The city of Thessaloniki has many architecture sights of different eras and is famous for its lively nightlife and shopping facilities. It is also a great place for day trips, whether it is a trip to the ancient ruins or for a beach holiday. Where to go from Thessaloniki for one day?

For history lovers

Pella is located 50 km from Thessaloniki. It is the birthplace of Alexander the Great and the capital of Ancient Macedonia. Over the past 100 years since excavations began, Ancient Pella has revealed many unique finds to researchers. During the visit you can see:

  • Early Hellenistic mosaics which depict scenes, including lion hunting and abduction of Helen. They are considered the pinnacle of mosaic art;
  • The ruins of residential and public buildings, the remains of fortified walls;
  • Archaeological Museum with an extensive collection of findings (fragments of mosaics, ceramics, figurines and statues).

Vergina is located 70 km from Thessaloniki, known for its royal tombs and a museum with unique artifacts. A golden wreath and a golden urn are among the most interesting exhibits of the museum (they are included to one of the most valuable heritage of antiquity).

Pella, Greece

For a beach holiday

The Chalkidiki peninsula is the best destination for a beach holiday near Thessaloniki. There are the best beaches in the North Makedona region of Greece. But besides this obvious option there are several alternatives. Nearby Thessaloniki, you can find Perea and Agia Triada which are large villages in 15 minutes from Thessaloniki, as well as a seaside town of Nea Michaniona (32 km) where are some excellent fish taverns located. In addition, visit Epanomi cape with long sandy beaches.

Beach in Kriopigi
Nea Potidea beach
Kalogria Beach, Sithonia
Beautiful beaches of Halkidiki

You can reach the beaches of Kavala just in 2 hours driving from Thessaloniki. Many of them were awarded with the Blue Flag. The beaches of Kalamitsa, Nea Peramos, Toska and Nea Iraklitsa stand out in this area. One of the most beautiful and clean beaches of Kavala is Batis. It is distinguished by a gentle entry into the water, the absence of waves and a peaceful atmosphere.

For wine lovers

There are several wineries close to Thessaloniki and they are opened to the public. The winery Gerovasiliou is located 30 km from the city. It revived the old Malagusia variety and introduced to the market the famous Greek wines Mavrudis and Asirtiko. The museum of wine has a large collection of corkscrews. The process of wine production, varieties and the history of winemaking in Greece will be introduced to you in this place.

Gerovasiliou Winery
Gerovasiliou Winery tasting
Gerovasiliou Winery tasting room
Gerovasiliou Winery

The Babatzimopulu winery is located 40 km from Thessaloniki. It is surrounded by picturesque forests. It produces not only organic wines, but also tsipouro and ouzo. This is a popular destination for wine tourism where you can try local products and at the same time enjoy the scenery.

For spiritual experience

The monasteries of Meteora is perhaps the most popular attraction for a day trip at 230 km from Thessaloniki. Built by monks on ancient rocks, they became the embodiment of a miracle and they are among the most visited places in Greece.

Route Thessaloniki - Meteora can be covered by various ground transportation options or by booking an excursion that includes transfers. Please note: all the monasteries of Meteora work on different days and hours, so it is better to get acquainted with the schedule in advance.

Monasteries of Meteora
Monasteries of Meteora rocks
Monasteries of Meteora Greece
Meteora valley view
Monastery in Meteora
Monasteries of Meteora

Another monastery - Ikosifiniss - is located 133 km from Thessaloniki, which is one of the oldest monasteries of Eastern Macedonia, founded in the VIII century. The monastery keeps rare relics, including the relics of saints. You should pay your attention to the iconostasis of valuable wood, carving on which was performed by masters from Chios.

For healing

Greece is known for healing springs since ancient times. Warriors used their waters to heal wounds, noble people used the waters in order to improve their health. There are several places near Thessaloniki. There are the famous springs of Loutra Pozar in just two hours from the city. The healing waters of this resort are rich in magnesium, fluorine, sodium and iron. There are several spas and a hydropathic establishment with pools and hammams on the territory of Loutra Pozar. Vacationers are attracted by outdoor pools, and two of them have waterfalls.

The thermal springs of Agia Paraskevi are located 120 km from Thessaloniki, on the Kassandra peninsula. They are open most months of the year and are situated on a rock with a stunning view of the sea. The temperature of the pools is around 35 degrees. There are extras such as jacuzzis, baths, massages, and a variety of body and facial treatments based on the healing water. When you go to this spa complex, you can plan a stopover on your way to a scenic spots by the sea.

Loutra, Kassandra
Loutra village, Kassandra
Loutra beach in Kassandra
Loutra Agia Paraskevi
Views of Loutra in Kassandra
Loutra village on the Kassandra peninsula