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Thousands of tourists who plan to spend their holidays in Greece are looking forward to news about the fate of the summer season. They have something to please: relaxations in the quarantine regime will begin in May. This means that the situation with the coronavirus in Greece allows us to make favorable forecasts.

Greece's exit from quarantine

In March, restrictions on entry into Greece began to operate due to the coronavirus. On Tuesday, April 28, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a gradual exit from quarantine. The easing of restrictions will begin on May 4 and will take place in several stages. Greeks will be able to move freely within their prefecture without prior permission, and small retail shops, hairdressers and churches will reopen.
Schools will open in mid-May, free movement across the country will open on May 18, and shopping centers and department stores will open on June 1. Restaurants will be allowed to receive guests outdoors, domestic flights will be restored, and hotels, which usually work all year round, will open. But all summer festivals are likely to be canceled.

The entry ban will be lifted in the summer

The other day, the Greek Ministry of Tourism announced: foreign tourists will be allowed into the country in July . Thus, in 2020 the summer season will last 3 months. But not everyone will get permission to enter. The plans include opening borders for citizens of certain countries.
Who and when will be allowed into Greece is still to be approved by the country's government. The option is being considered that a tourist will need to have a “health passport” confirming a negative test result for coronavirus. But this idea has already caused a flurry of criticism as ineffective.
By the way, to date, 2.5 thousand cases of COVID-19 and 138 deaths have been registered in Greece. And this figure is much lower than in other EU countries. The Greek Prime Minister said: “Today we can say with confidence that the measures we have taken have paid off in full. Within a few days, new cases of coronavirus are extremely rare.”
The Ministry of Health added: “Tourists need to be sure that Greece is safe. Our task is to maintain the excellent performance of the country in the fight against coronavirus.”

The news about the lifting of restrictions in Greece certainly gave fans of the sea, sun and history hope for the opening of the season soon. And there is no doubt that the long-awaited summer 2020 will be memorable.