Though Rhodes is smaller than Crete, it is still called the “pearl of the Mediterranean”. This is a very picturesque and fertile area.

What do we know about this island? Rhodes is the fourth largest island in Greece, with sunny and warm weather almost all year round. The minimum temperature that has ever been recorded is only three degrees below zero. In summer, there is no suffocating heat, because a fresh breeze is constantly blowing from the sea.

All and everyone will feel comfortable in Rhodes:

  • those who seek solitude will find calm and peace in a small village where time seems to have stopped;
  • those who are looking for a vibrant nightlife will be able to dance the night away in local bars and clubs;
  • those who are on holiday with children will be able to relax by the sea;
  • those who love surfing and other extreme sports can get the adrenaline going on one of the island's capes;
  • those who love cosplay and the Middle Ages will be able to travel several centuries back at the festival;
  • those who look for harmony with nature will find their zen among pine forests and crystal springs.


There are so many legends about this place that sometimes all of this seems to have somehow existed.

One of the popular myths is the one about the creation of the island. After defeating the enemy, Zeus decided to distribute the land to all the gods who participated in the battle. Each of the gods of Olympus who were present received their own territory. But the sun god Helios was not among them. No one even thought about him. When Helios came to ask about it, Zeus simply threw up his hands and said that there was no free land left. Then Helios asked if it was possible to take the land that would appear from the depths of the sea. Zeus nodded — he did not know that at that time a wondrous island appeared at the junction of two seas.

Thus, it is believed that the first settlers of the island were mystical wizards Telchines. They not only knew how to do magic, but they were also very good with a hammer and anvil. They created the trident for Poseidon. But it so happened that the heirs of Helios and Poseidon expelled the wizards from the island. Those sent a curse in retaliation, with the help of which no ruler could rule this place for a long time. Various peoples lived here: the Carians, Phoenicians, and Achaeans. Before the Dorians arrived, who are considered to be the founders of the capital, Mycenaean Greeks used to live here. The ancient city in the form of an amphitheatre was located on the slope of a hill facing the sea. At the top of the hill, presumably the Acropolis was situated with the temple of Athena of Kamir and Zeus the Perfect. The settlement itself was located below and consisted of a parallel network of streets and residential blocks. On the lower level, there was the temple of Apollo of Pythia, the Agora, the fountain pavilion and the public Roman baths.

It was the leader Dorieus who decided to found the capital of the island and issued a decree on the construction of infrastructure, temples and other public buildings.

The quiet and peaceful period in the history of Rhodes island continued until 305 B.C. Right at this time, the son of Antigonus, Demetrius decided to lay siege to the island. For a year, he tried unsuccessfully to enter the city, but the stone walls did not give up under the pressure of the catapults. The warlord went home without even taking them with him. The enterprising locals quickly figured out what was what. They sold military vehicles and weapons of the enemy and received funds for the construction of the Colossus of Rhodes — the seventh wonder of the world.

There are a lot of opinions in the scientific community about what the statue looked like and where it was installed. The first version is that it was located in the city centre. It is believed that a monument in the form of a young man in a chiton and with a laurel wreath on his head was erected on one of the central streets. But this version is not very popular, because building a huge monument with the height of a ten-storey house on a street where most of the houses were two-storey would be a real crime against the foundations of urban planning. The Greeks are considered to be masters of proportions and creating harmonious public spaces, and that was why they could not do so.

Another version is a monument in the sea. According to this version, the Colossus can be considered to be the forefather of the Statue of Independence in the United States. But in this case, there are even more questions. How did the Greeks manage to build such a complex structure in the sea, which is a task of increased complexity even in the 21st century with the use of modern technology? And what happened to the remains that were dumped into the sea as a result of the earthquake? The local population firmly believe that the first mayor of the settlement was the legendary hero Hercules, who successfully ruled the people between his labours.
One of definitely proven Rhode island facts is that people had already known about the water supply 2500 years ago. In the city of Kamiros, archaeologists have found a well-preserved sewer system that had been serving all residential houses of citizens.

How to get

There are several ways to get to Rhodes. The first one is by ferry, which often runs from Turkish resort cities (Bodrum, Marmaris) to Rhodes. Despite the fact that it is cheaper than flying by plane, this travel method will also be expensive (compared to other ferry routes).

The easiest way to get to Rhodes island in Greece is by plane. “Diagoras” international airport is located on the island.

What to see?

Old city of Rhodes

If you have not visited this main attraction of Rhodes, which is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list, you can be sure that you have not seen anything. 

