The second largest island in Greece is called Evia or Euboea. Olive groves, luxurious vineyards and pine forests cover almost the entire island, and this has affected the tourist infrastructure - only a small part of Euboea is developed in terms of tourism. Nevertheless, there are enough sights on Euboea in Greece, there is something to see and something to be surprised at.

The most visited places on the island of Evia


The terrain with mountain peaks attracts rock climbers with winding paths, and small towns and villages are filled with cozy hotels with comfortable rooms. One of the resorts - Karystos is famous for a wide range of offers for a variety of entertainment: swimming and sunbathing on convenient local beaches, diving, surfing, fishing, water skiing and yachting.

The sights of the island of Evia in the resort of Karystos are, first of all, the ruins of the Castel Rosso fortress and huge stone fragments on Mount Okha, which received the strange name "Dragon House". More than 20 buildings made of solid stone, about 15 meters high, have survived to this day. Who, when, how and why they built it - remains a mystery. According to one version, they were shepherds who grazed goats on the mountain slopes for a long time. According to another, these are places of worship for astronomical and astrological research. The houses served the cult of the ancient Greek Goddess Hera and were connected with the sky. Such unusual sights on Karystos in Euboea are simply called by the locals the dwellings of the dragons.

Karystos, Evia
Karystos, Evia


Tourists who get to know the country through its history will be impressed by the exhibits of numerous museums. The ruins of the times of paganism and mythology, the Venetian and Ottoman periods - the heritage is simply huge and you cannot learn everything in one day. So, in the resort town of Eretria, you can view the temple of Apollo and the ruins of the Acropolis. All this is in the open-air museum. The archaeological museum is one of the largest on the island. It contains the most valuable exhibits that were found in the temple of Apollo. You can visit the institution daily from 8:00 to 16:00, except for Tuesday.

Church of St. John the Russian

Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world and lovers of religious stories are simply obliged to visit the sights of the island of Euboea in Greece, located in the village of Prokopi. Church of St. John the Russian, built in honor of the soldier of the army of Peter the Great, who, even while in captivity, professed Christianity. Everyone who wants to be healed and find peace of mind comes to his relics. The doors of the temple are open to visitors from 8:00 to 17:00.

The miraculous natural wonders of the island of Euboea

Crazy water

The natural miracle is located in the capital of the island - the city of Chalkis. For thousands of years, a unique phenomenon has been observed: the water in the Evripa channel moves in one direction for 6 hours and 8 minutes, and then changes course and moves back. Up to 14 times a day, "standing waves" run through the strait. Even the most prominent scientists have not yet found an explanation for this phenomenon. You can combine it with a view of the majestic Karababa Fortress. You can visit from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 to 15:00. Free admission.

The petrified forest of Kerasia is worthy of the attention of those who are looking for interesting sights on the island of Evia in Greece. An ordinary forest of pines was flooded by volcanic magma and the plants have remained conserved since the time of saber-toothed tigers.

Loutra Edipsou

The island is also famous for its treatment and spa holidays. The thermal springs on the island of Euboea in Greece contain radon in small doses, which is suitable for the treatment of rheumatism, disorders of the cardiovascular system, gynecology and other diseases. According to the legends, in these waters Hercules himself regained his strength and regained his power. The Baths of Hercules and Sulli are located in the city of Edipsos and are visited by hundreds of tourists every year. There are about 80 springs, the water temperature in which is from 28 to 86 degrees Celsius.

Loutra Edipsos
Loutra Oedipsus view
Sea view Evia
Loutra Oedipus sources
Therma Sylla Hotel in Loutra Edipsou
Thermal baths and scenic views in Edipsos


In the Loutra Edipsou area, visit the Lihada Peninsula, famous for its beauty and in particular for the local 'Seychelles'. These are small islets immersed in greenery, with azure waters and sandy beaches. Be sure to take a boat or an excursion locally to swim in these beautiful spots.

On your way to the Seychelles, explore the peninsula. You'll love the scenic views along the way. The Faros Vasilina lighthouse and the traditional village of Lihada deserve special attention.

Euboea is also famous for its wine industry, which is of interest to travelers. A considerable number of vineyards growing at various altitudes from sea level, allows you to produce world-famous wines. The abundance of delicious Greek cuisine in taverns will not leave anyone indifferent, and cozy bars will allow you to relax with a glass of wine. Try and stop in for a tasting at Vriniotis Winery with a wonderful panoramic view.

Lighthouse on Evia
Church on the Lichada Peninsula
Winery in Euboea
Euboea Island
Sights of Lichada, Evia
Sights of Lichada

How to get?

The closest major city is Athens. If you fly into Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, take an individual transfer. Did you see a beautiful cable-stayed bridge on the way? You are arriving on the island! The rest of the trip will depend on your destination, as Evia is a big island. An alternative way to get to the south of the island (like Karistos or Marmari) is to take a ferry from Port Rafina.

To get from Thessaloniki or Volos to Evia, there are three options. For any of them we recommend renting a car, as the island is long and it's impossible to explore without a car. The first is as from Athens, get to the island via a bridge. This option is suitable if you will be vacationing near or to the south of Halkida. The second is to drive to the port of Glifa. From there, a ferry takes you to the tip of Evia in half an hour. The area is one of the most picturesque on the island and is also home to hot springs nearby, at the town of Edipsos. A third option is to take the ferry from the port of Arkitsa, which also takes you to Edipsos.

Ferry Glyfa - Evia
Ferry to Euboea
Bridge to Euboea
Ferry from Glypha and cable-stayed bridge in Chalkida