Nea Potidea is a small but quite picturesque settlement, which meets travelers at the entrance to Kassandra. The Greeks regard this place as the “Gate of Kassandra.”

The settlement features a quite convenient location in terms of seafaring (the Thermaikos Bay and the Toroneos Bay surround it from both sides. They are linked via a broad Potidea Channel). Thanks to such favorable conditions, the first people inhabited this area in the Neolithic times.


Starting from the VII century BC, people recognized this area by the name of Potidea. The settlement is well-known for her active part in the Greco-Persian wars, as evidenced by the inscription found on the copper tripod of winners, dedicated to Olympus gods. The city was constantly growing and developing.

Over time, it had turned into an important strategic point on the political map of Greece. This is perfectly illustrated by the fact that once the refusal of its residents to enter the Athenian Union caused the beginning of the Peloponnesian War.

The settlement was destroyed several times: in 504 – by the Huns, in 1307 – by the Catalonians, and in 1430 – by the Turks

The ruins of the ancient city turned into a flourishing settlement in Halkidiki only in 1821.

How to get

The settlement sits 60 kilometers away from Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia.” You can overcome this route using the bus. Catch the route №79 and enjoy the drive until the stop “ΙΚΕΑ.” After that, catch the bus №36, and continue the trip till the KTEL Halkidikis bus station. Here, you will need to take a scheduled bus to Nea Potidea.

If you prefer to save both your time and money, then we highly recommend that you order a transfer. Or rent a car for the whole duration of the vacation to drive around the incredibly beautiful places of Halkidiki.

How to move?

In Nea Potidea everything is within walking distance. From any point you can quickly walk to the sea. There is also no problem to reach the taverns and stores. 

Not far away, in Nea Moudanya, there are large supermarkets Masoutis and Lidl, plus the children's store Jumbo. These places are no longer accessible on foot, but it only takes 5 minutes by car. If you have not rented a car at the airport of Thessaloniki, take a cab, the price will be cheap.

What to see?

Potidea Channel is the main attraction of the area. A small colony of Corinth owes him its popularity and development into a large port, welcoming merchants from different countries. The channel was fully restored in the late 30-s. In 70-s, people set an 18-meter bridge, which made it possible to carry out passenger and cargo transportation, hereby avoiding the need to use ferries.

Along the channel, you can see the ruins of the fortified walls that were established during times of prosperity of the city. These walls aimed to protect the city from the side of the mainland territories.

The Chapel of the Archangels is another prominent landmark of the city. Its construction dates back to 1872. The building was made of the stones of the destroyed monastery from Mount Athos

The Church of Agios Georgios is a must-visit place for travelers coming to Nea Potidea. It preserves a lot of ancient icons and frescoes.

If you feel like bored during the stay in Nea Potidea, you can rent a car and take a trip to a lively settlement of Kallithea, expensive and comfortable Afitos or dynamic Nea Moudania, hosting Sardine Festival every summer.

What to do?

Nea Potidea is a tranquil and calm village. It does not have plenty of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. It is a perfect place to hide away from hustle and bustle of modern city to gain “Zen” and reach nirvana.

Outdoor activities

Local beaches are very clean. The majority of them are covered with a mixture of sand and pebbles. The entry into the sea is mildly sloping. There are almost no pebbles and stone slabs, favored by the sea urchins. It is a great place to go in for snorkeling at a shallow depth. It has a sand spit, where you can swim being surrounded by tiny colorful fish.

Popular activities include diving, catamaran rides. Many water sports and boat rentals can be found on the nearby beaches on the other side of the canal. A lot of beach bars are concentrated there as well. In summer, this place becomes the center of the active life of youth.

To take up an excursion is one more exciting way to spend your time with use and for pleasure. There are many exciting options for people travelling alone and as a big group.


There are no large stores and supermarkets in the settlement. You can find only small stalls, selling fresh seafood, meat, and greenery. Just a few steps away from Nea Potidea beach, you can visit small shops of local craftsmen, selling olive oil, handmade soap, decorative items, and souvenirs. If you want to do some sufficient shopping, visit Kallithea for buying fur and leather goods or Nea Moudania.

Family recreation

Nea Potidea is an ideal choice for holidays with the youngest travelers since the majority of its venues regard themselves as a “family” establishment. All around Nea Potidea, you can see small kid’s play areas with swings and slides.

Leisure time activities for adults

The atmosphere of tranquility reigns in Nea Potidea of an evening. You can take a walk along the channel and admire the beauty of enchanting sunsets – there is a long promenade for such a purpose. Arranging a picnic on the shore of the bay is another way to spend your time for pleasure with a bottle of home-made white wine, fresh fruit, feta and baklava.

Where to stay?

Nea Potidea is a small settlement. In contrast to the neighboring villages, it does not offer a rich choice of facilities for accommodation. However, you should not worry a lot! Nea Potidea will not make you sleep on the coast of the bay (the only exception is your own will to arrange such a stay).


In contrast to the nearby cities, the choice of villas in Nea Potidea is relatively small. However, upon a will, you can find quite comfortable variants for small and large groups of people. The prices for such type of accommodation vary depending on the requirements regarding its amenities, proximity to the beach, and the number of vacationers.