The Old city is divided into several parts:

  • kollakio — it is built up with buildings that served as a kind of headquarters of the knights Hospitallers (for example, the Palace of the Grand Masters);
  • chora, which is built up with religious buildings. In this place, ancient churches are situated close to the ruins of an early Christian basilica and mosques with minarets.

The Old city is surrounded by an unassailable fortress, which you can walk around for a fee.

Note: there is an amphitheater on the western side of the wall, where scenes from ancient life adapted from ancient Greek tragedians are constantly played out. The schedule of performances can be found on information stands and lampposts.

On the sea side, the Old city is surrounded by 3 harbours — Acadia, Commercial and Mandraki. The latter is a very popular place for walking along the sea coast. On both sides of the entrance to the harbour statues of deer are placed on plinths-columns — a male and a female ones. It is believed that many centuries ago in the place of these animals were the feet of a huge statue of the God Helios (Colossus of Rhodes) — the patron Saint of Rhodes.

Ancient Lindos

This place is considered to be one of the main must-visit places in Rhodes. In this village, the ruins of the ancient era harmoniously coexist with modern buildings in a remarkable manner. It is this place that can be considered the birthplace of Maritime law. The local residents, who were mainly seamen, made up the set of customs of Maritime law many centuries ago — the “Rhodes law”. Even local houses, which are called captain's ones, represent this past. Consider that the number of nodes drawn around the doorways indicated the number of vessels the owner of the house had at that time.

The main attraction of Lindos is the Acropolis, which locals consider to be the second most important in Greece (after the one in Athens).

Lindos is also famous for the fact that Apostle Paul landed in the bay near the city in 57, when he was on his way to Jerusalem. He was preaching a new faith, converting more and more pagans along his way. This bay is now named after him. There is also a same-name chapel next to it. It is visited by people in love from all over Greece who want to start a family.

Benito Mussolini's Villa

This place will catch fancy of thrill seekers. It is noteworthy that the leader of the Italian fascist movement had never even been here. The villa, named after him (another name is Villa de Vecchi), is located among pines and firs on one of the peaks of the Profitis Ilias mountain range. It was built in 1912 after Italy had occupied Rhodes — it got the island as a trophy during the Italo-Turkish war. It was planned that the Italian leader Benito Mussolini would rest here in summertime. But in fact it was the mansion of the Italian governor Cesare Mario de Vecchi. The villa was abandoned for many years. You can walk through the abandoned halls and enjoy the beautiful view from the balcony. It is whispered that sometimes at night you can hear the soft sound of piano playing and footsteps in this mansion. Now the villa is being put up for the privatization of state property’ auction.

Petaloudes valley (The Butterfly Valley)

Due to the nature features, this valley has become a real home for butterflies (mainly the woolly bear family), which get off the summer heat to the coolness of the valley.

Kallithea baths

This place has been known since ancient times as a resort with healing springs. In 1929, the Italians opened a clinic here. Since then, every year many travelers stop here to improve their health and relax on the well-kept sandy beach.

Mount Filerimos

This mountain is not very high — up to 300 m; it was named after the monk who brought here the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. The church where it was once kept (now a copy is here) was able to reconcile Catholics and Orthodox by giving each group a half of the church. Now only the Orthodox part is functioning. Despite the fact that the miracle-working icon is no longer kept here, you can see many toys and offerings from grateful believers near the copy. It is believed that the icon helps to cure infertility. The monks who once lived here paved the “Way to Golgotha” to the temple — a segment of the road that recreates the biblical path.

There is a small shop next to the temple where you can buy liqueur with local herbs according to the recipes of the priests.

Tsambika Monastery

This beautiful monastery is located near the village of Archangelos. Every year, on September 8, childless couples come to it to pray for a child, since it is on this day that the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is brought here.

The villages of Rhodes

There are many small villages on the island, where the inhabitants lead a slow and measured life. To experience it yourself go to the village Koskinou. Wander among the colourful houses, visit the Daily life museum and have lunch at the family restaurant Ankirovoli.

We also recommend that you visit Salakos. This village is lost among fig trees and springs. Here you can taste the right chureki, which the locals bake in real wood-burning stoves, and buy a souvenir made of wood.

What to do?

