Crete and Rhodes are the largest and most popular islands in Greece. It is not at all surprising why travelers dream of combining holidays on two islands and getting twice as many vivid impressions. Crete and Rhodes have a well-established communication: both sea and air. How to get from Rhodes to Crete?

Is it worth it to combine a visit to Crete and Rhodes? - this question worries many. Each of these islands is rich in sights, but Rhodes is smaller in area, so a few days can be left in reserve. They should be dedicated to Crete, where you will meet the myths about the Minotaur, relax on Elafonisi beach (one of the 20 most beautiful beaches in the world) and walk around the picturesque cities of Chania and Rethymno.

Ferry from Rhodes to Crete

Sea travel enthusiasts who depart from Rhodes to Crete spend approximately 11-14 hours at sea. The price of a ferry ticket is from 30 euros (deck) to 55 euros (cabin). Accommodation in a luxury cabin will cost 90-120 euros.

The port of Rhodes is connected by direct communication with two ports of Crete:

  • Sitia - ferries depart once a week. This port is less popular among travelers than the port of Heraklion, but the city itself will please with excellent infrastructure and well-established transport links with other regions of Crete;
  • Heraklion is the main port of Crete and the third busiest in Greece. Every year it receives 2 million passengers. In the low season, Rhodes-Heraklion ferries run once a week, starting from June - 2-3 times. Sometimes ferries run every day.

If time permits, you can choose a longer route and buy a ferry ticket to Crete via the islands of Karpathos and Kassos.

Please note: for a fee, you can take on the ferry vehicles rented in Rhodes

By plane from Rhodes to Crete

The best and fastest way to get to Crete is by plane. It departs from the Rhodes airport "Diagoras" and after 45 minutes or 1 hour lands in Heraklion (airport "N. Kazantzakis"). Getting to Crete from Rhodes by plane is not only faster and more comfortable, but also quite profitable. The cost of a round trip ticket is from 40 to 180 euros . One way - from 20 euros . Tickets can be found with Aegean, Olympic Air, Sky Express. There are also options with a transfer in Athens.