What to see in Halkidiki by car

What to see in Halkidiki by car

The peninsula of Halkidiki is a space for tourists who choose a car as a means of transportation. Its landscapes, historical heritage, coastal towns and beaches require detailed study. What to see in Halkidiki by car and where can I go?


The first "finger" of Halkidiki, Kassandra, is rich in places worth stopping by. One of the first is in Nea Potidea. This city was built on the site of an area known since ancient times. Nea Potidea is famous for the famous Potidea Canal . It not only separates Kassandra from the mainland, but is also considered one of the most photographed attractions in Halkidiki. In addition to the canal in Potidea, there are many more interesting things: the ruins of the wall of Justinian, several historical temples, a monument to the heroes of 1821.

Leaving Potidea, you need to move towards Nea Fokea. It attracts with a medieval tower located on the coast. The Byzantine building is perfectly preserved - in the summer, a festival is held on the hill next to the tower. In addition to it, it is worth visiting the cave of the Apostle Paul with a holy spring.

Afytos is located 6 km from Nea Fokei. This city is considered the most beautiful in Kassandra: its popularity was brought to it by ancient stone houses and a cozy central square with a temple and an ethnographic museum. Afytos is also called the "balcony of Kassandra". From its observation deck offers a breathtaking view of the coast. If you wish, you can drive by car to the long beach of the village.

Near Afytos you can visit Kalithea . This city is known not only for its developed tourist infrastructure, but also for its beautiful beach. Near the coast lie the ruins of the temple of Zeus Ammon

By car, it is convenient to get to the hot springs of Agia Paraskevi , which are located at the very end of the finger. This is a modern spa complex with outdoor and indoor pools, a sauna and a stunning viewpoint for relaxation.


Having studied Kassandra, you can go to the peninsula of Sithonia. He keeps no less treasures than his neighbor. Between Sithonia and Kassandra lie the ruins of ancient Olynthos . On the site of the once influential city, today there is an archaeological park in which you can see the remains of a unique floor mosaic and traces of a Neolithic settlement. Olynthos has a museum with a rich collection of artifacts.

Fans of a lively resort atmosphere should definitely make a stop in the city of Neos Marmaras . All categories of tourists love it for its wide opportunities for leisure activities. During the day in Neos Marmaras, you can relax on the nearby beaches and do water sports, and spend the evening in traditional taverns and clubs, of which there are many.

Another place in Sithonia to visit by car is Vourvourou . This area is famous for its heavenly bays. Vourvourou is a place with an azure sea, clean beaches, an abundance of greenery and a measured atmosphere. Particularly stands out the Karidi bay with exotic landscapes.

There are several places on Sithonia where history buffs should go by car:

  • Toroni and its ancient monuments (remains of walls, towers and an early Christian basilica);
  • Early Christian Church of St. Sophronius in Nikiti;
  • The village of Parthenonas with old houses and the temple of St. Panteleimon.


Most of the Athos peninsula is occupied by a monastic republic. But you can get to its border on your own by car and visit the cities of Athos. The first on the way will meet Ierissos with white sandy beaches and historical monuments. Among them are the ruins of a Byzantine fortress and a temple. The road will then lead to the charming coastal town of Nea Roda . The final destination will be Ouranoupoli with a 14th century Byzantine tower. Here you can leave the car and transfer to the ship to Athos. Men have a chance to go ashore, and women will have to be content with the view from the sea.

Mainland Halkidiki

Outside the three "fingers" of Halkidiki, it is worth visiting the sights of the mainland of the peninsula. Among them is Stagira . This is the birthplace of Aristotle with a park where exhibits illustrate interesting laws of physics, which delight visitors. Also in Stagira, the ruins of the fortress have been preserved. There, in Ancient Stagira , you can spend 2-3 hours, the place is very impressive: the preserved fortress walls and parts of houses are located on a cape with fantastic views.

It is worth seeing Polygyros - the capital of Halkidiki and just a picturesque city located at an altitude of more than 500 m. Polygyros has a long history, so there is something to see. For example, the Archaeological Museum with exhibits found at the excavation site at different points in Halkidiki, temples, a folklore museum and the chapel of Elijah the Prophet. Next to it there is an observation deck with breathtaking views. The city has monuments to Aristotle and famous participants in the uprising against the Turkish yoke. The colorful houses of Polygyros, which combine modern architecture with traditional Macedonian and neoclassical architecture, deserve special attention.