Active recreation

Active holiday in Rhodes is diverse. The first thing to do is to swim in the sea. The resort boasts a huge number of beaches, including:

  • Faliraki Beach is one of the most popular beaches, located 10 km from the capital of the island. The best 5-star hotels in the all-inclusive system are located along the coastline.
  • Afandou, Vlicha, Tsambika are clean sandy beaches that suit well for holidays with young children. Here you can rent beach hammocks and umbrellas for the whole day.
  • Anthony Quinn Beach — actor Anthony Quinn, who gave Greece the Sirtaki dance, loved to relax in this bay. The water in the bay is always warm, because there are no currents, and the rocks protect the beach from the winds. There is a legend that it was on this beach that the actor thought up how to get out of the problem properly. A couple of days before the filming, he broke his arm, and therefore could not actively move. According to the script, he was supposed to dance. The man invented his own dance, which assumed a minimum of activity of the upper part of the body. The directors subsequently put appropriate music on the dance, which delighted the Greeks. It should be mentioned that the bay is not named as a token of gratitude to the actor who made a significant contribution to the culture of Greece. This bay really belonged to him for a certain time. It was given him as a gift for his role in the movie “The guns of Navarone”, but the deal was later declared illegal, and the bay was returned to state ownership.
  • Saint Paul's Bay is the best beach for weddings. It consists of two small private beaches with beautiful views of Lindos’ Acropolis.
  • Prasonisi is a beach that separates the Aegean sea from the Mediterranean one. This is a favourite place for surfers, as it has the highest waves. From Greek, this name translates as “the kiss of the two seas”.
  • Ialyssos Beach is a sand and shingle beach 8 km from the capital of Rhodes island. Fans of extreme water sports come to this beach, because the depth begins quite abruptly here. There are many sports centres, shops and hotels nearby.
  • Gennadi is a beautiful and well-kept beach with crystal clear water.
  • Agathi is a small beach where the majority of vacationers are local people.
  • Glyfada Beach is a stone beach with crystal clear water surrounded by pine forests near the village of Siana.
  • Kalithea Beach is a beautiful beach with developed infrastructure, surrounded by pine trees and rocks near the Kalithea Springs thermal centre.
  • Casino beach is a long pebble beach that starts from the north point of the island and ends at Mandraki bay. There are three slides for diving from a diving board and a youth bar Rondo with a DJ, cocktails and cute straw sunbeds and umbrellas (for them you will have to pay €8 in addition) on this beach.
  • Katro Petres is a little-known beach where you can enjoy nature and tranquility. Take food and water, a beach umbrella and towels with you.
  • Secret beach near Archangelos. This beach does not have a name, because only the locals know about it. For a long time it was private, and only now there is a road to it.

If you prefer active and extreme recreation, then go to Prasonisi Cape, which is located in the southern part of the island. There are two bays with a sandy beach appearing between them in summer. There are two surf schools that work with both beginners (lessons on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea) and experienced athletes (lessons on the waves of the Aegean sea).

To learn more about what is at depth, go to the diving school Waterhoppers, which has been working since 1978. Experienced instructors will teach you how to handle the equipment and will choose a suitable place. For example, you can go on a small underwater tour to the sunken ship or to the shallow bay of Ladiklo.

For those who do not part with their fitness bracelet and walk at least 10 000 steps every day, there are many hiking trails on the island. You can walk along the path from Archangelos to the Tsambika monastery through the picturesque olive groves or climb to the top of Filerimos.

On the island, cars, bicycles and segways are actively rented out, which can be used to get to little-known beaches and old villages.

One of the most popular places is the Seven springs gorge. There is a belief that if a man passes it, seven deadly sins will be forgiven to him, and if a woman does — she will become 7 years younger. The tunnel in this picturesque place was built in 1931. You will have to pass through the gorge in the dark up to your knees in cool water, enriched with mineral salts from seven springs. The path ends on the shore of a lake where rare fish and turtles live.

There are trails that are more interesting in Rhodes. For example, here you can walk in a tree. Not far from the temple of Nektariya you will find an old sycamore tree, which is more than one hundred years old. Inside, the tree is hollow and so huge that it can accommodate up to 10 people at a time.

Recreation for women

In Rhodes, the shopping marathon is a race through fur boutiques, bustling flea markets, Greek delicatessen shops, and small shops of local artisans. From here, we recommend bringing honey, olive oil, local sweets, figurines of knights and refrigerator magnets. Don't forget to bring a couple of bottles of local wine from the C. A. I. R. Rhodes S. A. winery.

