Pieria is a picturesque area in the southern part of Central Macedonia. It has earned the love of tourists due to its combination of natural beauty, legendary sights and long beaches. From well-maintained resorts, the legendary Dion and Olympus are within easy reach. What to do while on holiday in Pieria?

Visit the ruins of ancient Dion

Pieria is rich in historical monuments. One of the main ones is the archaeological complex of Dion, the religious and cultural center of Ancient Macedonia. Excavations began here in the late 1920s. But only in recent years have tourists begun to show a keen interest in the heritage of Dion. From the remaining objects, one can easily imagine the life of the city in the distant past. In Dion, the foundations of public buildings, baths, temples and houses, streets, the remains of once luxurious villas with mosaics have been preserved. There is also the Archaeological Museum with finds, including ancient coins, sculptures and ceramics.

Dion is named after the supreme deity of the ancient Greeks - Zeus. This is his middle name.

Ancient Dion
Baths in Dion, Pieria
Sanctuaries in Dion
Amphitheater in Dion
Excavations at Dion

Visit Platamonas Fortress

On the border of Macedonia and the region of Thessaly is the majestic fortress of Platamonas. This strategic place was built by the crusaders for defensive purposes - they erected Platamonas in the 10th century. The fortress was perfectly preserved, despite the conquest by the Turks and German bombardments. The main reason to climb to the top of the hill is the amazing views. From this point, the surroundings are perfectly visible: the mountain ranges of Olympus, the emerald sea, the outlines of the city of Thessaloniki. The second reason is historical monuments. Within its walls, Platamonas has preserved the early Hellenistic walls, dwelling houses and a church from the 10th century, as well as a later temple erected in the 18th century.

Platamonas Fortress
Platamonas Olympus Fortress
Platamonas fortress view
Platamonas Fortress

Relax on the coast

Golden sand, a combination of mountainous landscapes and a long coastline - Pieria offers one of the best conditions for a summer holiday in mainland Greece. There are more than 15 beaches, the length of which is 70 km. In Northern Pieria, it is worth spending time on the beaches of Methoni, Makryialos and Alykes Kitros. The latter is also famous for its healing mud. In the south of Pieria, the beaches of Leptokaria, Panteleimonas and Gritsa await. The most visited are the beaches of Central Pieria, where Olympiaki Akti and lively Paralia Katerinis are located with numerous bars, clubs, hotels and shops.

See the legendary Olympus and mountain villages

Since ancient times, poets, writers and artists have tirelessly admired the beauty of Mount Olympus, the grandeur of this mountain range. In mythology, Olympus was revered as the home of the gods. Today it is a National Park with amazing landscapes and strong energy. On Olympus there is a tourist center with the necessary information on routes, equipped shelters for recreation and signs. Another option to see Olympus is to get to the observation places on your own by car or as part of an excursion. Impressive views of the mountain peaks and the sea will open from the height.

One of the most popular activities is climbing one of the peaks of the legendary Olympus.

All roads of travelers on Olympus lead to cozy mountain villages. The most famous of them is Litochoro, from which hiking trails start. Here you can dine, stay at a hotel, stroll through the old part of the village and see the ancient houses in the Macedonian style.

Litohoro from a drone
Litochoro Olympus
Church in Litochoro
Picturesque Litochoro

Get to know the local cuisine

The gastronomy of Pieria is no less rich than its history. Here is the wine-growing region of Rapsani, whose wines are called "Olympic nectar". Local pastries are also famous - various types of filo pastry pies are popular in Pieria. As a filling, a mixture of cheese and spinach, minced meat, rice and pears are used. On the tables of the locals are Pontic kavurma, sausages, black pork with a regional delicacy - truffle oil, an abundance of seafood and dozens of types of cheeses.