April in Thessaloniki is a very comfortable time to travel. The weather has already become warm, but the sun is not yet aggressive - it’s time to explore the outskirts of the city. Let's see the best ideas for a enjoyable one trip city escape.


View of local rocks
One of the monasteries
It remains unclear how the hermit monks managed to build them
View of Kalambaka
The complex of monasteries on the Meteora rocks is a modern wonder of the world

An amazing complex of several monasteries built on the tops of steep cliffs by hermit monks. This place is one of the most visited in Greece.

It is believed that this was once the bottom of the ocean, and when the water left, such unusual rocks 300-500 meters high were formed. It is still not known for certain how the monks managed to build monasteries here, starting in the 14th century. Today, tourists come here for incredible views, peace and ancient shrines. It is worth considering that each monastery has its own work schedule, most often in the morning, so don't forget to check the schedule in advance. 

The best way to find out details is to ask the locals in the village of Kalambaka at the foot of Meteora. At the same time, it is a great oipportunity ato supper in one of the local taverns or visit a shop with handwritten icons and souvenirs.

Where: approximately 230 km from Thessaloniki

How to get there: with a tour group or rent a car for the day. Check out the detailed ways to get to Meteora with public transport in our previopus article

Thermal springs Pozar

Outdoor pool overlooking the cliff
One of the natural pools
Hiking in Loutra Pozar
The healing springs of Loutra Pozar are surrounded by mountains and forests

About an hour and a half drive from Thessaloniki are the warm thermal springs of Loutra Pozar. This is a complex of several small natural open-air pools, rich in magnesium, fluoride, sodium and iron. In addition,  you can discover several spa centers and a hydropathic clinic with pools and hammams. One special treeasure abour this place is that you can swim in the healing waters right under the waterfalls.

In addition to the springs, here you can go hiking and explore the surrounding mountains, as well as stroll along the local raging river.

In the nearby villages it is worth stopping for lunch or dinner at a tavern. For example, try any in the picturesque village of Orma.

Where: about 90 km from Thessaloniki

How to get there: with tourist groups or rent a car so you can walk in nature without haste and see cute villages nearby.

Halkidiki Peninsula

Halkidiki is a mix of sea, forests and mountains
Vourvourou Lagoon, Sithonia
Amazing local landscapes
The natural beauty of Halkidiki is great to explore in spring

Halkidiki is a great option for a day trip from Thessaloniki. In spring, this popular summer destination reveals itself in a completely different way. Not yet filled with tourists, the peninsula offers tranquility, unity with nature and good service, since the locals will be able to devote more time to you.

In April, the best time to explore the amazing beauty of the first and second peninsulas - Kassandra and Sithonia. Pine forests, mountain trails, rocky coves with turquoise water and historical villages - this is what makes Halkidiki special.

And if you want to prolong your adventure for the weekend to see more natural beauty, you can rent a house or even a villa at prices significantly lower than in the season.

Where: the beginning of the first peninsula, Kassandra, is about an hour by car from Thessaloniki, and further depending on where you want to go.

How to get there: from the KTEL Macedonia bus station, get to the KTEL Halkidikis bus station by bus, then transfer to the route to the desired resort. They walk often - 1-2 times an hour. For greater mobility, we recommend renting a car so as not to depend on the schedule and conveniently move around the peninsula.

Lake Kerkini

View of the lake and mountains
Lake Kerkini - home to pelicans and other bird species

Near the town of Serres, north of Thessaloniki, there is an artificial lake called Kerkini, which over time became home to many animals and birds. Today, this natural gem fits perfectly into the local mountain landscape.

The lake itself appeared in the 1930s due to the construction of a dam and has developed into a rich ecosystem. Nowadays, the water surface of the lake is covered with water lilies, and is home to many fish and birds - swans, pelicans and black storks. Buffaloes roam the surrounding forests, whose milk is used to make local sweets.

In Kerkini you can ride on boats that are rented by locals, or just stroll along the shores of the lake.

Where: about an hour and a half drive from Thessaloniki
How to get there: the situation with public transport in Greece is rally difficult, so the convinient option is a car rental


Tomb in the underground museum
The palace where Alexander the Great was crowned
Vergina museum's Collection
Vergina - site of the tomb of Alexander the Great's father

Vergina is the site of one of the most important historical discoveries of the last century - the tomb of Philip II, king of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great. Here, you can find an amazing underground museum, which resembles a mound from the outside. Inside there is an impressive collection of are royal tombs, ancient frescoes, a golden urn and rich jewellery.

Recently restored, a palace now stands where Alexander the Great was crowned. This complex boasts preserved columns, divine sanctuaries, and serene courtyards.

Where: about an hour's drive from Thessaloniki
How to get there: with tourist groups or by rented car.