Halkidiki peninsula has everything needed, including resorts with beaches of amazing beauty. One of these places is Vourvourou — on its coast families, romantics and lovers of calm vacation spend their holidays. A mild climate and the abundance of greenery are considered to be another advantage of the resort, as well as a wide range of hotels with affordable prices for accommodation, beaches with fine golden sand and rarely waves.

How to get

Vourvourou is located on Sithonia peninsula, which is the second "finger" of Halkidiki, 117 km from Thessaloniki. Macedonia international airport is the nearest one — it is situated 100 km from the resort. Regular and charter flights from different European countries arrive here. 

You can get from Thessaloniki airport to Vourvourou by public transport with changings. From the airport, a bus No.79 runs to the IKEA stop, where you need to change to the bus No.36. It will take you to the KTEL Halkidikis bus station and from this place during the summer season buses run to Vourvourou. However, the buses run not often: about 3-4 times a day.

If you want to spend less time for your way and reach the place without changings, it is better to book a transfer to Vourvourou in advance or rent a car and drive yourself.

How to move?

The best way to get around is by renting a car: Vourvouroux consists of several beaches, each of which is special in its own way. The most picturesque places can only be reached by car. So it is recommended to either rent a car from Thessaloniki airport for the whole period of your stay or find a car for a few days in larger neighboring villages like Nikiti. You may prefer the cab services: trips for short distances will cost a reasonable price. However, if you like to explore small hidden beaches, not every cab driver will agree to drive on narrow roads. 

What to see?

There are no significant historical monuments in Vourvourou. The main attraction of the resort is its nature: bays, pine groves, hills and the majestic Itamos mountain. The chapel of the Virgin Mary is worth attention. It is situated on the site where the Byzantine monastery of Hieromnimon was located in the X century. 

If you would like to get new experience, you can explore the surrounding area. From Vourvourou, you can easily reach the island of Diaporos and the picturesque mountain village of Parthenonas. This place is worth a visit for beautiful views and traditional architecture.

The beaches of Vourvourou are special landmarks. The coast of the resort is famous for its postcard views and stretches for several kilometres. There are many options for recreation: you can spend time on the central beach, where there is fine sand and the waves are absent. The beach is ideal for family holiday.

Karidi, a beach 1.5 km from the central part of the coast, is particularly beautiful. Karidi is famous for its clean sand and turquoise sea. Therefore, during the season it can be crowded. One of the secluded places on the coast is the Fava beach. It is surrounded by hills and forests, and the way to the shore is through a steep descent.

Other popular places are the beaches of Lagonisi and Talgo. There are large beach bars, where you can relax in comfort, admiring the magnificent views of the islands.

We recommend that you open Google Maps in Satellite mode and find small coves, hidden from prying eyes. This way you can find picturesque "secret" places with few tourists.

When all the nearest beaches are explored, head down Sithonia towards Kavurotripes - you will be seduced by the beauty of these places. On the way to Kavurotripes, there are several descents to the coves, which are also worth visiting.

Do you want to "go out" and stroll around the lively village with lots of taverns, bars and supermarkets? Go to Nikiti, you will love the beautiful modern promenade and cozy institutions.

What to do?

Vourvourou offers unlimited opportunities for recreation — whichever your needs could be. It is interesting here both for those who want to spend a vacation calmly, and for those who cannot imagine a proper vacation without entertainment.

Active rest

Those who like outdoor activities can rent a boat and go to the Blue lagoon — it is a postcard-perfect place located between two islands opposite Vourvourou. The water is so clear that you can see the sea bottom from the boat. During the recent years, this place has become popular among vacationers. If you want to enjoy the best views, you should better sail to the Blue lagoon earlier. In general, boats and Vourvourou are inseparable. There are many islands and lagoons here, so boat rental is a very popular service.

Other active entertainment include kayaking along the picturesque Sithonia coast (half-day, all-day or at sunset), fishing and relaxing on secluded beaches, and walking along mountain trails that offer views of the coast and woodlands. Dozens of hiking options are available in Vourvourou.


Shopping opportunities in Vourvourou are limited. There are no large stores here, but you can find many souvenir shops where you can buy ceramics, textiles, gastronomic gifts and cosmetics. There are supermarkets, fish shops and butcher’s shops in Vourvourou for those who prefer to cook their own meals.

For children

Vourvourou is a family resort, and all the conditions for families with children are arranged here: there are family taverns with a children's menu, playgrounds and babysitting services in hotels. As for excursions, the best choice for children will be a boat trip on the boats with glass bottoms.


There is no active nightlife in Vourvourou — after sunset, you can just relax in taverns and listen to traditional Greek music. And you may as well enjoy the best wines and local dishes.


Sea excursions start from Vourvourou. You can take a cruise to mount Athos, make a sea voyage along the coast of Athens and go by the sea to the islands of Diaporos or Ammouliani. For those who like to discover new things, there are excursions to secluded beaches, which include visiting dive-sites where you can dive with a mask. Some local companies offer boat trips to Sithonia's secret locations. This is an opportunity to visit beaches that few people know about, and at the same time to visit the nearest islands. From Vourvourou, you can go on a jeep safari, which offers the opportunity to visit remote mountain villages. 

Excursions to Pella, Thessaloniki, and Meteora are interesting for exploring historical heritage. It is quite a long way from Vourvourou to the main treasures of Northern Greece, but it will not stop those who want to get acquainted with the ancient history of Greece.

Where to stay?

There are many hotels in Vourvourou with excellent quality of service. Most of them are cozy family apartments without "star rating", as well as hotels of the category up to 4 stars. Instead of 5-star hotels, there are comfortable premium villas. They are located not only in the territory of Vourvourou, but also on the island of Diaporos.

Almost all hotels in Vourvourou offer their guests free parking and well-arranged area. Some have children's playgrounds and swimming pools. Most hotels are located close to the beach — less than 350 m. 

What to taste?

Vourvourou doesn't have a lot of restaurants, though you can find typical Greek taverns with seafood dishes, pizzerias with reasonable prices and some fine restaurants by the sea. Mezze of assorted appetizers, the wine that was produced in Halkidiki, grilled octopus, the famous horiatiki salad and the moussaka are worth a try. The major part of the Sithonia cuisine is simple and useful, like all the gastronomy of Greece.

Useful info

  • It is worth remembering that there is no exact organized center in Vourvourou. This is rather an area for summer holidays, than a village with a central square;
  • If you are going to Vourvourou in July-August, you should book a hotel room in winter. During the high season, the resort is popular and good options are quickly "taken".