Vacation with children

  • Water Park in Faliraki. It is located in the small town of Faliraki not far from the island's capital, opposite the Esperos Palace hotel. This water park has many different water slides, wave pools for adults and children, as well as other water attractions. There are many tourists with kids, because the park is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay with the whole family: showers, restrooms, personal lockers, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and lounge rooms. There is even a small golf course. Free regular buses run to this park. Water slides can also be found at Bloom Water Park. But in this park they are all located directly in the sea.
  • Ostrich farm. It is located not far from the Petaloudes village. Among the permanent residents of this small zoo are camels, donkeys, goats and 130 species of ostriches. The zoo has a souvenir shop that sells souvenirs related to ostriches (key fobs, magnets, T-shirts, stuffed toys) and a small cafe where you can taste an ostrich egg omelet.
  • Toy museum. There are not only historical museums on the island that will seem boring to children of preschool age. Not so long ago, the Museum opened its doors, where 5000 toys from different eras are represented. It is located 800 metres from the centre of the village of Archipoli. In this Museum, you can trace the history of toys from 1930 to the present. There are many collectibles, magazines, notebooks, vintage video games, mechanical pinball machines, handmade dolls, simple mechanical cars, board games and plastic toys. Despite the fact that most of the toys here are of Greek origin, adults will feel great nostalgia, because they will be able to see something quite familiar from childhood there. The Museum's territory can be divided into three zones. The first contains toys of the period from the 1940s to 1980s, comics and magazines, advertising posters and video ads from the 1960s to 1980s, school desks, abacus, and other school kit. In the second zone, there are toys from the 90s, a craft zone where children and adults can create their own toys, as well as a small gift shop where rare toys are sold. The third zone is located on the ground floor. There you can play the old slot machines, gaming consoles and pinball. For children, the Museum has playgrounds: kids can fish in a special pool, and for older children there are quizboards, speed and gumption games, games that are similar to funfair entertainment of the 20th century.
  • Faethon Miniature Horses Farm is a small farm that is maintained only with the help of patrons and caring people. Admission is free. The staff of the farm are volunteers who take care for the rare Rhodian horses. Children will be able to help them to look after the animals and feed them vegetables.

Recreation for adults

If you like to dance and have fun, then go to Faliraki. This part of the island even is tacitly called the "Ibiza of Greece". Locals and non-locals gather in the restaurant "Colossus of Rhodes", where their hanging out begins. After that, they all go to a football pub, rock-and- roll club or night club.

Popular night clubs on the island include the Colorado Club, Akanthus Rhodes, and Elli Disco Club.

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to get home after a party, there is an interesting solution on the island — an institution called Jack Daniel's FRIENDS. On the first floor there is a bar in a brutal male style with strong alcohol, rock bands, harsh audience and motorcycles as a decoration. And on the second floor there are rooms where you can relax and build up your strength after a fun night.

There is entertainment with a mark of 21+ in Rhodes. It is a casino. Gambling is offered here in a fashionable Grande Alberto delle Rose boutique hotel built in 1927. The design of the hotel creates the necessary atmosphere: heavy crystal chandeliers, expensive soft carpets, designer furniture, light gilding on the walls. Guests must present their passport and fill out a special questionnaire at the entrance. Only then, they can take one of the 15 American roulette tables, one of the 13 blackjack tables, the stud poker table, or the punto banco table. This establishment has a dress code: before 7 p.m., you can come only in modest covering clothes, and after 7 p.m. you have to wear dresses and dinner jackets.

It is important to remember that in Greece this sphere of entertainment is strictly controlled. You can only gamble in designated areas, so better do not play poker on the beach.

Holidays and festivals

On Rhodes such holidays and festivals are often held:

  • The Rose festival is a medieval festival that is celebrated every year in May. At this time, lovers of antiquity, modern knights and other fans of the Middle Ages come here. As part of the festival, knight fights are held, local vendors sell game and sweets on the central streets, and puppet shows are held for children.
  • Hellenic Festival of Sound and Light is held in the summer in the Old Fort. At this festival, bright shows that tell the story of the island are made in five languages. Also in the summer, folk dance groups perform on Mondays at the municipal theatre of Rhodes.
  • Greek Islands Bridge Festival is an annual bridge game festival held in late August. As part of the festival, there are tournaments with a prize fund, as well as masterclasses on this game.
  • Music In Rhodes is a music festival that lasts for a week in September. During this time, local and foreign performers give concerts in the evenings at major concert venues in Rhodes.
  • Tourism day is celebrated on September 23. On this day, concerts are held, folk groups and guest artists perform.

