The Ionian archipelago is the greenest islands of Greece and in the past a favorite vacation spot for aristocrats. Located at the crossroads of civilizations, they absorbed the architectural and cultural features of different peoples. And the cuisine of the Ionian Islands is no exception: local dishes combine Greek, Venetian and Italian traditions. What is worth trying on the largest islands - Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Corfu?

Cuisine of Zakynthos

The cuisine of Zakynthos is no less famous than its azure bays and lively resorts. It is worth trying the local dish kordostubi. It is made from eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes and carrots. All ingredients are placed in a saucepan, not forgetting a generous amount of olive oil. Skordostubi is seasoned with vinegar, paprika and garlic. In the taverns of Zakynthos, the dish is often served topped with local ladothiri or feta cheese.

Another vegetable dish is oven-roasted butridia. This stew is made from seasonal vegetables, but zucchini, beets and beans are always present in the main recipe. Also popular in Zakynthos is the sofigadura dish of cauliflower, wine vinegar and tomatoes. For dessert, the traditional freegania delicacy of biscuit and cream layers is served here. The secret to this delicious dessert is the sweet cinnamon syrup and almond and ground walnut garnish.

Cuisine of Kefalonia

Kefalonia has given Greek cuisine many delicious specialties. Throughout Greece, the Kefalonia meat pie creatopita is loved and known, in which, in addition to meat, fragrant spices and tomato-wine sauce are added. Cerepa chicken is distinguished by its amazing taste - the dish got its name from the traditional vessel in which the chicken is marinated all night in a mixture of oregano, olive oil and garlic. The next day, potatoes, tomato sauce, a little wine and lemon juice are added to the cerepa.

On the table, the Kefallonians always have reganada - an appetizer of tomatoes, white bread and cheese, somewhat reminiscent of the Cretan dakos. Vegetarians will like tsigaridia, a stew of greens and herbs with rice and spices, as well as zucnidopita pie made from filo dough and nettles. From drinks in Kefalonia it is better to choose local wines. The Robola variety is widely known - this dry white wine is produced only on the island.

Corfu cuisine

Corfu is a favorite gourmet island. The local cuisine is rich in dishes that are mostly found only here. Corfu is unique in that its entire history is inextricably linked with gastronomy: much is borrowed from the British and Italians. From the Venetians, Corfu got a recipe for burdeto - fish in tomato sauce. Most often, they take scorpion fish, which is cooked for half an hour in a mixture of tomato paste, hot peppers and onions. Burdeto is usually served with potatoes or rice.

Pastitsada is associated with Corfu - beef or veal with pasta and spicy sauce. Sometimes white wine is added to the sauce and kefalotiri cheese is sprinkled on pastitsada. Another popular dish, sofrito, takes its name from the Italian "fritto" meaning fried. Thinly sliced veal fried with garlic in hot oil, served with mashed potatoes or rice.

Corfu is famous for its drinks. Here you can try jijibirra ginger beer - this is the hallmark of the island. Beer began to be produced during the presence of the British in Corfu. Lemon juice gives it a refreshing taste. Don't forget the kumquat liqueur. Corfu also produces jams and marmalade from kumquats. As a dessert, the island offers mandola sweets - almonds with various additives: limoncello, sesame, cocoa. Nougat has been produced in Corfu since ancient times. The assortment is impressive: with chocolate, kumquat, rose, figs, nuts, lemon.