Are you fond of history and would rather visit traditional township than a crowded resort? Then it would be interesting for you to get acquainted with a traditional fishing village Nea Fokea — one of a few places in Kassandra that is not quite crowded because of the mass tourism in summer. 

Do you like history and Mediterranean cuisine? In the fishing village of Nea Fokea you will find a couple of traditional taverns where you will enjoy not only delicious seafood but a wonderful seascape as well. 

Nea Fokea is quite a small fishing village. It is located almost in the middle of the eastern coast of Kassandra. It is recognizable due to the high tower of medieval times, which is rising above the sea like a stone giant that protects the Halkidiki inhabitants from misfortunes.

The village is remarkable for this tower first of all, as well as for its picturesque views of the waterfront. It is not a resort; this place is rather suitable for short one-day visits. It is worth visiting for sightseeing and of course, for tasting delicious seafood of the local fishermen catch.

How to get

Nea Fokea is located 80 kilometers from Thessaloniki — one of the largest seaport cities of Greece. It is possible to reach Nea Fokea from the airport by a regular bus. But it is not as simple as it seems to be. There are no straight routes to the village and you will have to change transport several times. The travel will cost about 12 euros per person. 

Do you have a lot of luggage? Then it would be better to rent a car or to book a transfer. That is much more convenient way for a traveler, which allows not to wait for a bus or to care about the luggage. 

What to see?

Despite the ancient history of many modern settlements of Kassandra, there are not many sights to see here. But Nea Fokea is a pleasant exception to this rule. The village has a centuries-old history and everyone can give a touch to it. 

The main Nea Fokea attraction can be seen from afar — it is an ancient Byzantine tower dating back to the XV century, which rises over the sea. Right below it there is a Church of 12 Apostles where you can light candles to icons and pray. It is here where the most of the travelers come. 

What to explore

  • The mentioned Byzantine tower and the Church of 12 Apostles;
  • The central square with the church of St. Nikolas and the monument to the immigrants from the Asia Minor;
  • The cave of Apostle Paul with a small St. Paul’s church and a holy spring.

With the latter an unusual rite is connected. When the believers come here to pray for the healing of their body and souls’ ailments, they leave their underwear in the cave. That is why if you see the underwear items hanging over the walls, do not be surprised or scared.

What to do?

In Nea Fokea travelers will find a small sandy beach with rocky sea bottom. The same as in the entire Toroneos Gulf, the sea is calm here and usually there are no waves. On the coast there is a small beach bar “Africa Vavel” where you can have a rest and swim.

For those who decide to spend their vacation in the village, we can recommend some interesting excursions with a departure from Nea Fokea.

Where to stay?

The population of the village is not large — just about 1500 people. In summer, this number slightly increases owing to the guests who come here. As Nea Fokea is rather a fishing village than a resort, there are not many variants of accommodation here. There are no hotels in this place, so if you finally decide to stay here, the only available variant for staying will be the apartments for rent. However, manage your expectations. 

What to taste?

The village will delight guests with a couple of traditional taverns with a seascape. What should you taste in Nea Fokea? Of course, the seafood. Local fishermen supply shops and restaurants with fresh fish catches every day, so you may be sure of the quality of dishes. For a good lunch you may choose a fish restaurant on the waterfront where you can enjoy the marine view and taste the delicious seafood.

Those who prefer coffee or cocktails should take a look to Thokos Cafe bar. It is located on the hill, not far from the Byzantine tower, and offers an excellent view of the village and of the sea.

And if you would like to try some unusual variants of the traditional cuisine, it would be worth to visit Massalia Restaurant, which is situated on the central square of the village. This is a very popular place for connoisseurs of gourmet flavors. We recommend trying the smoked eel with bacon, lavraki tartare, fried tuna and mussels achnista.

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy fresh fish. Wet fish that was caught just a couple of hours before your visit — it tastes really wonderful! Having returned home, you will sadly remember that you missed the opportunity to taste something. In a small local port several fishermen sell seafood right from their boats.

Useful info

  • Don’tt spend all the vacation in Nea Fokaia. It is better to come here for one day in order to explore the local attractions and to have a delicious lunch.
  • For a beach rest it would be better to find another place — here the sea is clean as well as in any place of Halkidiki, but Kassandra may boast much more luxurious beaches than the coast of Nea Fokaia is.