What is the weather like in March?

Spring comes early to Greece. The average air temperature in March rarely drops below 15℃, and often rises to 20℃. Of course, this is not enough to swim and sunbathe. However, it is spring that is considered the most favorable time for traveling around the country for sightseeing. And in April the sun warms even more! In the south of Greece, the most daring are already swimming for the first time.

What activities await travelers in early spring?

We figured out the weather, it remains to decide what to do in Greece in March or April. You will definitely find some entertaintment!


Spring in Greece is the best time of the year for sightseeing. The choice is huge, because all archaeological zones and museums are opened, but you will not meet plenty of tourists, as it would be in summer. Where to go in Greece in March? Let's look at several options for excursions in Greece:

  • Thessaloniki is the northern capital of Greece. The city has an airport and a well-developed infrastructure. You can visit a number of museums and archaeological sites. Of course, a guided tour will be more informative. The main feature of the city and its advantage at the same time is the system of building streets. It is simply impossible to get lost here, because all the streets are parallel and perpendicular to the embankment.
    Streets of Thessaloniki
    White tower in Thessaloniki
    Paralia of Thessaloniki
    Streets of Thessaloniki
  • Athens is the capital of Greece, and a city that is over 2000 years old. Visit the famous Acropolis, drink a cup of coffee in a bar with an amazing view, go in search of souvenirs to the local market - what better vacation can you imagine?
  • Meteora is a geological wonder of nature. Sheer cliffs floating in the air, on the tops of which Orthodox monasteries of the 16th century were built. This excursion object is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are no people in the world who would not dream of seeing the legendary Meteora. You can go on an excursion from almost any region of Greece.
    Meteora monasteries
    Meteora monastery
    Views of Meteora
    Meteora Greece
    Monastery in Meteora
    Meteora monasteries
  • Olympus-Dion-Vergina is an excursion for those who love the history and myths of Ancient Greece. In one day you can visit the legendary Mount Olympus, visit the sanctuary of Zeus - the ancient city of Dion - and go on a historical adventure, getting acquainted with the period of the reign of the Macedonian king Philip II in Vergina.
  • Kastoria is a small mountain town, which is considered the birthplace of furrier craftsmanship. You can go here not only for a new fur coat or a fur vest, but also for unforgettable impressions. The tour will give you knowledge in the field of different eras of the existence of Greece, from the dawn of civilization to the present day. In addition, the town itself is incredibly beautiful, and near the famous Lake Orestiada you can often meet beautiful birds - pink flamingos.
    Orestiada lake in Kastoria

For a health go to the "therms"

Greece is rich not only in historical sights, but also in health resorts. Near the city of Pella there is a base with thermal springs Loutra Pozar. Right next to the thermal waters there is a hydropathic clinic, where tourists from different parts of the world often come to improve their health.

The water temperature in the pools is kept at +37℃ all year round. On the territory there are several equipped pools with thermal water. Some have access directly to the mountain river, so travelers often take a kind of contrast baths, plunging into the cold mountain river immediately after the hot pool. Also in Loutra Pozar there are indoor baths and a SPA center, where everyone is accepted by appointment.

Loutra Pozar in Aridaia
Loutra Pozar
Loutra Pozar river
Loutra Pozar in Aridaia

For holidays and festivals

Fans of event tourism will also like Greece in March. In late February - early March, a series of carnivals traditionally take place in Greece. In Greek, the carnival is called "Apokries" and results in three weeks of dances, songs and jokes in different cities of the country. The brightest carnivals are held in Patras, Xanthi, on the island of Corfu and in the city of Rethymnon (Crete). The exact dates of the carnival change every year. But one thing remains unchanged: it is held 7 weeks before Easter.

And on March 25, the Greeks celebrate the Annunciation. This is the day when the Angel Gabriel declared Mary to be the incarnation of Christ. The same date is also a national holiday in Greece: the day the Greeks declared the Revolutionary War against the Turks in 1821. That is why on March 25 military parades are held in all Greek cities.

Carnival in Xanthi
Carnival in Xanthi
Carnival in Xanthi gathers lots of people

Where to live in Greece?

Where to go in Greece in March is now clear for sure, and it remains to choose where to stay. There are a lot of hotels in every region of the country, many of them work all year round and will be happy to receive you as their dear guests.

However, if you want to feel like a real local and live “like home”, if you are going on vacation with a large family, renting a house would be a great idea. You can find cozy cottages and luxury villas on Aktis.Villas