When it comes to the best islands in Greece for a beach holiday, Kos is one of the first to come to mind. Its coastline impresses with its diversity: there are long sandy beaches and pebble bays, there are also areas with volcanic sand. Where is it better to relax on Kos for lovers of the sea and the sun?


Mastichari beach with white sand and emerald water is one of the most exotic on Kos. That is why there are many vacationers here during the season. In the central part of Mastichari you can find sun loungers and water sports centers (mainly surfing). But its outskirts are deserted even in the height of summer - this part of the coast is chosen by lovers of secluded relaxation. The beach is surrounded by trees that create a natural shade.
Any infrastructure is available near Mastichari: cafes, shops, restaurants, apartments for rent. From the small port of the village, ferries depart daily to the neighboring island of Kalymnos and along the coast of Kos. Mastichari is famous for its beautiful sunsets, which you can enjoy while dining at a coastal fisherman's tavern.

Location: 27 km from the capital
Please note that Lido Water Park, one of the largest in Greece, is located 3 km from Mastichari


"Paradise Beach" Kos is fully consistent with its name. Here, fine white sand is combined with crystal clear water, and green hills stretch all around. Paradise is notable for the shallow depth of the sea - it grows only 100 m from the coast, so the beach can be safely chosen for families with children.
The infrastructure of Paradise beach is on top. There are toilets, sun loungers, changing cabins, a windsurfing school, a cafe, seafood taverns, and a jet ski rental. For children, there is a mini water park on the water.

Location: 30 km from the capital
Please note: Paradise waters are filled with volcanic springs that are good for the skin.


Tigaki Beach is one of the closest to the capital of Kos. This is at the same time one of the most beautiful places on the coast of the island: a long and well-groomed sandy beach stretches for 10 km. Its entire territory is covered with light sand and surrounded by lush greenery. Tigaki Beach is suitable for water sports. Tigaki has a gentle entrance to the sea, and for its cleanliness it has repeatedly received the Blue Flag, so the beach is recommended for families. Nearby you can find travel agencies, bars, shops, hotels. Despite all the advantages of Tigaki, it is not crowded here due to the length of the coastline.

Location: 11 km from the capital
Please note: on the white sand of Tigaki, you can often see black sand of volcanic origin, which is washed ashore by waves


The long beach of Polemi is not the busiest on Kos, but definitely one of the most beautiful. It is completely covered with white sand, and from the infrastructure there are several sun loungers and umbrellas. This is a paradise for lovers of secluded relaxation, where you forget that you are on one of the most popular islands in Greece. Noting the natural beauty of these places, Polemi beach is often called "Exotic" and "Magical" on Kos.

Location: 32 km from the capital
Interesting fact: Nudists often choose polemi for relaxation. Because of this, and also because of the poorly developed infrastructure, the beach is not recommended for families with children.


Limnionas beach gives pleasant moments of relaxation to all connoisseurs of a calm atmosphere. It is located in a protected natural bay, therefore it is not subject to the winds blowing from the north of Kos. Limnionas is known for its crystal clear sea, golden sand and wild rocky landscape. From the infrastructure there is only a tavern on a hill, a few sun loungers and umbrellas.

Location: 43 km from the capital
Please note: Limnionas is not one, but two separate beaches located side by side


The lively Marmari beach is not just “sun, sea, sand”, but also many additional bonuses in the form of charming landscapes, hotels, water sports and taverns. There is a windsurfing school on the beach. For cleanliness and developed infrastructure, Marmari received the Blue Flag. Despite its popularity, this beach remains a place for a measured rest. In the village of the same name, you can find souvenir shops, supermarkets, car rentals and cozy cafes.

Location: 20 km from the capital
Please note: only 6 km from Marmari is Aliki Salt Lake, a unique natural reserve where you can see flamingos


Kardamena is a wide beach with endless possibilities for water and beach sports. It stretches for 3 km and is located in the village of the same name, where there are taverns, shops and nightclubs. Kardamena is covered with clean sand, and the sea is almost always calm here. On the beach at any time you can rent a boat, ride a jet ski, ski and "banana", or buy a sea excursion along the coast of Kos. Or you can just enjoy refreshing cocktails in the coastal bar.

Location: 30 km from the capital
Please note that Kardamena hosts a cultural festival during the summer with fairs, performances and concerts. It will be the best addition to your beach holiday.

Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos is one of the most photogenic beaches in Kos. And it's not just his landscapes. The ruins of an early Christian basilica are located here, so a beach holiday can easily be combined with an educational holiday. Another feature of Agios Stefanos is the picturesque views of the small deserted island of Kastri, located opposite Kos. Agios Stefanos is covered with sand, the sea is shallow and safe for children. The beach is well organized: there are sun loungers, umbrellas, a tavern, and water activities are available for outdoor enthusiasts.

Location: 40 km from the capital
Please note that from Agios Stefanos you can take a boat to the islet of Kastri in a matter of minutes. The ruins of the old fortress have been preserved here, and the blue-and-white chapel of St. Nicholas has become the decoration of Castries.