Nikiti is a dynamically developing travel destination in Halkidiki. It is the biggest city in Sithonia. Furthermore, it is steeped in culture and history. That is why Nikiti is a great match for all visitors: from fans of antiquities up to people wishing to experience the bustle of Sithonia nightlife, from youth to married couples with children.

The mild climate of Nikiti will become a pleasant bonus for travelers who suffer in the heat. A slight sea breeze and proximity to forests make provide favorable conditions, even in July and August.

How to get

The city of Nikiti is situated on the Sithonia Peninsula, regarded as the second “finger” of Halkidiki. You can find this resort town 114 kilometers away from Thessaloniki. The nearest airport you can land at is Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia.” It sits 88 kilometers from the city. The airport services chartered planes and scheduled flights from many European countries.

A trip from Thessaloniki Airport to Nikiti requires making several changes. The bus №79 leaves from the airport terminal and runs till the IKEA bus stop, where you will have to change for the bus №36. This vehicle will deliver you to the bus station KTEL Halkidikis. The buses depart from the station to Nikiti several times a day.

If you would like to get to Nikiti from the airport without making changes, you should better rent a car or book a transfer in advance.

How to move?

The bus service links Nikiti to a lot of cities in the Sithonia Peninsula. You can move around the city either on foot or by a rented bicycle: the buildings in Nikiti are set compactly. If you face a need to travel to the neighboring settlements, you can use the facilities of a taxi service. You can also rent a car to move within Nikiti: there are many offices of Greek and international rent-a-car companies in the city.

What to see?

The territory of Nikiti consists of two parts: the new (resort) area and Nikiti Old Village (historic part). The first one boasts modern hotels and entertainment, while the second part invites to experience its regular life and historical landmarks.

During the excavations in 1981, the archaeologists found the ruins of Sofronios Basilica. It dates back to the V century. People consider this landmark to be one of the oldest early Christian churches in Makedonia. The building has preserved its unique mosaics, the ruins of statues, and frescoes. One of those wall paintings makes mention of bishop Sofronios.

The Church of Agios Nikitas is considered to be a modern center of the religious life of the city. Its construction began in the middle of the XIX century on the place of the former Turkish fortress. The church is dedicated to a patron saint Nikitas. People celebrate the day of Nikitas on 15 September.

The Folklore Museum of Nikiti, the pride of the city, occupies the old school building of the XIX century. Its exposition covers over 1.500 pieces. Among them are traditional garments, household items, work equipment, coins, pictures, and historical documents. Most of them were brought by the residents of Nikiti. The museum is the best way to learn about the customs, traditions, and history of the Halkidiki Peninsula.

The old houses of Nikiti can be themselves considered to be historical landmarks. Take it slow while visiting Nikiti Old Village to admire its stone buildings built in the traditional style for a region. Most of those houses were built in the late XIX century.

Going up from the Church of Agios Nikitas, you will find the Early Christian Basilica of St. George. The believers will also find it interesting to visit the Monastery of St. Arsenios, sitting 11 kilometers away from Nikiti.

Beach recreation is the main entertainment in Nikiti. The Central Beach stretches for 4 kilometers. It is a narrow coastal line with clean sands and calm sea. That is why Nikiti is one of the most recommended destinations for a holiday with children. The beach provides entertainment for its visitors: a kids’ playground with attractions, water sports center, and a diving center. There are a few more comfortable places for recreation on the left of the central beach: Kastri Beach, Agios Ioannis Beach, Koviou Beach, Kalogria Beach, and Lagomandra Beach.

What to do?

Nikiti welcomes all types of travelers: the fans of activities, youth, and married couples. A rich choice of entertainment will make each day of your vacation unique.

Outdoor activities

The fans of hiking are offered to take a trip along the trails at Mount Itamos. They are equipped for trekking and provided with marking signs. Itamos Mountain is a beautiful reserved area of Sithonia, where you can stay at one with nature.


Nikiti is one of the biggest manufacturers of honey in Greece. While buying souvenirs, you should draw your attention to the products of local beekeepers. You can also find shops specializing in the sale of honey and honey-based sweets.
Apart from honey, Nikiti offers a wide choice of clothes, jewelry, traditional Greek crafts (ceramics, textiles), and icons. There are several big supermarkets in the city, where you can buy the necessary goods. On Fridays, the central street of Nikiti is closed for traffic. It turns into a huge street market. Here, you can buy fresh fruit directly from farmers, olives, homemade olive oil, various types of cheese, groceries, and handmade textiles.

Recreation for children

Nikiti is one of the best destinations in Sithonia for recreation with children. There are clean beaches and playgrounds for children here. In the summer months in the southern part of the beach operates a water inflatable complex. The village is located on a flat area, so it is suitable for walks with a stroller.


The promenade is the center of the resort. It has a high concentration of taverns and restaurants. Nikiti does not fall asleep after sundown. You can start an evening entertainment from observation of sunset panoramas. After that, you can go to one of the bars. The number of entertainment venues in Nikiti has significantly increased in recent years. These days, you can visit about a dozen places for unwinding in the evening.


You can go for a trip on the peninsula of Sithonia with a visit to the most beautiful beaches or take a sea tour along the coast of Sithonia, including a stop at Kelifos Island. Nikiti sits just 10 minutes away from the village of Ormos Panagias. The vessels depart from here to Mount Athos and Diaporos Island. Travelers can also take a ride to the second biggest city in Greece – Thessaloniki, visit the legendary Meteora Monasteries, Mount Olympus, and Dion.

Where to stay?

Nikiti has a variety of accommodation options. In the village itself there are many small hotels and mid-priced apartment hotels. Locals are happy to rent private apartments.

There is a very large selection of cottages for rent. You can find great options that are close to infrastructure, but not in the main street and therefore away from the hustle and bustle. Check out the Selene villa that provides cosy accomodation close to the beach.

Near Nikiti recently opened a premium hotel Ammoa Luxury Hotel & SPA Resort. It is located on the beach with clean sand and a pleasant entrance to the sea. The only drawback is the proximity to the road. 

You will also find a lot of villas for rent nearby. Many of them are either on the first line, or surrounded by greenery and pine trees, with fragrant pine air.

What to taste?

For lovers of traditional food, we recommend the Akrogiali tavern. This place has been operating for many years and is located in the most central place near the port.

Do you want to try more refined and unusual dishes? Have dinner at the Arsanas restaurant. For an appetizer we recommend Meze (a set of small portions of marinated fish), Ceviche of fish, Fava or Carpaccio of tuna. For the main course we suggest traditional cheese pie, pasta with salmon, beef cheeks with eggplant or stuffed squid... Surrounded by an exquisite interior, your evening will not only be delicious, but also beautiful.

Useful info

  • Nikiti Beach is hardly ever overcrowded. Its southern area is almost wild;
  • Book your hotel or villa in advance. Nikiti is very popular;
  • The village is very convenient to travel around the peninsula. From here it is easy to drive on both the west and east sides.