Where to stay?

Rhodes is considered to be one of the most popular destinations in Greece. It is visited by more than 1 000 000 guests from different parts of the world every year. The well-developed infrastructure allows to accept them all, offering comfortable conditions and hospitable service.


There is a large amount of old housing stock on the island. Yes, you will be able to find quickly some suitable housing at off-season, but keep in mind that its quality will be quite of a sort.


There are many good villas on the island. If you want a more relaxed and measured holiday, then choose small villages, but if you are planning an active vacation and a bright night life, there are many suitable options in the centre of the New city. You can book your favourite option with the help of the app.


In Rhodes, you can find a hotel for any taste and budget.

Some of the budget hotels:

If you are looking for comfortable accommodation with no frills, pay attention to the Delfini Beach Hotel, Ano Kampos Hotel & Studios, Evi Hotel, Muses Hotel, Venezia Resort, Rhodian Rose Hotel.

Among standard ones:

  • Lindos Sun Hotel is one of the most instagrammed hotels in Rhodes. The hotel's designers used white and azure colours with bright elements in the decoration. White colour appears everywhere in all possible variations. But it doesn't look boring. Cute straw hats with bright ribbons on the wall, plants with flowers of fuchsia colour and yellow cushions on the sofas make the interior more luscious and cozy.
  • Cyprotel Faliraki Hotel is an all-inclusive hotel with several pools, water slides, children's water zone, animators, several restaurants and bars.
  • Esperides Beach Family Resort is located near Water Park. It offers all-inclusive accommodation. There is a special mini-pool with inflatable toys for children. There are several open-air restaurants on the territory, where entertainment shows are held in the evenings.
  • 7 Palms is a small family hotel, where each room is equipped with a kitchenette, refrigerator and everything necessary.

Among luxury hotels:

  • Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa. Everything is perfect in this hotel: from a restaurant with a beautiful view of the sea, an outdoor pool on the roof to a luxurious bright room with a private mini pool. There is a real cult of beauty and health in this hotel: yoga classes, aqua aerobics, gym, sauna, hammam, indoor pool, healthy menu in the restaurant will help you to keep fit during your vacation.
  • Blue Dream Luxury Villas is not a typical subject on the hotel map of Rhodes. Instead of a single building, there are several villas where guests can live. Each villa is equipped with its own kitchen with all necessary things, a small pool, several rooms, each of which is made in its own unique style.
  • Grecotel Rhodos Royal is a luxury hotel with a huge territory where restaurant terraces, swimming pools, sun loungers and recreation areas are located. Here both alone tourists and families with young children will feel comfortable.
  • The Kresten Royal Villas & Spa. This hotel can be considered to be a pool hotel. There are really a lot of them here. Each villa has its own separate water area. This is a great find for those who do not like large public pools.
  • La Marquise Luxury Resort Complex. The name of the hotel fully epitomises it. A huge swimming pool, indoor pool, sauna, gourmet restaurant, several bars, deluxe rooms make this place ideal for a lazy holiday.

The boutique ones:

  • Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel — in this hotel you can feel like a medieval knight Hospitaller. Heavy oak furniture with carvings, antique mirrors, porcelain sculptures, minimalism in design, which allows fitting harmoniously modern devices into the surrounding atmosphere. The hotel has a beautiful garden with a small pool and fountain surrounded by palm and other trees.
  • Avalon Boutique Suites Hotel is a luxury hotel where the splendid decoration is thought out to the smallest detail, creating a cozy atmosphere. This is the perfect hotel for a honeymoon. Four-poster beds, a large jacuzzi, semi-darkness from bronze lamps and heavy candlesticks set up a romantic mood.
  • St. Artemios Boutique Hotel is a small family hotel in the heart of the Old city. Here you can have freshly baked bread, fragrant pastries, Greek yogurt with cinnamon and fresh fruit, omelets and freshly brewed coffee for your breakfast on the veranda overlooking the Old city. And at the end of the day you can relax in your comfortable and light room.

What to taste?

In Rhodes, as in the other parts of Greece, the local people like to have a good meal and to enjoy a cup of coffee. There are so many good establishments that you can taste something new every day.


