The volcanic origin of Santorini makes itself felt: its beaches are surprisingly exotic and popular in the summer season. Along with picturesque sunsets and white-and-blue houses, this is the visiting card of the island, which cannot be passed by.


Located 10 km from Fira and next to the Mesa Vouno mountain, Kamari is a well-organized black sand beach. Here you can find everything that will brighten up your leisure: from umbrellas and sun loungers to water sports (canoeing, surfing, water skiing). There is also a diving center on the coast. Very close is the embankment of the resort village of Kamari, and next to it there are hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs.
The length of Kamari beach is about 5 km, and it is one of the three longest beaches in Santorini. Despite its popularity, it is clean and has been awarded the Blue Flag. Kamari is suitable for all categories of vacationers: companies, families, romantics, active tourists and lovers of a calm atmosphere.

How to get there: from Fira (7 km) by bus from the central stop (ticket - about 2 euros) or by rented car. There is parking nearby. It is better to take a taxi from Santorini Airport - the distance is only 3.5 km.


Perissa Beach is located next to Kamari - on the other side of Mount Mesa Vouno. Here, too, there are sun loungers, taverns, bars, a diving center and water activities. Perissa is a pebbly beach with an admixture of black sand and the clearest sea. It is especially beautiful here at sunset, when Vouno Mesa is flooded with the light of the setting sun. The village of Perissa itself comes alive in the middle of the summer season. Beach holidays here can be combined with a walk to the ruins of Ancient Fira along the trail.

How to get there: from Fira bus station by bus. Travel time is 30 minutes, but express buses will take you 20 minutes.

Perissa Beach
Perissa Beach in Santorini
Black beach on Santorini
Perissa Beach


Perivolos Beach, located 10 km south of Fira, is the longest beach in Santorini. Its shores are washed by the azure sea, and against this background, black volcanic sand looks especially impressive. The beach is partly organized: due to its size, there are both lively areas with sun loungers, and completely wild ones, for those who value privacy. Near Perivolos, you can dine in coastal taverns, go windsurfing or diving, or go hiking in the surroundings.

How to get there: by taxi from Kamari or by bus from Fira

Perivolos Beach Santorini
Black beach of Santorini
Santorini black sand beach
Perissa beach
Perivolos Beach

Red beach

The landscapes of Santorini's Red Beach are often compared to Martian landscapes. Once here, it is hard to believe that you are on Earth: all around you are only bright red sand, pebbles of the same color and sheer cliffs. This is a small but crowded beach equipped with sun loungers. Its crystal clear waters are ideal for snorkelling.
There is no natural shade and no trees on the Red Beach. Its color attracts the sun's rays, which is why even the water here is a couple of degrees warmer than the average for the island. Therefore, it is recommended to take hats and sunscreen: there may not be enough sun loungers for everyone.

How to get there: first from Fira by bus to the village of Akrotiri, and then transfer to the boat to the Red Beach. You can drive yourself by car, but there is a descent from the parking.

Red beach of Santorini
Red beach on Santorini island
Red and black pebbles of Santorini
Sea on the red beach of Santorini
Red rocks of Santorini
Red Beach

Mesa Pigadia

Mesa Pigadia Beach is located near the Red Beach. It is reliably protected by rocks from waves and wind, so you can safely go snorkeling or kayaking. On the coast, covered with pebbles and sand, there are sun loungers, taverns and cafes. Due to its remoteness from the noisy resorts, Mesa Pigadia is an ideal choice for a leisurely vacation.

How to get there: the most convenient option is by bus to Akrotiri, and from there by boat


Monolithos is one of the most popular Santorini beaches for families. Here you can not only relax under the gentle Greek sun, but also play beach volleyball and football, and there is a playground for children. Monolithos is partially equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers. There are cafes and taverns on the coast.
The beach is covered with black sand and pebbles, the depth increases gradually, which is convenient for families with children. The atmosphere on Monolithos is calm, there are trees that provide shade, and it is not as crowded as other Santorini beaches.

How to get there: by bus from Fira or by taxi from Santorini Airport, which is located 3 km from Monolithos


Vlychada is one of the longest beaches in Santorini, located in the fishing village of the same name in the south of the island. It is covered with dark sand and pebbles, and picturesque white rocks stretch around it, the bizarre shapes of which were "created" by time and wind. There are sun loungers on Vlychada, there are usually few vacationers, so nothing prevents you from enjoying a relaxing pastime. On the shore you can find several bars and cozy family taverns.

How to get there: The most convenient way is by bus from the Fira bus station or by rented car.

Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios beach is the closest neighbor of Vlychada. The distance between them is only 2.5 km. This is another “black” beach of Santorini with a well-developed infrastructure: you can rent a sun lounger, relax in a bar, do water sports and stay overnight in one of the local hotels. The coast is covered with a mixture of pebbles and sand and washed by clear water. Agios Georgios belongs to the lively beaches of the island, where you can not only relax, but also enjoy Greek cuisine in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

How to get there: from Vlychada by taxi in 5 minutes or by car from Fira in 15 minutes.

White Beach (Aspri)

There are plenty of black beaches on Santorini, there is even a red one, and the White Beach, located near Akrotiri and Mesa Pigadia, completes this picture. This is a small stretch of coast, which, despite its modest size, attracts hundreds of visitors to the island. You need to get here as early as possible in order to take a sun lounger and be in time before the arrival of tourists. And yet, crowds here happen only at the peak of the season (July-August), because getting to the White Beach is not so easy.
Aspri beach is covered with large white stones and is surrounded by snow-white rocks that rise close to the water. Photographers especially love it: the pictures are truly impressive.

How to get there: boats run from Akrotiri and the Red Beach for 5 euros. The only way to get here is by sea. Vacationers often visit both beaches on the same day.

Please note that there are no taverns or kiosks on White Beach. Food and water must be taken with you. It is also worth wearing special swimming slippers to move comfortably along the shore.