Greece boasts a rich heritage of natural ingredients that grace the formulations of its local cosmetics. From renowned brands harnessing the power of olive oil, honey, grapes, and even donkey milk to those utilizing the purity of volcanic water, Greek cosmetics epitomize authenticity and efficacy. Thus, they stand as not just souvenirs, but essential treasures to carry home from Greece.

The ancient Greeks in general of the first began to use various affordable natural means to improve appearance. The word cosmetics itself has an ancient Greek origin - from κοσμητική, which means the art of decorating. So, when it comes to cosmetics from Greece, people naturally expect really good quality.

In modern Greece, cosmetics stand out for their short shelf life, variety, and affordability. You can easily find products for hair, face, and body in both big stores and small shops, with prices typically ranging from 10 to 30 euros per package. While some brands are well-known internationally, others are more local, exclusively available within Greece.


The most renowned and possibly priciest brand of Greek cosmetics, including in foreign markets for about 30 years. While Korres cosmetics may have higher prices abroad, they are more affordable in Greece, boasting a wider array of options.

This brand is famous with its moisturizing body products with natural extracts of bergamot, jasmine, and olives. Moreover, Korres offers an extensive range of products featuring pink water, utilized in body and facial creams, as well as makeup removers.

Beyond skincare, the brand also presents makeup items such as powder, mascara, and eyeliners enriched with volcanic minerals. Whether in large cosmetics stores or local pharmacies, Korres products are readily available across Greece.


Another popular Greek brand that is in demand in domestic and foreign markets. Product prices will not exceed 30-40 euros. The company uses natural products on the basis of which it creates cleansing products, body and face creams, masks and moisturizing lip balms.

Apivita offers a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, and hair tonics, alongside reliable sunscreen products. Their cosmetics feature a rich blend of ingredients such as bergamot, blackberry, chamomile, calendula, chestnut, and pomegranate.

One can conveniently find Apivita products in pharmacies and cosmetic stores.


The affordable and popular brand of Greek cosmetics, which offers the choice of products based on donkey milk, Greek yogurt, grapes and olives.

This brand crafts smooth and creamy natural creams, body milk, and face masks with a soft and gentle texture. Prices typically range from 10 to 15 euros per product.

Greek soap

Greek soap comes in various types and is widely available, ranging from classic olive oil-based to gentle yogurt-infused or exfoliating grape seed varieties. The Papoutsanis brand is well-loved and trusted, offering soap infused with unique ingredients like kumquat from the island of Corfu and peach.

Small Greek brands

In Greece, you'll find loads of small businesses offering authentic, high-quality products. You can grab some great stuff in souvenir shops, local stores, and even pharmacies. And believe it or not, you can score some awesome hand cream with natural olive oil at a regular supermarket for just a couple of euro.

As you travel around Greece, keep an eye out for cosmetics made from local ingredients. Places like Crete or Santorini have a bunch of options, especially with stuff like volcanic soil.