Corfu is an island that has made more than one generation of travelers fall in love with it. It surprisingly combines history, mild climate, the beauty of beaches and marvelous nature. But the variety of holiday resorts can lead to slight confusion: where is it better to stay in Corfu? Let's take a look at the benefits of different areas.

Sidari: a paradise for romantics

Of course, the whole of Corfu is a magnet for romantics. But the resort town of Sidari stands out in particular. And all because the famous Canal of Love is located here. This is a small stretch of coast lined with impressive cliffs that jut out into the sea. There is a belief in Corfu that if a lonely girl crosses the canal, she will soon find love. And if lovers swim in these waters, their feelings will be strong.

Sidari Beach will delight you with light sand, local taverns with delicious homemade cuisine, and nature with pristine beauty. The resort is famous for its sunsets. And for romantics, there is nothing better than having a picnic on the shore or going on a boat trip to enjoy the views of the sunset sky.

Please note that apart from the Canal of Love, which can be crowded, there are many other (yet quiet) bays in Sidari.

Agios Georgios Pagon and Lacones: for trekking fans

For those who, even on vacation, do not want to give up physical activity, it makes sense to stay in the villages, as if created for trekking. For example, in Agios Georgios Pagon, a resort town located in the bay. From the nearest hills, a breathtaking view of the very bay and rocks covered with cypresses opens up.

Another option is Lacones. It is a traditional village with colorful houses and many hiking trails. One of the roads is an old one, paved with cobblestones, which passes through the gorge and olive groves. Lakones is located in the mountains, very close to Paleokastritsa. From a height, views of the sea and the neighboring resort open.

Gouvia and Benitses: close to the capital

If you want to combine a beach holiday with an educational one, the best way out is to choose a resort near the capital of Corfu, Kerkyra. For example, Gouvia is a city 10 km from the capital. People with a variety of needs rest here: there are families and young people, for whom numerous clubs and bars work in Gouvia.

Vacationers with children appreciate Gouvia for the beach with a gentle entrance to the sea. Well, lovers of excursions really like the town because of its proximity to Kerkyra. It can be reached by bus in just 15 minutes.

Benitses is another nearby resort. Moreover, halfway to the capital is the Achillion Palace - one of the most significant attractions of Corfu. Benitses will appeal to lovers of a relaxing holiday without parties and fuss. And the beach, awarded the Blue Flag, is another weighty argument in favor of the resort.

Kavos: if you want fun

The resort town of Kavos is known as the center of Corfu's rampant partying. During the day, an excellent beach holiday awaits here: beach bars and water sports centers work on the sandy coast. And after sunset, Kavos is transforming. Clubs and bars are filled with visitors, performances of the best European DJs are held during the season.

All establishments are concentrated on the main street of Kavos, which stretches along the coast. Therefore, until late at night, you can visit as many bars as you like here.

When you want everything at once

Anyone who is not going to be limited to one resort in Corfu will also be right. After all, this island is so different and many-sided. You can rent a car and see everything:

  • West of Corfu: This part of the island has some of the best beaches, most of which are sandy. Amazing sunsets will be a bonus.
  • North Corfu: here is Pantokrator - the highest mountain of the island. The landscapes of northern Corfu are covered with lush greenery, there are many picturesque bays. And from the northeast, views of the coast of Albania open up.
  • South Corfu: an area that started to develop before others, during the tourist boom of the 1960s. Here are the largest and most developed resorts, but there are also little-known places.
  • East of Corfu: an area with small cozy villages and a calm sea. Due to the absence of strong waves, the sea is always a few degrees warmer than in other parts of Corfu.

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