a performance.

If you prefer a noisier night out, visit several clubs nearby:

  • Ahoy. The club celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019. During this time, it has become cult and welcomes famous DJs. The season of great parties starts in June and lasts until the end of September. Pay attention that each party is visited by a professional photographer. Thus, you should put the best clothes on, accompany it with a smile, and party until early morning hours.
  • Markiz. It provides perfect conditions for acoustic concerts. That is why it is often visited by local and foreign artists.
  • Fiji island and Eden of Shaka, two new places that captivate with their atmosphere.
  • We also recommend that you visit Pearl and Angels. These clubs are full of visitors even on weekdays.

Where to stay?


A lot of locals rent out their flats on the high tourist season. You can use well-known platforms to find an apartment. 


Villas have more space (which is great for a big group or for a family with children), ensures more privacy, and more comfort. Most of villas feature authentic design and provide all the required facilities for a comfortable stay of guests. Though there is not a lot of choice here. If you want to be close to Kallithe but to live in a villa, consider nearby villages as Kriopigi or Afytos. They are located just in 5 km away.


Since Kallithea positions itself as a relatively inexpensive resort, there are many 3-4 star hotels. The best located are:

Ammon Zeus, a 4-star hotel on the first line by the sea. It ensures a high quality of comfort to its visitors. The rooms are not large, but they feature all the necessary amenities you need on a holiday. The best is that you can admire the views of the sea directly from your room. The on-site restaurant provides a wide choice of meals. The chief cook meets his guests in person. Upon request, he will prepare pancakes for your child or a bowl of vegetarian soup.

Margarita Sea Side is a 4-star boutique-hotel, standing on the first line. It is an excellent choice for a measured vacation with children since:

  • it has an elevator although the building comprises only 30 rooms;
  • it offers excellent soundproofing;
  • some rooms have a kitchenette;
  • all the balconies are protected with a high parapet (you do not have to worry about the safety of your children);
  • the restaurant serves traditional European dishes; on weekdays, it serves hot soup;
  • children’s area in the restaurant. It is located the way you can watch your kid while dining;
  • the hotel’s beach undergoes regular cleaningand  the entry into the sea here is shallow;
  • thanks to its ideal location, you can always enjoy a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Among the peculiar features of this place is the uniform style of the beach area – everything all around is painted white. Thus, the environment will aesthetically serve the purpose and create a great background for your pictures for social media. 

What to taste?


There are many places to go for breakfast in Kallithea: the Meraki, bakeries and coffee shops of the Lemonis chain, Coffee island, Today's.

Agathi coffee and more – it is a place where the brutal bartenders will create a multilayered burger with chicken, salad, and goat cheese in a playful manner. Furthermore, while creating your burger, they will mix a non-alcoholic cocktail or a frappe for you (it is prepared upon the original recipe so that you get a tasty refreshing drink).

Attention, “sweet tooths”!  There are must-visit places for you in Kallithea. They bear the name of Terkenlis. It is the bakery network in Greece with a French-style interior, beckoning visitors with a sweet smell of desserts and Arabica. We recommend that you try:

  • a pita with chestnut cream under the snow-white meringue;
  • a cake Vasilopita with chestnut cream;
  • marzipans and croissants with different fillings;
  • small hand-made candies.

A cup of Espresso will cost you about 1-2 EUR, while a small cake – 2-3 EUR.

If you have an intention to bring some tasty souvenirs from Greece, you should note that such bakeries are situated at the airfields either. Their bakers will pack all the sweets carefully so that you can bring even a sweet pita to your home.

If you want to have a quick snack before departure by bus or take some meals with you for a picnic, you should go to Lemonis bakery. This venue offers large crispy sandwiches with meat and seafood. You can also try some fragrant pastries and desserts in it.


Paramythi is a small colorful venue, emphasizing traditional Greek cuisine. As an appetizer, we suggest you to order “Buyurdi”, a hot snack with pepper paprika and chili, tomatoes, and olives (be careful, it is pretty spicy!).  One can also recommend that you choose Soutzoukakia, small baked meatballs, saturated with spicy sauce, or a grilled octopus with vegetable garnish. Important: the names of the meals can significantly vary depending on the region in Greece. For example, people can regard Soutzoukakia as ćevapi or ćevapčići.  You should clarify the ingredients from the waiters. 

Giro Giro Fresh&Tasty is a pretty good fast food venue with affordable prices. The French fries in small baskets, chopped meat, chicken wings in crispy tempura with spicy sauce, various salads, and huge multilayered burgers will not leave the fans of junk food indifferent.

Andoni's Gyros Feed is a dining venue with a simple menu, friendly personnel, and delicious meat. It is the place you will want to stay for long at since nothing inspires to have measured meals more than spectacular sea views, seen from the balcony of the venue.


Dias is a tavern, which stands on the hill, not far from the settlement. You should visit this place for early dinner to experience both mouthwatering dishes and the beauty of local landscapes. The Dias chief cook aims to provide his guests with sufficient dining: the venue serves big portions, and fresh seafood, supplemented with suitable garnish. At the end of the dinner, each guest is treated with a fruit platter. 

As an aperitif, we recommend that you try a set of snacks, including aubergine snack, tzatziki, curd cheese, and salt cod caviar. After that, you should try grilled fish with vegetables. The average weight of the dish is 1.5 kilograms. It is enough to please the group of four people. The venue also serves large portions of mussels in the wine-vegetable broth with olive oil. Supplement all that with home-made Greek grappa or rose wine (the rumors say that the owner of the venue produces it by himself). 

In the vicinity of Dias, you can find a children’s play area.

If you like to cook on holidays by yourself, you will find it great to take a glance at numerous small grocery stores and markets, which sell fresh fish and other seafood.

Useful info

  • The settlement stands on the hill. Thus, the way to the beach will turn into a particular moderate cardio exercise for your body. If you go on holiday with children, we highly recommend that you hire a car.
  • The time from July to August is the hottest period for introverts. There are a lot of vacationers here, especially within the beach area. 
  • If you are looking for an expensive, exclusive vacation, then you are better to pay attention to other resorts. Those who are interested in saving money on a vacation and are ready for a lot of people around will like it here.
  • The majority of beach bars have a “lounger for a drink” system, i.e. by purchasing a cocktail for 5-10 EUR, you can use the lounger the entire day.