Sithonia is a peninsula that is best traveled by car. Beautiful beaches cover its entire coast and it is impossible (and not necessary) to choose only one for relaxation. Which beaches of Sithonia should you entrust your vacation with? And in this article we will talk about the most popular.


Vourvourou is one of the best and most famous sandy beaches in Sithonia. It is especially popular among families with children, for whom the developed infrastructure, calm atmosphere and shallow waters are the picture of an ideal holiday. There are many housing options in the area, mostly private houses or villas for rent. Canoes, boats or catamarans can be rented from local water sports centers. 

Beach near Karidi
Lagonisi Peninsula
Lagonisi Peninsula
Lagonisi Peninsula
Beaches of Vourvourou

The coast of Vourvourou is divided into several beaches :

  • Karidi is a mixture of rocks and light sand. The beach is washed by the emerald sea of shallow depth, which grows only 50 meters from the shore. Despite being popular during the high season, Karidi is not equipped: there are no sun loungers and umbrellas;
  • Fava is a picturesque beach covered with a mixture of white sand and light pebbles. The sea is shallow and very clean. The isolation of the beach is its advantage, but you should take a towel, water and everything you need with you: there is no infrastructure on Fava;
  • Lagonisi is an organized beach with fantastic views at the beginning of the Lagonisi Peninsula.

Please note: when relaxing on Vourvourou, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the island of Diaporos to spend time in cozy bays with golden sand.

Diaporos Island
Diaporos Island, Vourvourou

South of Vourvourou there are other interesting beaches:

  • Zografou is a small sand and pebble beach with a campsite surrounded by greenery. It is well developed: there are sun loungers, water activities, cafes;
  • Rodia is a beach protected by rocks on both sides. There are no high waves here, and clean coarse sand, clear sea and good infrastructure have a rest. On Rodia there are sun loungers, a bar and showers.

Location: Vourvourou is located between Ormos Panagias and Sarti, on the east coast of Sithonia. You can get from Thessaloniki by bus, with an individual transfer, or by a rented car. The option with the car is the most convenient, because to take several transfers between the beaches is extremely unprofitable, and the bus can only go to particular settlements. The beaches listed above are not in the settlements and to get there on foot is almost unreal.

Akti Elias

Very close to the village of Nikiti, which is often chosen for holidays in Sithonia, there is a strip of beaches, generally called Akti Elias. Shady pine trees run right up to the beach, and the shoreline is broken in some places by white cliffs. The sand and cleanliness of the water here is beyond praise. Famous beach bars like Mango and Isla are located in this area.

One of the best places is Kalogria beach. It is also divided into a couple of parts: somewhere there are beach bars, somewhere - just a free space for lovers of sunbathing. We recommend the beach bar Moa: small, with stylish music and a pleasant "island" atmosphere.

Moa Beach
Moa Beach Bar
Kalogria beach
Moa Beach, Kalogria


This is one of the most popular beaches on the peninsula. Lagomandra is good for swimming and water sports, including diving. There are large hotels nearby, so the coast has everything for relaxation: sun loungers, taverns, beach bars. The southern side of Lagomandra is more suitable for families with children, where the depth increases more slowly than on the northern part of the beach. Separately, it is worth noting the natural beauty of the beach. A lush pine forest stretches along it, in the shade of which you can hide from the heat.

Please note: Lagomandra is sometimes crowded, but it is famous for beautiful sunsets

Location: Lagomandra is located just 14 km from the famous resort of Nikiti


These beaches are reminiscent of a tropical island paradise. The rocks are intricately shaped, overgrown with greenery and pine trees, between which there are fantastic bays with perfect sand. On these beaches you can swim with children, because the entrance to the sea is shallow. And snorkel around the rocks.

The most popular bays are Paradise Kavourotripes, Mega Portokali and Orange beach. You can choose any of them for a wonderful holiday.

Note that in the peak season there are too many tourists, it can be difficult to find a place in the sun.

Portocali beach
Orange Beach
Portocali Beach
Kavourotripes beach
Paradise Beach
Beaches of Kavourotripes


The spacious beach of Tristinika is attractive for several reasons. It is famous for its landscapes, clear sea and gentle sand. And also the fact that there is a place for everyone here: both lovers of civilization and connoisseurs of secluded relaxation. Tristinika is partly equipped with sun loungers, while the other part remains secluded. The total length is 1.5 km, so even in the high season the beach is conducive to leisurely relaxation. Tristinika has a bar, a tavern, a campsite and a water sports centre.

