Kremasti is a city in the west of Rhodes island. During recent years, it has been actively developing, and today resort life increasingly affects the traditional lifestyle in this area. Kremasti is popular with fans of water sports and relaxing holidays, as well as with those who want to stay close to the main attractions of Rhodes.

The swimming season in Kremasti begins in the middle of May and continues until October. The water temperature in summer varies from +21 °C to +25 °C, and the air warms up from +25 °C to + 32 °C.

How to get

Kremasti is located 10 km from the city of Rhodes and just 3.5 km from Diagoras airport. The fastest way to get here from the airport is by taxi — due to the short distance, the trip price will be low. Or you can take a bus to the capital of Rhodes, and ask the driver to stop in Kremasti.

Since Kremasti is located on the western coast, this direction is served by R. O. D. A. buses, not KTEL. In order to get here from Rhodes town you should take a bus from the R. O. D. A terminal on the Averof Street. You can buy a ticket from the driver. The price is €2.40. Buses depart from Rhodes to Kremasti 1-3 times per hour, starting at 6:10 a.m. The last one leaves at midnight.

How to move?

In Kremasti, you can rent a bicycle or a car if you want: rental services are offered by rental offices and some hotels as well.

It is easy to navigate here: Kremasti is divided into the central part, where historical buildings have been preserved, and the resort part — it is located along the coast.

What to see?

Kremasti is not full of attractions, but historical heritage still can be found here. It is located in the Old city. Near the central part of the village, you will find the ruins of a medieval castle, which have almost merged with the houses. If you go up to it, you can enjoy panoramas from the height and see the remains of the floor mosaic.

The city library building, built in the late 20s, is located not far from the castle. It is remarkable for its high Doric columns. A cozy courtyard is set around it. The library has a large collection of rare books.

The main temple of Kremasti — Panagia Katholiki — is located a few minutes' walk from the library. It was built on the foundations of an ancient church. This is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Rhodes, with frescoed walls and vault. In Panagia Katholiki the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is kept. It is especially interesting to visit the church on August 15, when the Assumption of the Virgin is celebrated. And then, until August 23, a craft fair is held nearby with the participation of local producers.

Kremasti beach is not the most perfect in Rhodes. It is entirely pebbly, exposed to waves and winds, and the depth begins abruptly here. But the advantages of the coast of Kremasti are also there: it is quiet and deserted, the water is clean, and all the necessary infrastructure is on a decent level.

The location of Kremasti is its advantage. If you choose this resort for your vacation, you can quickly (in just 15 minutes) get to the Butterfly Valley (Petaloudes Valley). This is one of the most beautiful and visited natural attractions of Rhodes. The town of Rhodes with its rich heritage is 20-25-minute ride from Kremasti. So, you can go to the island's capital even every day from here.

What to do?

You will not have any problems with leisure in Kremasti. It is a well-developed resort, which is especially comfortable for water lovers.

Active rest

The constant waves and winds in Kremasti are an obvious disadvantage for someone, but these are absolute superiority for windsurfers. There are windsurfing and kitesurfing schools on the coast. You can employ an instructor or just rent the necessary equipment.


There are good opportunities for shopping in Kremasti, given that the city has a permanent population, not only tourists. In the centre of Kremasti you can find butcher shops, shoe stores, and supermarkets. But there are enough souvenir shops here too. They offer a good range of folk crafts (textiles, wood and leather products, ceramics), cosmetics, local sweets and traditional Greek drinks.

For children

Kremasti is not the best choice for holidays with children. The sea is stormy here, and there are no entertainment and attractions. But 16 km from the resort the Faliraki Water Park is located — it is one of the largest in Europe. The mini-zoo Farma of Rhodes is located 12 km from the resort — here you can both watch the animals and feed them.


Nightlife in Kremasti is restrained. Here are no lively parties, many establishments are closed by midnight. However, there are several cocktail bars in the city where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and pleasant music.


It is convenient to arrange excursions from Kremasti — both independent and accompanied by guides. Popular routes are a sightseeing tour to the capital of Rhodes, a trip “Butterfly Valley — Kalithea — Filerimos Hill” (or only to the Valley of Butterflies), a tour along the unknown Rhodes by jeeps and quad bikes, and boat trips along the coast of the island.

Where to stay?

There is a wide choice of hotels in Kremasti: there are apartments for rent, and all-inclusive hotel complexes as well. This city is one of the best options for budget travelers. 

There is one peculiarity in Kremasti that you need to consider when choosing a hotel: noisy main road. It leads to the airport through the city, so it is better to choose a hotel away from the main road if you would like to have a rest in silence.

What to taste?

The fame of Kremasti's taverns spread far beyond the city limits. Even residents of the capital of Rhodes do not mind spending an evening here, enjoying local cuisine and views of the coast. Taverns of Kremasti are focused on Rhodes dishes: it is worth to order psarosoupa (fish soup), grilled squid or octopus, or traditional moussaka. In addition to the tavernas, there are restaurants, steak houses, Italian restaurants and cocktail lounges in Kremasti.

Useful info

  • Kremasti should be chosen by those who prefer economical recreation. While the resort is not as popular as other destinations in Rhodes, the prices for accommodation, meals and sun loungers rental are much lower;
  • Stones on the beach of Kremasti can be sharp, so it is better to buy special shoes;
  • It is worth considering that Kremasti is located close to the airport. You should choose this resort if the noise of taking off and landing planes does not confuse you.