Traveling around Greece will be even more interesting if you include several destinations in your itinerary. For example, combine a trip to Thessaloniki (one of the largest cities in the country) with a visit to Crete, which has long earned the love of tourists. How to get from Thessaloniki to Crete?

By plane from Thessaloniki to Crete

Air travel is the cheapest and fastest way to get from the northern capital of Greece to sunny Crete. There are several daily flights from Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki to Crete. Travel time is 1 hour 10 minutes . In Crete, planes from Thessaloniki are accepted by:

  • Heraklion airport . Tickets Thessaloniki - Heraklion must be sought from the carriers Ellinair, Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air, Astra Airlines;
  • Chania airport. Tickets Thessaloniki - Chania are available from Ryanair, Aegean Airlines, Ellinair, Sky Express.

Please note: prices are for the period from June to August. In the low season, you can find an option for 25-35 euros. Buying a ticket without the right to carry baggage (only with hand luggage) will also help to reduce the price if the trip to Crete promises to be short

Arriving in Crete, you can take a bus or taxi to the bus stations of Chania and Heraklion. Intercity buses depart from them to all resorts of the island. Or you can book a transfer and immediately go to the desired point.

Ferry from Thessaloniki to Crete

There is no direct connection between the ports of Crete and the port of Thessaloniki. Therefore, you have to get by sea through the Athenian Piraeus :

  • Once a week, Hellenic Seaways serves the direction of Thessaloniki - Piraeus. But this does not happen every year: the route is either added or canceled again;
  • You can get to Piraeus with a transfer. For example, fly from Thessaloniki to Athens or rent a car, drive yourself to Piraeus and take the car with you on the ferry, so as not to worry about renting in Crete.

Ferries follow the route Piraeus - Heraklion and Piraeus - Chania :

  • Mykonos Palace and Knossos Palace by Minoan Lines;
  • Blue Galaxy and El. Venizelos by Anek Superfast.

Ticket price for all ferries - from 38 euros . The cabin will cost 105-115 euros. One place in 2-4-bed cabins - from 45 euros.

Travel time from Piraeus to Heraklion and Chania is 9 hours . If you add to this the road from Thessaloniki to the port of Athens, it turns out that you will have to spend at least 13-16 hours on the road.

Ferries Prevelis from Aegeon Pelagos run on the route Piraeus - Sitia . They depart only once a week, the ticket price is from 44 euros. The ferry spends about 20 hours on the road, and this is not the best travel option.

Ferries are a popular form of transport for tourists in Greece. But for those who want to get from Thessaloniki to Crete, it is better to pay attention to the offers of airlines: this will save both money and precious time. And travel is worth its weight in gold.