Nea Potidea hotels

Potidea palace is a 4-star hotel, providing an “all-inclusive” system. The rooms (it has 234!) provide the panoramic views either of Mount Olympus or the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. This accommodation fits both honeymooners (there are several terraces within the hotel’s area for a wedding ceremony) and married couples with children (the on-site entertainment facilities include live music performances, a diverse amusement program, and evening shows). The key peculiarity of the hotel is its large wine vault comprising exquisite wine from all regions in Greece. Every evening, one arranges wine tasting ceremonies there. If you are afraid to get overweight during holidays, then note that the hotel provides water polo, aqua aerobics, water gymnastics, stretching, and a gym to make its guests always be in a good shape.

Portes beach is a 4-star beach hotel, standing at the first line area. It is always full of visitors, namely families with children. They find this hotel a terrific location for recreation, since its area comprises a game club and a swimming pool for children. Furthermore, on the menu of the restaurant, you can find a wide range of porridge and fruit for the youngest guests. The hotel’s beach is ecologically clean in terms of all criteria. Every evening, the beach hosts music and sports events.

There are several more excellent places for a stay in the vicinity to Nea Potidea,

Istion Club is a 5-start hotel you will never want to leave. Its gem is a spacious swimming pool, highlighted in the evening. The hotel has a large conference hall and several high-quality restaurants and bars.

Pomegranate is a relatively young hotel. It proves accommodation facilities and 5-star hotel services since 2013. People consider this location to be one of the best SPA-centers on Halkidiki. On site, you can rejuvenate in the Finnish or Russian saunas, the Rasul Bath of the Egyptian origin or the Byzantine Hammam. The hotel also features the salt room (a great option for travelers who want to improve the state of their respiratory system), phlebologic facilities, kneipp therapy (the alternation of cold and warm water, which allows improving the circulation of blood in the body), aromatic steam room, inviting to enjoy the aroma of essential oils (provides favorable effect on the state of hair and skin).

After the treatment procedures, you will need to restore your energy by trying the Greek fusion food at one of the four gourmet restaurants, overlooking the beautiful Aegean Sea.

What to taste?


If you seek for a tasty and hearty breakfast, then you will need to take a glance into the La Maison Café. It is a small French-style café. It provides its guests with the possibility to enjoy their frappe with a sandwich at an open terrace, overlooking the city. The La Maison Café menu includes a rich choice of juice cocktails, starting from the ones made of carrots with peaches and apples up to the exotic blend of pineapples, papayas, and lemons. You can choose from a traditional breakfast, including an omelet, fried eggs, a portion of light salad with feta cheese and vegetables, bougatsa with coffee or juice; and a breakfast for vacationers: a multilayered hamburger, French fries with spices, and a glass of light beer.

This place is as cosy in the evening as it is in the morning. After a day in the city, you can relax here and enjoy live performances of the aspiring musicians. The café is open until late hours.

If you cannot imagine your morning without tasty specialties, then Nea Potidea invites you to take a glance into ΚΑΛΛΙΝΑ. It is a small bakery, full of fragrant freshly-made pastries and coffee. In the morning, you can buy delicious hot bread, mouthwatering Loukoumades, melomakarona, and baklava in it. If you visit Mpougátsa, a local pie shop, you will get a possibility to try the most popular dessert in Greece. It tastes like Vienna strudel.


Ta Kastra is a great restaurant for family dining. It has a spacious play room for children with a trampoline and a huge array of toys. The menu includes simple and plain meals: cheese balls in tempura, a grilled octopus, salads, rice with mussels, grilled vegetables, and surmullet with a crisp crust. In the evening, it often hosts live music performances.

We also suggest that you to visit a small tavern Toroneos. Proximity to the sea and a diverse choice of entertainment for children are its major advantages. The cooks prepare meals in the hearth oven. Thus, any dish, whether it is a pizza, a fish or casserole, is getting a spicy, smoky note. We recommend that you order Vienna waffles with a ball of vanilla ice-cream, topped with chocolate for dessert. The portion is so big that you can order taste it together with your child.


In the evening take a glance into Parko. It is an ideal place to experience the color of Greece in its full. After a hearty dinner, including pastitsio, seasoned with Melitzanosalata, and supplemented with a glass of home-made wide or beer, you can take up the cultural traditions. In Parko often provides performances under the participation of local musicians and dancers in traditional costumes. Many travelers often join the performance, thereby creating a loud and festive atmosphere.

During the stay in Nea Potidea, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the best taverns in Greece, the Marina Seafood. This venue has the form of a ship. It provides tasty meals and fascinating sea views in the lights of the sunset. The quality of dishes in it is always excellent – every morning, the owner of the tavern chooses fish for meals by himself. That is why a baked sea bass, a grilled octopus, sea scallops roasted in the olive oil, oysters in the wine sauce, and soup with mussels make travelers to return here again and again. If you want to dine here, you will need to make a reservation, since the venue is always full of visitors.

Useful info

  • If you prefer eventful and active holidays, you will get bored here. You should better take a trip to Thessaloniki or Kallithea.
  • If you want to make each minute of your holiday exciting and full of new emotions, hire a car! Thus, you will get a possibility to get familiar with the diverse world of adventures offered by Greece.