Greece welcomes millions of tourists every summer and celebrities are among them. They know a lot about comfort and appreciate Greek resorts for their high level of service, excellent beaches and hospitality. Which of the world's stars trust Greece with their holidays?

In the summer 2019 an american model Kendal Jenner shared her impressions of her holiday in Mykonos with her Instagram followers. She visited the Windmill Island with friends. And she did it not for the first time: the star comes here almost every year. 24-year-old Jenner spent time on a yacht, parties and restaurants on the seashore - in a word, she tried all the leisure options that Mykonos is famous for.

At the same time, a colleague of Kendal, a model, was visiting the island. Isabelle Gular delighted subscribers with colorful photos from the cozy streets of Mykonos. Gular not only arranged photo shoots, but also enjoyed exploring the beaches and taverns of the island. By the way, Isabelle often spends her summer holidays in Mykonos.

Elon Musk couldn't resist vacationing in Mykonos, either, spending time on a yacht in the summer of 2022.

Among the star tourists, there are many admirers of the charming Santorini. Alessandra Ambrosio likes to spend time there. She took many photos against the background of the recognizable houses of Santorini and watched how local fishermen catch octopuses in the local port.

But not only Santorini and Mykonos attract the attention of celebrities. After all, there are dozens of resort destinations in Greece. For example, Tom Hanks prefers the island of Antiparos. The actor even bought a house here and declares his love for both the island and its inhabitants. Hanks spends family vacations and birthdays on Antiparos, and recently received Greek citizenship. On the same island Matthew McConaughey likes to relax with his wife and children. The actor is a fan of water sports.

For another Hollywood actor Will Smith, Greece is also a favorite place. A couple of years ago he visited Corfu, where he dined in the restaurants of the Old City with his wife and children. And then the Smith family went to neighboring Antipaxos where they not only rested on the beaches, but also cleaned them of garbage. Photos instantly scattered around the world.

A star of "My Big Big Greek Wedding" Nia Vardalos is a frequent visitor to her historic homeland. She chooses the islands of Antiparos and Naxos for her vacation, where she walked a lot along the picturesque streets and tried sea delicacies. And, of course, she couldn't pass by Athens with its ancient monuments.

A football star Cristiano Ronaldo rested in Costa Navarino. This is a luxury resort near Kalamata, where five-star hotels, spas, golf courses, thalassotherapy centers are located. While Cristiano was relaxing and enjoying the beaches of Costa Navarino, the world and Greek media wrote about the astronomical amount of 25.000€ - this is exactly the tip the football player left to the staff of the luxurious resort complex. It seems that Cristiano was 100% satisfied with the rest.

Who else is vacationing in Greece

  • Scarlett Johansson on the island of Sifnos. She was seen in restaurants of the town of Platis Gialos;
  • Catherine Deneuve on the island of Syros. A French actress is rumored to have bought a house here;
  • Rowan Atkinson on the island of Andros. The famous "Mr. Bean" also bought real estate in Greece;
  • Sean Connery enjoys relaxing in Porto Heli and interacting with the locals.

Who will choose Greece for holidays this time? Another summer season will show.