The village is named after the church dedicated to the Most Holy Mother of God (in Greek, Panagia), which has survived since the Byzantine period.

The place itself is very quiet. It is perfect for everyone who is looking for a measured holiday, without noise and crazy traffic, for couples and families with children. Besides, Ormos Panagias is also a great place of accommodation for exploring Sithonia and its beaches.

Ormos Panagias is the harbour of the neighboring settlement of Agios Nikolaos and the port where tourist yachts and fishing boats are moored every day.

The distance to Thessaloniki is 105 km.

How to get

  • By airport transfer. It takes 1.5 hours to get here from Thessaloniki. The price will vary from 110€ depending on the type of the car.
  • By bus. There is no direct route from the Thessaloniki bus station to Ormos Panagias. From the airport you must first get to the station Ktel Halkidiki, there take the next scheduled bus. We recommend taking a bus to the village of Agios Nikolaos. The ticket costs €12.70. The road will take you 2 hours. Then change to a taxi. You will reach the place in 4 minutes. The way will cost approximately 6-8 euros.
  • By rental car. As with taxis, you can get from Thessaloniki to Ormos Panagias in 1.5 hours. Follow the signs to the village of Nea Moudania. Then turn off the road to the exit towards Polygyros/Sithonia/Nea Moudania. Move straight to the Sarti/Sykia pointer. Turn left and then turn right.

How to move?

The village is divided into two parts. One part with the houses and infrastructure stretches along the long sandy beach, and the other is the port that is located five minutes' drive from it.

There are shops, restaurants and fish taverns in the port, as well as a fish market where marketers always have fresh goods.

What to see?

There is a Byzantine church of Holy Mother on the central square of the village. Nobody knows when exactly the church was erected. But during its existence, the temple had been destroyed time after time and then rebuilt again and again. The last reconstruction dates back to 1970.

There are other churches in the area that are worthy of your attention.

A very spectacular event in Ormos Panagias is the celebration of the third day of Easter. A long stream of people goes for the Cross procession from Ormos Panagias to Agios Nikolaos and then back, praising Easter. They are dressed in national holiday attires, and they hold flags and icons in their hands.  

And on the first Saturday of Lent, an Orthodox holiday is widely celebrated here — Saint Theodors' Day that is accompanied by a general meal with wine and seafood.

The local beach of Trani Ammouda (the second name is Livrohio) is a fantastic place, awarded the Blue flag! This is one of the best beaches in Sithonia with a long and wide coastline, white coarse sand and a very comfortable smooth entry into the sea without stones. The bottom is flat, without surprises, there are not many fish. The turquoise clean water is very calm. Here, travelers will find solitude and peace. In the northern part of the beach, there are ancient ruins. The panorama of the majestic Mount Athos is on the opposite side.

The beach is quite spacious, equipped with showers, toilets and changing stalls. Sun loungers are free for guests of local hotels. But there is an area where you can sit with your own umbrellas and towels. There is a parking lot near the beach where you can leave your car.

What to do?

The life starts pulsing in the modest little settlement of Ormos Panagias when it comes to cruises, sailing and fishing.

Outdoor activity

In the harbour of Ormos Panagias, you can rent one of the numerous motor yachts and sailing boats, as well as catamarans to explore the Gulf of Agion Oros. Not far from the port the island of Diaporos is located with its secluded small bays and sandy beaches. We also recommend you to visit Ammouliani, which is the only inhabited island in Halkidiki. You can rent them for one or for several days. The yachts can accommodate 6 - 10 people usually.

Ormos Panagias is the gateway to the north-eastern coast of Sithonia. The beaches of that area are more beautiful, because they are still almost untouched by the civilization. In the close vicinity of Ormos Panagias some of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia are located — Latura, Lagonisi, Talgo, Livari, Vourvourou and Fava. Those who discover this part of Sithonia keep their discovery under wrap. The part of Sithonia that is located to the south of Ormos Panagias is worth of special attention. It offers sweeping views from the observation deck overlooking the Diaporos archipelago.

Visit the village of Agios Nikolaos, which is famous for its well-preserved architecture that dates back to the XIX century, narrow pebble streets and magnificent taverns.


Festive water sports competitions in Halkidiki are held in Ormos Panagias. Sea races are organized here twice a year. The first event takes place in July — the participants use surfboards and small sailing vessels. And at the end of the tourist season, in September, Ormos Panagias hosts the sailors from all over the world. They compete fiercely for a special title on larger sailboats. Anyone can become a participant of the regatta if he or she registers in advance.


Travelers set for sea excursions from Ormos Panagias every day. When you come to this settlement, you should definitely take the opportunity to see the Holy Mount Athos to join the mystery of the world of the Monastic Republic.

Cruise along the Holy Mount Athos

Travelers go on an excursion on the board of a pirate ship. This is a day trip with a return to Ormos Panagias just in time for supper. During this cruise, travelers not only get in touch with the historical, cultural and religious heritage of Mount Athos, but if they are lucky, they can meet a family of dolphins on their way!

Both men and women, as well as children can take this cruise. It is unique in its route. Women are strictly forbidden to enter Mount Athos. That is why the cruise along the Holy Mountain is a wonderful opportunity for them to get closer to the Monastic Republic and see with their own eyes the 1000-year-old monasteries located high on the rocks. The ship passes along the coast of Mount Athos at a distance of 500 metres.

Where to stay?

In Ormos Panagias in Sithonia mostly apartments and small hotels are offered. However, we can also recommend a nice complex of cottages by the sea. It is called Porto Brava and is located in the part of the village closest to the port. The seaside fish restaurants are very close and the large beach is accessed by a vast promenade with very nice views. Ormos Panagias is ideal for a quiet family vacation. 

If you want more variety, explore the villas in the Vourvourou area. This is the most popular vacation area in Sithonia, located nearby.

What to taste?

National Greek cuisine is amazing! But it has its own subtleties. In the towns on the seacoast, be sure to try seafood. Restaurants and taverns in Ormos Panagias offer a large range of dishes of freshly caught fish. Of all the dishes, travelers select octopus stewed in red wine, and for dessert — very thick cottage cheese with honey.

If you like not only to enjoy fish delicacies in restaurants, but also to cook yourself, then a great idea is to buy seafood at the local fish market and cook it yourself.  The choice here is amazing, as it should be in the Mediterranean region: sardines, mullet and tuna, oysters, octopuses and squid are sold in abundance, and if you are lucky, you will get crabs or even sharks.

In addition to fresh fish, you should also try tsipouro, wine, homemade honey and olive oil.

Useful info

  1. Ormos Panagias is quite a small settlement. That is why if you can't "sit still" for a few days, we recommend renting a car and exploring the surrounding villages.
  2. Among the other things, Ormos Panagias is famous for excellent fishing. You can buy gear and everything you need for it at a local fishing shop.
  3. While swimming, avoid direct contact with the rocky cliffs on the skirt of the beach. This place belongs to sea urchins.