In a series of North Aegean islands, Ikaria has a special place. It is known to the whole world as the island of centenarians, and after the publication of books and studies on this topic, the number of people who want to solve the mystery of Ikaria has increased markedly. Why choose Icaria for your holiday?

Uncrowded sandy beaches

Ikaria is a beach paradise just an hour from Athens. You can start your acquaintance with the coast of the island from Livadi beach, which is famous for its fine sand and clear sea. Nearby there are taverns and apartments for rent. No less beautiful is the long Messakti beach covered with golden sand. It is also one of the best places in Ikaria to watch sunsets. And the beach of Seychelles, located in a bay protected from waves, is rightfully considered the most exotic. It is surrounded by emerald waters on one side and white rocks on the other.

Healing springs

Ikaria is famous not only for its beaches, but also for its thermal springs. Perhaps it is thanks to them that many residents of the island have the opportunity to celebrate their 90th anniversary. Herodotus was the first to note the healing properties of these springs, after which they began to be called "water that bestows immortality." Today there are 8 springs in Ikaria. The most famous is Therma, where the remains of ancient baths are still preserved. Local waters are used to treat neuralgia, rheumatism and arthritis. Also worth visiting are the springs of Agios Kirikos and Agia Kiriyaki.

Picturesque cities

All settlements in Ikaria have retained their traditional character and have not been altered by tourism. It is better to start your acquaintance with the island with a visit to the capital - Agios Kirikos. The city is famous for its neoclassical houses, cozy streets and excellent infrastructure: most of the taverns, shops and bars are concentrated here. In Agios Kirikos, you can see the collection of the Archaeological Museum and visit the Cathedral.

Evdilos, built as an amphitheater in the 19th century, is located 38 km from the capital. It is an important port of Ikaria which links the island with Samos. Evdilos will captivate fans of colorful architecture - ancient buildings and neoclassical houses have been preserved here, and alleys are full of flowers. There are excellent fish taverns in Evdilos.

Ancient heritage

There is not a single island in Greece that has not preserved ancient architectural monuments. Ikaria is no exception. In the town of Kambos you can see the Roman Odeon, built in the 1st century. It served as a venue for musical and theatrical events. In the center of Ikaria, not far from the beach of Seychelles, is the Byzantine castle of Koskin, built on top of a steep cliff in the 10th century. Next to it stands the church of Agios Georgios. Climbing up to the castle requires stamina, but the views that open from a height will be remembered for a long time. One of the most ancient heritages of Ikaria worthy of attention is the Temple of Artemis. There is a legend on the island: the main statue of the sanctuary was hidden in the waters of the nearest river.

Local kitchen

Authentic and organic - this is how Ikaria's cuisine can be described in a nutshell. By the way, it is nutrition that is called the reason for the longevity of local residents. The island is famous for its excellent goat cheeses, quality honey and sufiko stew, which is made with seasonal vegetables, Greek herbs and olive oil. Icarian red wines have been revered since ancient times as a healthy beverage. Today the most common variety is Fokiano. Jams made from bergamot, rose and a unique local variety of apricots are preferred as desserts in Ikaria. And, of course, you can't go past the island's fish taverns, where they cook freshly caught sea bream and assorted seafood.