What clothes to take on a yacht?

Professional travelers believe that it is worth taking care of comfort on a yacht in case of good weather and at the same time preparing for its sudden deterioration.

Brief list of essentials:

  • Hat (cap/hat/bandana, etc.);
  • Tank top/t-shirt (it's better to take a couple, in case one gets wet or dirty);
  • Shorts/comfy skirt (long pants or full-length skirts will only hinder you on a yacht, as it's not very comfortable to move around in them);
  • Thin long-sleeve shirt (to avoid getting sunburned);
  • Warm sweater or fleece hoodie (even in summer, the weather at sea can be significantly different from that on shore. Take something warm with you to avoid discomfort);
  • Swimsuit/trunks;
  • Comfortable shoes for any walking stops;
  • Extra set of clothes (in case you decide to take a walk in some town during your yacht vacation).

Despite the fairly extensive list of clothing items, there is one main rule for all tourists traveling on a yacht. Clothing should not restrict your movements. Choose natural fabrics so you don't get too hot, as well as materials in light shades. It is recommended to change into special shoes on a yacht that do not slip on the deck.

First Aid Kit and Cosmetic Bag?

It should be noted that all yachts that are certified for sea travel and commercial excursions are equipped with a first aid kit. If you have a list of necessary medications that are suitable for you or your family members, it is worth taking them on board. Also, do not neglect sun protection products. This is a key point to follow if you are embarking on a sea journey on a yacht.

When it comes to your makeup bag, there are both individual and general recommendations. But don't forget that the sea is an unpredictable phenomenon. And in a new country, the splashes of waves may affect your skin slightly differently than you are used to.

General list of items for a cosmetic bag:

  • Sunscreen (preferably no less than 50 SPF);
  • Moisturizing body lotion;
  • Hydrating lip balm (regardless of the gender of the vacationer);
  • Hair oil with sun protection;
  • Shampoo + conditioner + shower gel (basically, the products you use when showering at home).

If you are traveling with children, the standard set can be expanded with special children's creams and moisturizers. Take care of your cosmetic bag in advance so that nothing prevents you from enjoying the sun, the sea, seagulls, and the sound of the waves during your vacation.

What else to take with you on a yacht?

Traveling on a yacht should leave you with only positive memories and bright emotions. And to ensure that your memory never fails you, take a camera or phone with you to capture the journey for years to come. However, here is a small piece of advice. Try to use waterproof cases with holders in the form of a wrist or neck strap.

As for additional items, you can take anything you want, but with one condition - it should be convenient for you! That is, bringing your entire wardrobe, bedding for the whole family, and other favorite items on board is not necessary. It will be enough to have towels and a few familiar pieces of clothing.

Also, on the yacht, you can order light snacks and fruits, although they are often included in the price. Water and beverages are often provided by the crew as a compliment. However, when renting a yacht for a certain period, it is worth clarifying what is included in the price of the trip. Most often, only fuel and additional equipment are paid for separately, for example, if you decide to go fishing during the trip.

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Which yacht will bring the maximum pleasure?

In order to choose a yacht for a cruise that will fulfill your dream, you need to decide on the type of vessel. So, let's consider the main options: sailing yachts and motor yachts.

  • Motorized

Motor yachts can reach a fairly high speed (12-14 knots) and can be the best option if you want to see more natural attractions in a short period of time. Additionally, they offer increased comfort if there are no strong waves. Typically, motor yachts have a flat bottom, so even a slight storm can cause significant rocking. Nevertheless, the anchoring system on such yachts is better, so during anchorage, you can safely enjoy a delicious cocktail and admire the scenery without worrying about strong rocking.

  • Sailboats

Sailing yachts are less speedy compared to motor yachts, but they also have an autonomous propulsion system. In most cases, tourists choose this type of yacht for leisure because they are equipped with a maximum number of comfortable and beautiful amenities for a cruise. Most yachts have a gangway and a swimming platform, and some open decks are equipped as sunbathing areas. While moored, sailing yachts are more susceptible to rocking, but this is a minor drawback compared to the multitude of other advantages.

To choose a yacht for your sea voyage, first determine a number of important points:

  1. What is the composition of your group (how many people and if there are any children among them).
  2. What route do you plan to take (distance between stops or approximately how many stops there will be).
  3. Rental period (how many hours the yacht will be rented for).
  4. Time frame (time of day).
  5. Type of yacht (experts from Aktis Yachts can assist you with this).
  6. Budget.

To get to know Greece, it's sometimes not enough to just visit all the famous landmarks. After all, the sea and the sun are an integral part of every Greek's life. That's why a yacht trip is not just a sea vacation, but also an opportunity to explore the country in all its natural beauty.