There are several ports on the island of Crete. The busiest of them, the ports of Heraklion and Chania, connect Crete with mainland Greece and other islands of the country with daily traffic. For those who crave new experiences, this is a unique opportunity to discover other destinations. Where can you go from Crete by ferry?


Athens is the cradle of European civilization, a city that combines a glorious past and the active life of a metropolis. It is impossible to visit Greece and not see the capital - this is what many guests of Crete think, who did not miss the opportunity to get to Athens by sea. There is a regular ferry service between the island and the capital. From the ports of Chania and Heraklion, ferries depart for the Athenian Piraeus. Usually the departure takes place in the evening, around 21:00.

Travel time from Crete to Athens: 6-9 hours
Ticket price: 30-60 euros one way
Things to do in Athens: visiting the Acropolis and its monuments is a must! And then - take a walk along Plaka, find unusual souvenirs at the Monastiraki flea market and linger near the Roman Agora, which is rich in architectural treasures


The ferry ride to Santorini is the most requested excursion in Crete. Whether it is an independent trip or organized by a tour operator. Everyone dreams of seeing Santorini with its blue and white houses, breathtaking panoramas and sunsets, relaxing on its exotic beaches. And the dream can be realized by taking the ferry to the port of Fira. To make your acquaintance with Santorini truly memorable, local companies offer boat trips along the coast with visits to remote bays. And diving enthusiasts can dive to the caldera and see the bizarre lava formations hidden under water.

Travel time from Crete to Santorini: 2-6 hours.
Ticket price: 30-70 euros one way
Things to do in Santorini: spend time in the cities of Oia and Fira, visit the excavations of ancient Akrotiri, sunbathe on the beaches with red and black sand, and pass the evening in a restaurant overlooking the caldera and sunset


Anafi is one of the islands of the Cyclades archipelago. With its architecture, it resembles Santorini, but with a more relaxed atmosphere without crowds of tourists. Anafi is ideal for secluded beaches, most of which are wild. The population of the island does not exceed 300 people, while it has great potential to attract tourists. Ferries to Anafi arrive at Agios Nikolaos, the island's only port. Above it, on the slopes of a picturesque hill, is the capital - Hora. From a height, views of most of Anafi and the sea open up.

Travel time from Crete to Anafi: 4 hours
Ticket price: from 20 euros one way
What to do on Anafi: visit one of the most famous monasteries of the Cyclades - Zoodohos Pigi, walk along Chora with white houses, ancient churches and the ruins of a Venetian fortress, and then go to the Kastelli hill, where the ruins of the ancient Dorian city still lie


Andros is one of the largest, most beautiful and greenest islands of the Cyclades. Its landscapes impress with their diversity: canyons and gorges give way to vineyards, olive groves and lemon gardens. It is an island of pristine beaches, traditional villages and many historical monuments. Andros is the place where you can relax in silence, but have a developed infrastructure at hand.

Travel time from Crete to Andros: 10 hours
Ticket price: from 55 euros one way
Things to do on Andros: visit the ruins of the ancient city of Paleopolis and the fortress of Faneromeni, go for a walk along the paths leading past the springs of Dionysus, and then to the settlement of Zagori, where the most significant ruins of the geometric period in Greece have been preserved


Karpathos is not yet covered by mass tourism, but it has an incredible attraction. Its beauty lies in secluded bays, majestic mountains and traditions carried through the centuries. Here, in the village of Olympos, locals still walk around in national clothes, celebrate folklore holidays and show hospitality to anyone who decides to join the folk festivals.

Travel time from Crete to Karpathos: 8 hours
Ticket price: from 20 euros
What to do on Karpathos: touch the color of the island in the village of Olympos, visit the Acropolis of Arkassa, which has preserved ruins from ancient to Venetian times, visit the site of the large ancient settlement of Potideon and the village of Ofos, where the folklore museum operates


The fame of Milos has long spread beyond the borders of Greece thanks to the statue of Venus de Milo, found off the coast of a volcanic island in the early 19th century. And Milos became famous as one of the first inhabited islands in the Cyclades. Unusual (as if lunar) landscapes of Sarakiniko beach, numerous caves where pirates used to hide, and architectural monuments of different eras await on the island.

Travel time from Crete to Milos: 9 hours.
Ticket price: from 25 euros
Things to do in Milos: visit the illuminated ancient catacombs, the ruins of a Venetian fortress and the amphitheater, which hosts cultural events in summer


Mykonos needs no introduction. This is one of the European capitals for lovers of unbridled parties. But above all, the island is famous for its excellent beaches, architecture and some of the best restaurants in Greece. Perhaps this helped Mykonos earn the love of all categories of tourists: from Hollywood stars and Greek bohemia to noisy youth companies and families with children. Mykonos is also an amazingly photogenic place. No wonder its views are recognizable even among those who have not rested on the island.

Travel time from Crete to Mykonos: 4 hours
Ticket price: 55-85 euros
Things to do in Mykonos: dine in a restaurant overlooking the sunset and Little Venice in Chora, take pictures against the backdrop of the symbol of Mykonos - white windmills, visit the monastery of Panagia Tourliani of 1542 and go to the neighboring island of Delos - an open-air museum


Rhodes is often referred to as "a miniature version of all of Greece". The island really has everything that the Greek land is rich in: Orthodox shrines, medieval monuments, ancient cities, heavenly beaches, cosmopolitan resorts and cozy mountain villages where you can forget about the fuss. In addition to this, Rhodes will please all lovers of nightlife with a large selection of clubs. It will not disappoint families with children, for whom the island has an amusement park, a water park and an ostrich farm with a mini-zoo.

Travel time from Crete to Rhodes: 14 hours.
Ticket price: from 29 euros
Things to do in Rhodes: stroll through Old Rhodes to see the Street of the Knights and the impressive Palace of the Grand Master, visit the Acropolis of Lindos, spend a couple of hours in the picturesque Valley of the Butterflies and relax on the best beaches of the island (Faliraki, Kalithea, Prasonisi, Anthony Quinn Bay)


Naxos is an island whose beauty Byron himself admired. Known for its marble quarrying and the white houses typical of the Cyclades, Naxos has not yet entered the list of the most touristic places in Greece. The island is ideal for leisurely relaxation and sightseeing, of which there are many. In addition, Naxos attracts with a 100-kilometer coastal line. Its beaches are clean and safe, there are equipped and completely wild, but this makes them even more charming. The most beautiful beach is Plaka, covered with light sand.

Travel time from Crete to Naxos : 3.5 hours.
Ticket price: from 77 euros
Things to do on Naxos: see the symbol of the capital of the island - the arch of Portara (the gate of the ancient temple of Apollo), visit the medieval fortress of Naxos and go to the mountain village of Apiranthos, whose inhabitants speak a dialect close to Cretan.