We advise you to visit:

  • Mezes, which is located opposite Psaropoula beach. Its veranda offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea with its turquoise waves, screaming gulls and small fishing boats. The waiters speak Russian well and will help you choose the seafood and the appropriate wine to go with it.
  • Socratous Garden is located in a shady large courtyard with an abundance of plants.
  • Almiro Gliko is a good place where they serve fruit ice with syrups, cold cocktails based on coffee, waffles with fruit or salty fillings and multi-layer burgers made of meat and fresh vegetables.
  • Village Cafe is a small cafe where you can have a snack of salad, sandwich, moussaka, dzadziki, omelette with avocado and tomatoes, fresh juice and cheesecake.


We recommend visiting such traditional establishments in Rhodes:

  • Kostas — most dishes are cooked on the grill, which gives them a richer taste and aroma.
  • Mama Sofia is a restaurant with relax atmosphere in the heart of the Old city. You can take a table on the roof, in the garden, or on one of the two floors. We recommend ordering kidonia with sauce.
  • Antonio Pizza & Pasta — in this place you can not only eat sweet pizza with bananas and chocolate pasta, but also buy jamon. In addition to pizzas, pasta with jamon, rice with seafood and other traditional Italian dishes are cooked here.
  • Taverna Panorama is located on a hill among the greenery of trees and bushes with views of Archangelos and the sea. The food is delicious and filling, and the main decoration of the tavern are octopuses, which are hung on ropes like laundry.
  • Caldera Taverna Bar is a beautiful tavern in the Santorini style with Russian-speaking waiters, large portions, fresh seafood and a good selection of homemade wine.
  • Manolis Taverna is an authentic place where you can feel as if you are visiting a Greek grandmother. Huge portions of traditional dishes, traditional desserts and homemade wine will help you to get to know the local cuisine better.
  • Mageirotechneio Paraga. The interior of this tavern resembles the housing of an ordinary Greek family at the end of the 19th century. You will taste pastries and meat from the oven, surrounded by wooden dishes, porcelain figurines, and black-and-white photos.
  • To Posperi is a small tavern. Its owners were encouraged by Spanish fast food restaurants. The menu is focused on snacks. There are many of them here. The chefs cook small portions that are convenient to hold in your hand in order you could taste as many options as possible.


Among the iconic places in Rhodes, the best restaurants are:

  • Platia Mousiou is one of the most famous fish restaurants.
  • Odos Platonos is a restaurant of Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine. Here you can taste Moroccan hotpot and Tunisian couscous.
  • Tamam is considered to be the best restaurant in the capital of the island. Be sure to order cheese bars, spinach baked with cheese, pork ribs, hock and leg of mutton with spices.
  • Zuppa di pesce. It is better to come to this restaurant for dinner, since the catch is brought only at midday. The most popular dish is fish soup Zuppa di pesce (really fish one, not a mix of seafood!). Also, take note of mussels in tomato sauce and grilled sardines.
  • Kerasma. Here you will enjoy original presentation of traditional Greek and Italian dishes, and many compliments such as welcome cocktails and a set of mini desserts.
  • La Veranda is a restaurant on the Jewish martyrs square with a beautiful view of almost the entire Old city and port, attentive service (you will not have to wait long for seafood!) and a good range of cocktails.
  • Rattan Cuisine & Cocktail is a place with stylish interior, original seafood serving, delicious cocktails and a good selection of snacks that make this place a perfect end of the day.
  • Melenos Roof Top Dining is the perfect place for a romantic dinner. Small tables decorated with flowers and candles, delicious dishes and aged drinks, well-trained waiters, a beautiful view of the night Lindos create the very special atmosphere in which you want to confess your love.

Tables in each of the above establishments should be booked in advance.

Useful info

  1. It is believed that the beaches in Rhodes are cleaner than in Crete.
  2. It is best to come here in May or October. You will be able to swim in the sea, and quietly wander along the narrow streets.
  3. If you want to travel all over the island, it is better to go here in the spring, when the summer heat has not come yet.
  4. Change money in advance, because it is much more profitable to pay in local currency.
  5. If you want to go to one of the villages on the island, go to the main bus stop located opposite the tourist information centre.
  6. For those who come to the island with a minimal budget — look for N. Mandilara street, which is located on the southern side of the Grand Mitsis hotel right in the centre of Rhodes. Along it, you will find bars, cafes and grocery stores with the lowest prices on the island.
  7. For drivers, Rhodes is not the most comfortable island. On narrow streets, there are many signs prohibiting parking, even not all hotels have their own parking zones. There are few public parkings in Rhodes. Pay attention to the markings — white markings mean the parking is free, yellow markings — that parking is prohibited, and blue ones are paid parkings (there is always a payment meter nearby).