Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city, has all the benefits of big city life. However, real comfort lies in its suburbs. Located at the foot of the mountains, on the sea coast or in the coolness of the forest, these areas lure city dwellers with a high standard of living, tranquility, safety and good infrastructure.


Kalamaria at dusk
Center of Kalamaria
View of the marina in Kalamaria
Suburb of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki

The green and well-kept area of Kalamaria, east of Thessaloniki, attracts residents with its rugged coastline, parks and a range of outdoor activities. The atmosphere here is notably peaceful. The area is close to the sea, and big pine trees grow in the yards—something you don't see much in other parts of the city.

The location of Kalamaria is one of the most advantageous. The bustling downtown of Thessaloniki is just a stone's throw away - only about 7 kilometers. On the other hand, the airport can be reached in just 15 minutes. The traffic is not as crazy here, and finding parking is way easier than in the center – you can usually leave a car close to the coast. Plus, there are several bus lines to the center, and a metro station is coming soon. For those who do not want to depend on public transport, there is an option for long-term car rental of economy, standard and premium classes with particularly favorable prices in the off-season.

What particularly distinguishes Kalamaria is its unique landscape. It has its own long coastline. This stretch features a line of piers, charming sandy cliffs, and wild beaches. While not ideal for swimming, it's a great spot for sports, unwinding, or casual meet-ups over coffee. With mountains in the backdrop, Thessaloniki is easily in sight, and you can also catch a glimpse of ships making their way to the port. The natural beauty of this place even attracted the Greek royal family in the 20th century, who established their residence here, known today as Palataki.

Ships in Kalamaria
Marina of Kalamaria
Kalamaria embankment
Kalamaria park
Kalamaria houses with mountains view
The coast of Kalamaria

The infrastructure of the area is also quite developed. Kalamaria is famous for its marina and two nautical clubs. There is a park nearby where locals run or spend time with their families overlooking the yachts. There are outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and its own theater. Kalamaria's gastronomic scene boasts numerous taverns, gourmet restaurants and cafeterias overlooking the sea. All major supermarkets are within reach and Thessaloniki's largest shopping center, Mediterranean Cosmos, is also very close.

Kalamaria stands out as one of the most sought-after locales for both residence and real estate investment. Premium class projects are being implemented here, with apartments designed for your comfort. Aktis Group professionals will help you find the right offer for you.


Dam in Thermi near Thessaloniki
Artificial lake in Thermi area near Thessaloniki
The nature of Thermi near Thessaloniki

Heading southeast from Thessaloniki, you'll find Thermi, a premium suburb nestled between the Chortiatis and Cholomontas mountains. Known for its dam and artificial lake, which hosts a group of aquatic turtles, it's a spot that draws visitors throughout the year. The winding paths are perfect for strolls, and the shade from the pine trees  keeps it comfortably cool, especially in the summer.

Thermi has the perk of being surrounded by a vast green expanse, offering residents the luxury of fresh forest air. It's a place where people enjoy picnics, fly kites with family, and explore the various hiking trails. The hilly terrain makes it a charming place to watch sunsets over the Thermaikos Gulf.

Thermi lake with aquatic turtles
Thermi green expanse in Greece
Pond in the suburb of Termi
The suburb of Thermi near Thessaloniki
Artificial lake in Thermi
Park with lake in Thermi

Thermi is known for its safety, proximity to the airport and convenient access to Halkidiki - the summer hotspot for all of Northern Greece. Close by, you'll find a water park, shopping centers, a football field, and even a go-karting spot. There are also major supermarkets, and conveniently, you can charge electric cars right next to them. Additionally, Thermi has many public and private schools. In close proximity there is the Pinewood -  The American International School of Thessaloniki, known throughout the city for its high quality of education.

In recent years, Thermi has undergone a construction boom, attracting individuals seeking a comfortable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. The area offers diverse housing options, including premium townhouses built to the latest international standards.


Villa in Panorama area near Thessaloniki
View from Mount Choriatis to Thessaloniki and Thermaikos Gulf
Platanakia Park in Panorama area
Panorama area

Right by Mount Chortiatis, there's a fancy neighborhood called Panorama. Recognized as one of the more affluent and luxurious residential areas, it's situated around13 kilometers from downtown Thessaloniki, and it takes around 20 minutes to get there.

The suburb is famous for the green oasis that surrounds it - Platanakia Park. There are plenty of trails to explore, spacious pens for animals, tall plane trees and a winding mountain river. The center of the area is quite small, but there are major supermarket chains, cafes, gyms, a football field and an outdoor cinema.

Panorama offers a selection of spacious, comfortable premium villas for a comfortable life on the green Mediterranean coast.


Pylaia, situated in the northeast of Thessaloniki, stands out as a comfortable suburb with a rich history dating back to ancient times. Its unique location has earned respect, since the valiant defenders of the settlement once lived here. The name itself refers to the eastern gate of the city. Today, this suburb seems to encircle Thessaloniki, which lies at its foot. From here, a panoramic view unfolds, revealing the entirety of the city center, the bustling port, and, on clear days, the majestic Olympus massif gracing the horizon.

Today, Pylaia is a lively suburb with sports fields, parks, big supermarkets, and cafes. It's home to the well-known American College of Thessaloniki and several well-equipped medical centers. 

The suburb is a great suit for lovers of active city life who are also looking for suburban tranquility and size. Ideal for those who cherish an active city lifestyle yet seek suburban tranquility and spacious surroundings.