There's the bay of Destenika nearby, which is possibly even more scenic. There's a beach tucked away, where you'll find scarcely any souls even during peak season. Just need to find the descent :)

Please note: the beach is only partially equipped, there may not be enough sun loungers. Therefore, it is better to take a folding umbrella with you.

Location: on the southern tip of Sithonia, 18 km from the popular resort of Neos Marmaras.

Destenika Bay
Destenika beach
Destenika Beach


Kalamitsi beach is one of those that are little explored by tourists. At any time you can find ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday. At the same time, there is a tavern, a diving center, a canoe and boat rental on the coast. Kalamitsi beach is covered with white sand and is famous for its magnificent views of Mount Athos. In shape, it resembles a horseshoe - the surrounding rocks reliably protect Kalamitsi from waves and winds.

In general, the coast is divided into 3 bays. The most developed is the central one, next to which there is all the infrastructure and hotels. In the village of Kalamitsi, party-goers will be bored, but tourists who are in the mood for a relaxed holiday will appreciate the natural beauties and the local beach.

Please note that there are hiking trails near the beach for walkers and cyclists

Location: South coast of Sithonia, 15 km from Sarti and 14 km from Toroni. If you choose to rent a car, you can explore all the little cozy coves around.

Kalamitsi beach bar Chica
Kalamitsi beach view
Kalamitsi cove
Kalamitsi beach loungers
Kalamitsi waters
Kalamitsi beach

Agios Ioannis

A small but amazingly beautiful beach of Agios Ioannis is a place with a sandy coast, calm sea and untouched nature. Agios Ioannis stretches for a kilometer. and is surrounded by hills covered with greenery, which give a special beauty to this place.

Location : Agios Ioannis is located 4 km from Nikiti and 11 km from Metamorfosi

An interesting fact: there are more than 70 Blue Flag beaches in Halkidiki. Of these, more than 15 are in Sithonia. To receive a high award, the beach must meet 32 criteria, including good ecology, cleanliness of the coast and sea water.


The sandy beach of Platanitsi with clear and calm sea attracts many families with children during the summer months. It is well organized: there are sun loungers, taverns, water sports centers, showers. On the left side of the beach, behind the rocks, there are small isolated bays.

Please note: in high season, the entrance to the beach is paid (about 1.5 euros) for those who plan to spend more than 2 hours here. From the second half of September admission is free

Location: Platanitsi is located on the east coast of Sithonia, 7 km from Sarti

View of Platanitsi Beach
View of Mount Athos from Platanitsi
Waters at the Platanitsi
Platanitsi beach


Toroni is one of the best beaches not only in Sithonia, but in the entire Halkidiki peninsula. In addition, one of the longest: its coastline occupies almost 2 km. Toroni beach is not wide, but covered with golden sand, the bottom is sandy, and the water is clean and calm. The entrance to the sea is smooth, there are no pebbles and large stones.

In addition to the natural beauty, Toroni village is famous for its excellent service. For a comfortable stay on the beach there are sun loungers, shops, beach bars, restaurants, water sports, hotels. Due to the large length of the beach, there are never crowds on Toroni.

An interesting fact: the ruins of an ancient city are hidden under water not far from the shore. They attract lovers of snorkeling and diving, especially since the marine life here is quite interesting.

Location: Toroni is located 20 km from Neos Marmaras. Very close to Tristinica beach. If desired, you can combine visits to two beaches.

Toroni Beach
View of Toroni
Toroni beach near the castle
Beaches of Toroni, view from the castle

Trani Ammoudia

Trani Ammoudia beach can be great for you if you are vacationing with small children. It is very easy to get here and find parking, and there is plenty of room for swimming. A long strip of sand with a gentle entrance to the sea - what could be better for a serene holiday? During the summer months there is a bouncy park for children, taverns and bars.

Trani Ammoudia bouncy park
Trani Ammoudia loungers
Ormos Panagias beach
Trani Ammoudia beach