There are many resorts and villages on the island of Kos where you can stay for a holiday. But only the capital, the city of Kos, combines everything you need: historical monuments, beaches, shops for every taste and an active nightlife. Where to go in the city of Kos?

Attractions and events

The number of historical monuments of Kos can be envied by any other capital of the Greek islands. Fans of walks along the picturesque streets and independent excursions will definitely be impressed by what they see. All the sights of Kos can be conditionally divided into ancient, Turkish, Roman and Byzantine - the history of the island was so rich. Worth a visit:

  • Asklepion with the ruins of sanctuaries, the Doric temple of Asclepius and the columns of the temple of Apollo;
  • Turkish mosques, which undoubtedly give the city a special flavor;
  • Ancient Agora with the ruins of the stadium, streets, buildings and shrines;
  • Nerandzia Fortress, built in the 14th century by the Knights Hospitaller on the site of a former Byzantine fortress;
  • Tree of Hippocrates - under it, according to local legends, the father of medicine taught his students;
  • Archaeological Museum, which stores finds from the Agora, from Asklepion and all corners of Kos;
  • Ancient Sanctuary of Dionysus, located near the Agora;
  • Roman Odeon, which for the Romans performed the same functions as the famous Colosseum. Although the Odeon has been restored, the first nine rows are original, made of marble. They were usually occupied by representatives of the noble strata of society;
  • A Roman villa not to be missed for its well-preserved frescoes and mosaics. The luxurious mansion was built on the ruins of the Hellenistic period.

The city is notable for its rich cultural life. In the summer, you can visit the events of the Hippocratia festival here. It is held in honor of Hippocrates, the most famous native of Kos. The festival includes an interesting program from which it is easy to choose an event to your liking: classical music concerts, theatrical performances, photo exhibitions, poetry evenings, traditional music concerts, basketball tournaments, film screenings, folklore performances and even yacht races. The festival captures both local residents and guests of Kos.

Please note: the Hippocratia festival is held for 3 months - from the beginning of June to the end of August


Although the city beach of Kos is narrow, in the summer there are many who want to swim. It is covered with pebbles, but the sea always remains clean. The beach is well organized: there are umbrellas and sun loungers, there are hotels, shops, taverns nearby. If the city beach seems too crowded, you can take a taxi and in 5 minutes you will be on the organized beach Psalidi. It is located just 3 km from the capital of Kos. For active tourists there are water activities, and for gourmets there are coastal taverns where you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine. Part of the long Psalidi is considered a small beach Ramira Beach. Here, among other things, there is a volleyball court.

Please note that there are other beaches within a short drive from the center of Kos. For example, Lambi (4 km), Tigaki (11 km), Agios Fokas (8 km)

The shops

Shopping lovers in Kos should go first to the Agora market. It is located near Eleftherias Square. The locals themselves shop here, who come to the market for fresh fruits and vegetables. But tourists on the Agora also have something to buy: they stock up on farm honey, handmade olive soap, oil and traditional drinks.

You won’t have to search souvenirs in Kos for a long time: the central streets of the city are filled with shops. It is worth looking into those that offer dishes made of olive wood, a durable and environmentally friendly material that has been used by artisans of Kos since ancient times. There are many jewelry boutiques and shops selling textiles in Kos: embroidery, clothes, napkins, tablecloths.

Night life

The town of Kos is known for its vibrant nightlife. After sunset, numerous clubs, pubs and bars open their doors. Most are concentrated near the embankment, on the streets of Bless and Nafkliru (in Kos this area is called the "street of bars"). Even after midnight, they are filled with vacationers and attract those who prefer noisy parties to sleep.

An alternative to parties is Greek Nights, which are held in traditional taverns. Here you can not only taste national dishes and drinks, but also listen to Greek music. There are also unusual establishments in Kos: for example, a Mexican pub and Hammam Bar, which operates in a historic building from Turkish times. Drinks and snacks can be enjoyed at the bars in the central Eleftherias Square. There is also a large selection of meze accompanied by ouzo.

Please note: it is never too late to have fun in Kos. Many establishments are open until 6 am

How to get to Kos town

The international airport is located 25 km from the capital. During the summer season, it accepts charters from various European countries. All year round it is connected by direct flights to Athens and Thessaloniki. There is a shuttle bus from the airport to Kos town centre. You can get there in 30 minutes. The alternative is by sea. The port of Kos receives ferries from Athens, Rhodes and many other cities in Greece.