March in Athens is the triumph of the long-awaited spring. There are more and more warm days in the Greek capital, there is no heat yet. It's the perfect time to enjoy the history, culture and atmosphere of one of the world's oldest cities.

Weather in Athens in March

In March, the air in Athens warms up to a comfortable +16 °C, and on some days it reaches almost summer +23 °C. At night - up to +9 °C. It still rains at the beginning of the month, but from mid-March, their intensity decreases. In order not to let the possible vagaries of nature spoil the impressions of spring Athens, you should take a raincoat, waterproof shoes, and a scarf with you.

What to watch

Athens in March "belongs" to the Greeks. At this time, you can take a leisurely stroll through the city streets and look at iconic sights without the tourist crowds. A visit to the Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum is a timeless classic. But we must not forget about the most beautiful areas of Athens.
In the shadow of the Acropolis has been the area of Plaka for centuries. Just think: it has been continuously inhabited since ancient times. Here you can spend time in cozy cafes and taverns, stroll along Adrian Street, which stretches through the entire area and is filled with interesting shops, visit museums of Greek folk art and musical instruments, linger near the Byzantine churches of St. Catherine and the Transfiguration of the Lord.

Adriana Street in Plaka
Old school in Plaka, Athens
Plaka, Athens
Souvenirs in Athens
Plaka, Athens
Adriana Street in Plaka

And then - go to the acquaintance with the Anafiotika area. Anafiotika is considered part of the Plaka. But at the same time, the area has its own characteristics. Founded by immigrants from the Cyclades, Anafiotika with its white houses is like an island inside a metropolis.

Anafiotika in Athens
Anafjotika area
Anafiotika, Athens
Anafiotika in Athens

What else to visit in March in Athens? Of course, Monastiraki that is a colorful area with a famous flea market and buildings whose history goes back centuries.
When the weather permits, you can climb one of the Athenian hills , so that from there, from a height, you can enjoy the views of the Greek capital. There are several hills to choose from: the Areopagus, on which the apostle Paul preached to the Athenians; Lycabettus, from where the Acropolis is clearly visible; and Pnyx - the so-called "Prison of Socrates" is located here.

Areopagus Hill
Entrance to Areopagus Hill

Although March is not the swimming season, you can go to the Athenian Riviera for a picnic. For example, in Glyfada, which is distinguished by its picturesque beaches. An alternative to a picnic is lunch at a tavern overlooking the sea. You can get there or even to more distant beaches by ordering a transfer.


The calendar of events in Athens in March is filled with interesting holidays and festivals:

  • March 25 is widely celebrated as Greek Independence Day. It is accompanied by parades and celebrations in the central squares. On this day, you can visit museums for free;
  • In the middle of the month (dates change every year) you can support the participants of the Athens Half Marathon. This is one of the largest sporting events in Greece. The average number of runners has long exceeded 20.000 participants, and every time the figure is growing;
  • The annual Athens Animfest offers several hundred animated films from Greece and other countries. Shows are held at different venues in Athens. In addition to the sessions, lectures and seminars are planned, which anyone can attend. The entrance is free.

More reasons to travel

If you still have doubts about whether to plan a trip to Athens in March, here are a few more reasons to go:

  • In March, Athens is more profitable than in summer. Air tickets and hotels will cost much cheaper, you can choose an option for any budget;
  • From Athens, you can make a trip to mainland Greece, which is especially beautiful in March;
  • Ability to focus on history. In the summer, the heat forces many to limit their routes around Athens. But in March, you don’t have to hide from the sun - you’ll be able to see the maximum.