One of the Most Blue Flag Awarded Regions of Greece

The Blue Flag is one of the eco-labels recognized worldwide. Its main function is to define the level of comfort for marinas, beaches and boating tourism operators. You will be surprised to learn that 52 of 430 awarded beaches in Greece are found in Halkiidiki. So why not rent a car to explore the most of them?

Discover Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a peninsula whose area comprises three parts:

The most popular tourist destinations are Kassandra and Sithonia that we will check out in this article.

The most beautiful Beaches of Kassandra

The nature of this peninsula makes you fall in love with it at first sight. Kassandra is a place where you can find the best sandy and pebbly beaches.

1. Kallithea Beach is a one of the most beautiful beaches with clear sand and pure waters. Since the sea is shallow here, it warms up faster at the beginning of the season and stays warm longer at the end. Perhaps at the peak of the season there are too many people here, but when you see this beach you will understand the reason.

Kallithea, Halkidiki beach
Beach of Kallithea in Halkidiki
Promenade in Kallithea
Пляж Калифея на Кассандре
Beach bars in Kallithea
Beach in Kallithea

2. Kriopigi is a gorgeous beach that has obtained the Blue Flag award. The beaches in this village have a peculiarity. There is almost no central promenade and the beach is very small. You can get to the best beaches if you know a specific point or if you are relaxing in one of the many villas in Kriopigi. Do you want to be the lucky one who has access to a beautiful secluded beach in the center of Kassandra? Rent a villa for your holiday with Aktis Villas 

Kriopigi beach, Halkidiki
Kriopigi main beach
The coastline of Kriopigi
Agora beach in Kriopigi
Agora beach on Kassandra
Kriopigi beach

3. Paliouri Beach is one of the best beaches on Kassandra. It boasts with the abundance of green surroundings and lots of water sport facilities. There are several bays, most popular places are Xenia beach, where you can find Cabana Beach Bar – a fashionable location for perfect unwinding; Golden beach and Glarokavos. Since there are many beaches and you can only get here by car, even at the peak of the holiday season you will find a place to relax comfortably. Moreover, these places are considered to be some of the most beautiful in Kassandra.

Xenia beach in Paliouri
Xenia, Paliouri
Chrousso beach and port in Paliouri
Golden beach near Paliouri
Glarokavos beach
Paliouri beaches

Watch our video about the Chrousso beach in Paliouri:

4. Sani Beach is an idyllic escape, where you can walk along white sands, bask in the sun and soak in the clear waters of the Aegean. The famous Sani resort is located here, so keep in mind that the prices for sunbeds are quite high. Near the resort is a picturesque well-groomed forest, with a stylish beach bar on the shore. Also on this side there are plenty of wild sandy beaches.

Stavronikita beach
Sani forest
Stavronikita beach in Sani

5. Possidi Cape is a beautiful sandy cape stretched for about one kilometer. This marvelous beach offers white sands with small pebbles, penetrating deeply into the sea. Fans of independent beach vacation will certainly find a comfortable place on the spit. Do you prefer beach bars? On the other side of the cape you'll find some very stylish and atmospheric places.

Possidi beach on Kassandra
Possidi Cape
Possidi village
Possidi beach

6. Siviri is a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by luscious landscapes. It is located in the very heart of Kassandra and is perfect for a daytrip. Every summer this place turns into a crowded location thanks to the Kassandra Festival.

Sandy beach of Siviri
Infrastructure of Siviri Beach
Equipped Siviri Beach on Kassandra
The left side of Siviri beach
Siviri cliffs
Siviri beach

7. Polichrono - Hanioti - Pefkohori. If you are staying in one of these villages, you will definitely enjoy the clear water and endless coastline.

Pefkohori beach
Pefkohori beach on Kassandra
Hanioti resort
Hanioti beach on Kassandra
Hanioti beach waters
Pefkohori and Chanioti beaches

Τhe Best Option for Clubbers in Kassandra

Often beach bars throw parties after the sun goes down. The most popular ones have celebrity singers and DJs. If this appeals to you, pay attention to the bars of Kallithea and Hanioti, as well as the area of Paliuri (Xenia beach).

Beaches of Sithonia

The beaches of Sithonia are popular thanks to crystal waters, soft sands and a kind of “solitude” (some of them are not so developed and overcrowded). They attract lots of travelers with children and the ones searching for a quiet hideaway.

1. Vourvourou beach is an exceptional place set near the semi-called village. It is characterized by a plenty of soft sand and shallow entrance to the sea, as well as a lot of greenery around. In the area of Vourvourou, there are some of the most famous beaches: Karidi, Fava, Lagonisi. And also many smaller ones, which are worth looking for. This beach also ensures a wonderful opportunity to rent a boat and cut through the waves, enjoying the slight breeze.

Karidi Beach in Vourvourou
Karidi Beach

2. Kavourotrypes beach with white cliffs and rocks perfectly blended with clear green-blue waters. There are 2 mosly famous bays: Paradise beach and Orange beach. Except of them, you will find lots of secret coves. Kavourotripes is ideal for fans of spectacular photos: it is incredibly beautiful here. Also suitable for families with children, because due to the shape of the bays here rarely have waves.

Kavourotripes beach
Orange beach on Sithonia
Kavourotripes Orange beach
Paradise Kavourotripes
Paradise Kavourotripes beach on Sithonia
Kavourotripes beaches

3. Akti Elia Beach is a picturesquare area located in the western shore of Sithonia, not far from Nikiti village. It may perfectly fit guests coming with children to enjoy warm sand mixed with small pebbles. The nearby cliffs provide wonderful hideaways from the hot sun thanks to the pine trees. The best place here is Kalogria which consists of several beach bars.

Kalogria beach
Kalogria beach in Sithonia
Akti Elias beach
Kouviou beach
Beach bar Moa in Kalogria
Kalogria beaches

4. Nikiti beach is a felicitous area welcoming travelers with white sands and sun umbrellas. Recent renovation and infrastructure development turned this place into one of the most favored destinations. You can see lots of bars bars and restaurants there. The nearby marina has got a distinctive award from the Blue Flag.

Nikiti beach i n Sithonia
Nikiti beach

5. Tristinika beach is a marvelous place with amazingly transparent waters. The sand here is so golden that it feels like glitter floating in the water. Nearby is another interesting beach Destenika, which is more private even in August. There's even a little cove where you can feel like you're on a private beach,you just have to find a path.

Destenika beach
Destenika beach cove
Destenika beach

6. Armenistis beach is a really good location: a long sandy shore with perfect entrance to the water. However, keep in mind: almost the whole place is occupied by a campsite. So you can get to the sea by driving through it and paying the entrance fee (3-4 euros). The other option is to leave your car far away and walk around the campsite, which can be tiring though.

7. Sykia - Kriaritsi are located on the very end of Kassandra. That's why they are never crowded. However, if you are not embarrassed by the long drive, you will definitely be rewarded with a great vacation on the cleanest beaches.

Sykia beach
Sykia beach in Paralia Sikias
Linaraki beach
Linaraki beach in Sithonia
Sykia beach

8. Trani Ammouda. If you don't want to go far, check out this great beach at the very beginning of Sithonia. There is enough space for everyone, and the water is no less beautiful and azure than on many other popular beaches. The beach belongs to the village of Ormos Panagias, in the harbour of which you can rent motor yachts and sailing boats, as well as catamarans to explore the gulf.

Of course, this is only some of the beaches that are deserving of attention. In other articles we describe other beaches that are also worth visiting. Read our blog and be aware of the most interesting places in Halkidiki!

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