In Greece, Rhodes seems to be the most family-friendly island. In addition to the developed infrastructure for the convenience of young guests, it offers a variety of exciting excursions. Neither children nor parents will be bored. What excursions are worth visiting with children in Rhodes?

Street of Knights

History is especially fascinating when it is at arm's length. In Rhodes, you should definitely take children with you for a walk along the Street of the Knights, located in the center of the capital of the island. This is one of those places where modern life has not touched the past. Here it seems that medieval knights will appear from around the corner, and the legends will come to life. The Street of the Knights contains many other places nearby:

  • The Palace of the Grand Master is the main attraction of Rhodes. Its powerful walls hide an extensive archaeological collection, which will be interesting to see for children and adults. Many rooms of the palace are preserved as they used to be in the time of the knights;
  • Church of the Holy Trinity with a sculpture of Our Lady on the facade;
  • The building of the medieval hospital, in which the knights were restored;
  • House of Prince Jem.

The street with its cobblestones and majestic buildings is completely saturated with the spirit of the Middle Ages. Sightseeing tours are conducted on it.

Tour duration: about 3 hours
What to take: water, hat, money for entrance tickets
What to wear: Comfortable clothes and shoes with stable soles for easy walking on the cobblestones

Rodini Park

Rodini Park is located in the city of Rhodes. This is the case when it is not at all necessary to go on an excursion in the company of a guide - you can arrange it yourself. Rodini has become a favorite place for the guests of the island for a relaxing family holiday. By the way, this is one of the most ancient landscape parks in the world, with stone bridges, small streams and waterfalls, where peacocks roam freely and turtles swim. With younger children, you can visit the mini-zoo and equipped playground. It will be interesting for children from 10 years old to walk to the ancient necropolis, which was restored and turned into a valuable landmark of Rodini.

Tour duration: you could spend there unlimited time
What to take: water, money for lunch at the nearest tavern. Entrance to the park is free
What to wear: Comfortable shoes and clothes

Ostrich Farm and Butterfly Valley

A trip to the Valley of the Butterflies, combined with a visit to an ostrich farm, is perhaps the most popular family excursion in Rhodes. The main point of the route will be acquaintance with a surprisingly beautiful place - the Valley of the Butterflies, located in the west of the island. There, thanks to the greenery and coolness, thousands of moths have based. They flock to the valley in June-September, and the largest accumulation can be observed in July-August.
After the green oasis, the path leads to the ostrich farm, where you can safely take even the smallest children. They will get acquainted not only with ostriches, but also with deer, ponies, donkeys, wild boars, raccoons.

Tour duration: from 6 hours
What to take: money for entrance tickets (visiting the farm for children under 3 years old is free), lunch and souvenirs, hats
What to wear: comfortable shoes, comfortable and loose clothing

Aquarium of Rhodes

Excursions in Rhodes for children enrich them with useful knowledge. Back in 1934, a hydrobiological station was founded on the northern coast of the island. Later, the Rhodes Aquarium appeared at its base - one of the most favorite places for young tourists. Here, children can get acquainted with the diversity of the underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea: admire exotic fish, stingrays, moray eels, corals, lobsters, huge shells, turtles. In addition to tanks with live inhabitants, the aquarium has an exhibition of stuffed animals of large fish and mammals, oceanographic instruments and instruments. The aquarium conducts interesting educational excursions for schoolchildren.

Tour duration: 1-2 hours
What to take: money for souvenirs and entrance tickets (free for preschoolers)
What to wear: Loose clothing

Sea trip on a glass bottom boat

A sea excursion on a glass bottom boat will be tireless and exciting. They are held all over the island, but the most popular starting points are Lindos and Plimiri. Through the glass bottom, you can see underwater life and small fish, and in some cases, shipwrecks. The route of such excursions may be different. Sometimes it includes visiting the bay of the apostle Paul and the opportunity to sail past the impressive cliffs. Some companies include three bays at once.

Tour duration: 1-2 hours
What to bring: sunscreen, hat, swimwear, beach towel
What to wear: light clothing made from natural fabrics

Please note that some boat trips include drinks and lunch. And for children they usually make a discount (half the price up to 12 years).