Despite the fact that there is no airport on Thassos, this island attracts travelers. Firstly, its natural beauty and historical heritage. Secondly, the atmosphere of tranquility and opportunities for a good rest. The most convenient way to get to Thassos is through the northern capital of Greece. How to get from Thessaloniki to Thassos and what ways are there?

First way: from Thessaloniki via Kavala

Since there is no airport on Thassos, the island is provided with a convenient ferry service to the mainland. Unlike other islands, there is no concept of "seasonality" here: the island receives ferries all year round. One of the ports connected with Thassos by sea is located in Kavala. Buses run to Kavala from Thessaloniki bus station. The price of a one-way ticket is about 18 euros. When buying tickets in both directions, a discount is provided. In Kavala, buses stop at the bus station, located a 10-minute drive from the port. You can wait for the bus, but it will be faster to take a taxi. Or you can immediately take a transfer from Thessaloniki to the port of Kavala. It will cost you about 150 euros.

From the port of Kavala to Thassos, ferries depart about 6 times a day (in summer) and spend 1.5 hours at sea. The ticket price is about 5 euros. Those who come from Thessaloniki to Kavala by car will have to pay an additional 20-25 euros for transporting a vehicle. On Thassos, ferries moor in the small village of Skala Prinos. If you have booked a hotel or villa in another part of the island, also think in advance about how you will get there. There are 2 options here: either a bus or a taxi.

Please note that regular and express buses run from Thessaloniki to Kavala. It is better to choose the second option to get to the Kavala bus station faster and without stops in other settlements

Second way: from Thessaloniki via Keramoti

The port of Keramoti, located 190 km from Thessaloniki, surpasses the port of Kavala in terms of the number of ferries to Thassos. Travel time is only 35 minutes, and a ferry ticket will cost about 3-4 euros. Transportation of the car in 15-20 euros. Keramoti is a large coastal town where you can have a bite to eat or stay overnight while waiting for your trip to Thassos. During the summer, ferries depart from Keramoti to the port of Limenas on Thassos about 20 times a day. In winter, about 5-7 times. The message is established so well that it makes no sense to find out the schedule in advance: you will have to wait only from 30 minutes to 1 hour for the ferry.

But first you need to get to Keramoti itself. In Thessaloniki, you will have to take a bus to Kavala, which goes to the bus station, where you need to transfer to a direct route to Keramoti. Travel time from Kavala to Keramoti is 20-30 minutes. After leaving the city, you can take a taxi to the port (about 3-5 euros). As well as from Thessaloniki to the port of Kavala, you can be brought by a private transfer from Thessaloniki to the port of Keramoti. The price won't be much different.

Please note: the earliest ferries depart from Keramoti for Thassos at 05:30, the latest around 23:00