A major Greek transport hub, Thessaloniki is an excellent starting point for trips around the country or a day break. The best way to admire beautiful nature and small towns is from the train window. Let's see the top places where you can go from Thessaloniki by rail.

It’s worth saying right away that trains in Greece are not developed at all like in other European countries, so the route network here is not very large. However, Thessaloniki has its own train station, from where trains depart daily - all you have to do is choose the direction.


It will take about 5 h by train to get to Athens from Thessaloniki

Athens is by far the most popular destination for train and bus travel. But by rail your travel will be more comfortable and faster. The trip will take about five hours, during which you will see the beauty of mainland Greece. The schedule includes 4 flights per day: the earliest at 7 am and the last at 17:00.

And upon arrival in Athens, it’s up to you to decide - to devote all your time to exploring the Acropolis, climbing Lycabettus Hill, visiting local theaters and taverns, and maybe going to explore the neighboring island of Hydra. Either way, there is plenty to do in Athens and you can get there comfortably by train.


Edessa is a charming city in Northern Greece that was once the capital of Ancient Macedonia. Today it is a cozy green oasis with an interweaving of historical streets, squares and cafes, where you can relax to the sound of a bubbling mountain river.

But the main thing that Edessa is famous for is its beautiful waterfalls, located almost in the center of the city - a great rarity and a stunning sight. In sunny weather, a rainbow is formed from the falling water, which can be admired at equipped observation platforms. Another interesting thing is the cave and historical quarter of Varosha. It was recently restored and landscaped - now you can see the water mill, go to the folklore museum or aquarium, all in historical houses overlooking the plains, hills and, of course, waterfalls.

Edessa can be reached by train from Thessaloniki in one and a half hours. It is better to choose the morning route to be on time and return in the evening - the last train back to Thessaloniki leaves at 9:30.


People go to Katerini to relax on the beach and walk along the embankment

Not far from Thessaloniki, the town of Katerini is an excellent destination for a day or two. In general, people from Thessaloniki come here not for the architecture, but to relax on the beach, which is located not far from the city. Here you can stroll along the embankment, and in the summer go to the water park.

Getting to Katerini is very convenient - the journey takes only an hour, and trains depart approximately every hour.


Ruins of the ancient theater in Larissa

The capital of Thessaly, Larissa, is surrounded by picturesque valleys and mountains. This city is considered large by Greek standards, although only 150,000 people live here. A 15th-century Turkish market, as well as the ruins of an ancient theater, have been preserved here. In addition, you can visit the local Archaeological Museum or Art Gallery, and stop for lunch at one of the local taverns.

The journey to Larissa will take about an hour and a half; trains depart from Thessaloniki quite often. For example, you can leave in the morning at 7:30 and return the same day by taking the evening train at 7:30.