The monument to Aristotle in Thessaloniki is a symbol of the city along with the White Tower. Every tourist considers it his duty to hold the finger of this statue and take a picture against its background. What is a monument and what interesting things can be found nearby?

The importance of Aristotle for Greece is difficult to overestimate. The great philosopher, educator of Alexander the Great, student of Plato, creator of a comprehensive system of philosophy and the most famous thinker of antiquity - all this is just a short list of Aristotle's achievements that inscribed him in the history of the country.

In the region of Macedonia (the birthplace of the philosopher) and in many Greek museums, you can see hundreds of busts and statues of Aristotle. But the most famous monument adorns the city of Thessaloniki. It is located on the central square of the northern capital of Greece - Aristotle's Square. The statue depicts a philosopher sitting on a bench. In his left hand is a parchment, and his right hand rests on a marble armrest. The monument appeared in Thessaloniki in 1990. The sculptor was G. Georgiadis.

Interesting fact: the big toe of Aristotle's left foot differs in color from the dark bronze monument. Each visitor tries to hold on to it because of the belief that such a ritual will help to gain well-being, intelligence and good luck.

Aristotle statue
Aristotle Square - below, by the sea there is a statue

What's next

Near the monument to Aristotle in Thessaloniki, you can find literally everything: from fashion boutiques to historical sights. This is the heart of the city with restaurants, hotels, cafes and many shops belonging to the Ladadika District, and in combination - a favorite place of citizens for walking. Festivals and Christmas events are held here.

The Aristotle Square itself is a symbolic place. Its design by the French architect Ernst Ebrard began the restoration of Thessaloniki after the devastating fire of 1917. Then, as a result of tragic events, the appearance of the city almost completely changed. Today, in addition to the monument, Aristotle Square is decorated with the famous building of the Electra Palace hotel and the Olympion cinema.

Bank on Aristotle Square
Modiano Market in Piazza Aristotle
Luludadika, Thessaloniki
Beautiful places near Aristotle Square

Within walking distance from the monument to Aristotle (3-15 minutes walk) are located:

Bey Hamam in Thessaloniki
Umbrellas Zongopoulos in Thessaloniki
Church of Agia Sofia in Thessaloniki
Attractions near the monument to Aristotle

How to get to the monument to Aristotle in Thessaloniki

Aristotle's Square, where the monument is located, is an important transport hub of Thessaloniki. All roads lead here. From the airport "Macedonia" you can get to the square by taxi or bus number 1, which runs at intervals of 30-40 minutes. Buses No. 5, 6 and many other city routes also pass by the square. From the bus station KTEL of Halkidiki, you can get to the square by bus number 45 .